I shall call it Bob!

Shopping Spree

I drive into San Francisco yet again to pick up Reese from work. I park the car in the mall parking lot and head inside. I find my way to Hot Topic and see her working at the register. She hands the punk his bag and steps away from the register and sits on a stool.
"Hey, your shift over?" I ask as I go up to her.
"Umm yeah," She says as she pulls off her name tag.
"Any band tees that you've been wanting?" I ask her.
"Yeah a few."
"Which ones?" she stares at me for a moment, "I'll buy them for you, now go choose some band tees." She picks out two shirts. "That's it? I highly doubt those are the only ones you want. Now go back and get yourself a decent amount of shit." She laughs and returns with a few more shirts. "I think you mentioned you wanted bondage pants."
"Well what are you waiting for?" I mock scold. "And anything else you want." I go to look at the wall of t-shirts. I find a Buzzcocks shirt and snatch it for myself and add it to Reese's pile.
"So that's it then?" I ask looking at the pile of clothing on the counter.
"Yup," She says as she starts to scan the items onto the computer.
"No Adeline?"
"Nope." She laughs. I hand her my debit card to pay for such purchases. "So umm let's go?"
"Yeah," I say as I help her out with her bags and we head back to Blueberry.

"Thanks for the stuff Tre," She says as we get into the car.
"No problem," I say as I start to chuckle, "You suck at shopping."
"You do! I offered to buy you anything you wanted and that's your haul!"
"Well sorry if I don't like taking advantage of people." She laughs.
"I'm your father," I say rolling my eyes, "You seriously need to meet Ramona."
"Oh yeah, and she'll take me to get some sexy tatts, oh and piercings!" Reese squeals.
"Yeah on second thought, you're not to meet or speak to her ever."

"I have a surprise for you when we get home," I say as I turn onto the bridge to get back to Oakland.
"What kind of surprise, not a Tre Cool surprise is it?"
"Tre Cool surprise?" I ask laughing. "What exactly is that?"
"I don't know, but it sounds scary."
"Well this is not a scary surprise," I promise.
"Oh good so you're not going to marry me off to some freak." She laughs.
"No, I'd never do that, I'm marrying you off to Jakob," I say in mock seriousness. She laughs uneasily. "I thought you found him cuuuute!"
"Don't say cute."
"Shut-up," She mutters.
"Oh now I won't give you the surprise," I say smirking evilly.

We get to my house and she dumps her bags down.
"So where's the surprise?"
"Nope, you gave me attitude I refuse to show you now," I say crossing my arms.
"C'mon, please," She says hopping around me.
"Oh fine," I say as I lead her up the stairs.
"Where are we going? What's the surprise? Why won't you tell me?"
"You're chatty today," I say as I open the guest room door. "Your room."
"Holy fuck it's green!" she says smirking.
"Is green bad?"
"No, it's awesome."
"Yeah, like living inside a booger," She says sitting on the bed. "Thanks Pops."
"Pops? What happened to Tre?" I ask laughing. She shrugs. "Oh do you want posters?"
"Uh, uh."
"Damn you girl, you're too shy, just say yes pops I want some posters." I roll my eyes and lead her down to the basement where my drum set is. I open the closet and pull out a box of rolled up band posters.

"Jeebus, where'd you get all these?" she asks as she looks through them.
"Promotional junk," I say as I watch her intently. She selects a few posters as I locate some tape.
"Done," She calls out as she puts a few posters under her arm.
"Which ones did you take?" I ask as we head back up stairs.
"The Ramones, The Clash, American Idiot, Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance."
"Wait did you say American Idiot? I'll be always watching you," I say laughing.
"No, I took the one with just the heart grenade."
"Oh, so you don't want a jumbo picture of me in your room."
"Umm no," she snorts.

I help her put up all her posters.
"Pops," She says looking around the room, "I'm hungry."
"You wanna get take-out, I'm too lazy to cook tonight."
"Sure, take out sounds like the shizit."
"Okay shizit kid. Race you to the kitchen," I say as we dash out of the room. She attempts to push me out of her way, but I don't let her. She makes it down the stairs faster because she slides down the banister. She then makes a mad dash to the kitchen.
"Alright," I say getting to the kitchen mere seconds after her, "You win."
"Damn straight," She says proudly.
"So I guess you choose what's for supper."
"Alright," I say picking up the phone, "What kind?"
"I don't care, as long as it's not Hawaiian," She says taking a seat at the counter. "Do you like veg?" I call the pizza place and order one vegetarian pizza and one pepperoni and cheese.

As I hang up the phone the door bell rings.
"Wanna race?" I ask Reese.
"Nah, I'm good," She says pulling the carton of orange juice out of the fridge.
"Bah! Fine," I say walking to the door. I open it and Jakob is standing there.
"Hey Tre, Franky here?"
"Umm no, he's at his mom's till after supper."
"Oh, mind if I hang out here anyway?" Jakob is always randomly hanging out at my house, so it's nothing unusual.
"Yeah whatever, we just ordered pizza."
"We? I thought Franky was-"
"Reese and I."
"Oh right," He says taking off his shoes. Reese comes up to us to see who was at the door.
"Hey Jakob," She says casually.
"Hey Reese, how's life treating you?"
"Not bad and yourself?"

The pizza arrives a short time later and we all sit around the kitchen counter eating straight out of the boxes.
"So Jakob, do you always just pop by? Or did you sense pizza?"
"Yeah, I'm like a super hero Take-out sensing man!" he says laughing.
"I knew there was something fishy about you," I say giving him a mock death glare. Reese laughs as she gets up to go to the fridge.
"Anyone want something while I'm standing here?" she asks as she plucks a can of coke for herself.
"Coke please," I say grabbing a slice of vegetarian pizza.
"Same." Reese returns to us and hands us our cans of soda when the door bell rings.
"Not getting it, I got the sodas," Reese says as she snatches another slice of pizza.
"I paid for such feast," I say not moving, "Jake, you get it."
"It's not my house."
"Well you treat it like it is," I say kicking his leg. "It's only Franky anyway."
"Fine," Jakob grumbles as he gets up. Moments later Claudia and Franky appear in my kitchen.

"Got yourself a royal door answering service?" Claudia jokes.
"Yup, got him whooped to obedience," I say as Jakob takes his seat. "Care to stay for pizza?"
"Nah, I've got to get going."
"Bye Mom," Franky says as he takes the final stool at the counter. "Ew veg!"
"Don't worry, here's pepperoni," Reese mutters.
"Jake, what the hell are you doing here?" Franky ask causing the rest of us to chortle with laughter.
"I heard pizza," Jake says taking a bite of his slice.
"Yeah whatever, Joey told me you were hitting on my sister." With that both Reese and I choke on our food.
"Excuse me?" Reese asks clearing her throat.
"Joey's full of shit," Jakob mutters.
"Oh so my daughter isn't good enough for you?"
"I didn't say that," Jakob says quickly.
"Oh shit," Franky says realizing what he just caused.
"Yeah, I'm just messing with you Jake." For the rest of dinner I couldn't help but keep my eyes firmly planted on Jakob. I knew he knew I was watching him.