I shall call it Bob!


"Well, I went out to dinner a couple times with Ali, and we worked everything out," I say over the phone to Ramona.
"Oh okay, so did she get married to anyone?"
"No, she's single."
"Wait, did you say a couple of times?" she says quickly.
"Yeah, well three times to be exact."
"You're not falling for her, are you?"
"No, don't be ridiculous," I lie, I was falling for her and I wish I could extend our good night kisses at the end of every evening.
"Alright, because that could just fuck things up with Reese."
"Hey, hey, who's the parent here?" I say laughing. "Oh anyway I have to pick up Reese now."
"Alright," Ramona says calmly, "I'll talk to you later then?"
"Yeah definitely."

I drive into San Francisco to Simon's mall and pull up to the main entrance where Reese is talking lively to a boy about her age, also in the black and red dress code that Reese is so fond of. She pecks the boy on the cheek then jogs over to where I am.
"Hey Pops," she says getting into the car.
"Who was that?"
She smirks "Nick, my boyfriend."
"I thought you said-"
"He asked me out three days ago." She's smirking like crazy. I can't help but laugh.
"If you want, he can come over."
"Now?" I nod as I shoo her out of the car. She runs off to where he's sitting and moments later the two of them are walking back to me and Blueberry.

"You must be Tre," Nick says casually as he slides into the back seat.
"Yeah, that's me," I say shaking his hand. He seemed like a nice enough kid for my daughter. "So do you work at Hot Topic too?"
"Uh no, I work at my father's garage with my older brothers."
"So mechanic?"
"No, I just answer phones, occasionally I help change oil and shit like that," he says shrugging.
"So do you plan on becoming a mechanic?" I ask as Reese let's out a quick laugh.
"Hell no, it's just a summer job, I want to go into culinary."
"Like cooking?" I ask both my daughter and her boyfriend nod. "So I take it your older brothers make fun of you big time."
"Yeeeaahhh," Nick snorts laughing.
"So are you going to cook for us?"
"If you want," he says shrugging.

"So how did you get into cooking?" I ask as I change lanes to get onto the bridge.
"Uh well Reese actually, on days off of school and stuff I'd go over to her house and make weird foods."
"So you've been friends for a while?"
"Yeah, since middle school," Reese says nodding.
"Unlike Reese, I try to improve foods and cooking techniques, she just experiments with ketchup."
"Hey!" she protests laughing. "I experiment on other foods too."
"Home sweet home," I say pulling into my driveway.
"Cool," he says looking around.

We head inside and the two of them head into the living room to watch TV. I on the other hand go into the kitchen to figure out what to make for dinner. After digging through the cupboards I decide to make spaghetti. Half way though making the sauce Reese and Nick come into the kitchen to get drinks.
"Dude, what are you doing?" he accuses me.
"What? I'm adding salt," he shakes his head angrily. As he grabs the salt from me.
"You have to stir while you add it, so the flavor is even," he says stirring the sauce. "Did you add pepper?"
"No, not yet," I mumble. He goes off to the shelf and gets some along with some other spices I've never bothered to use, I just had because, well I'm not sure exactly why I have them. Reese is laughing hysterically.
"Did he just take over my kitchen?" I ask my daughter.
"I believe so."
"I suggest you put water boiling for the pasta now," he says from the stove.
"And now he's bossing me around." I laugh as I pull out another pot and fill it with water before placing it on the stove.

After the spaghetti nazi declared supper was ready we sat at the counter and ate such creation. "You're crazy, do you know that!" I say to Nick.
"Yup, probably," he nods. "But since when is that a bad thing?"
"Precisely," Reese nods in agreement.

After supper, we pile into Blueberry so I can drive the two teenagers home. "So where do you live?" I ask Nick.
"Two streets down from Reese," he says happily. I drop off Nick then drive up to Reese's apartment building.
"Thanks Pops," she says climbing out of the car.
"Hold on, I want to talk to your mom," I say getting out of the car as well.

I follow her up the stairs and she unlocks the door. "Mom! Tre wants to talk to you." she calls through the apartment. Ali walks out of her room in a black dress with her cell phone attached to the side of her face.
"Hold on Cassidy, I'll call you right back," she shuts off her phone and looks at me quickly then at Reese, "Go get dressed we're already late," My daughter nods and heads off to her room.
"So I know tomorrow is the last day of fashion week so I was wondering if after whatever spectacle you're in charge of, if you'd like to grab some dinner with me?" I ask casually.
"Sure," she says smiling, "Sorry I can't talk now, but tonight's the biggest show of the week," she pulls out her cell phone yet again and starts yapping away. She holds her finger up as if to tell me not to leave and she heads over to her folder and pulls out a pass. She cups her hand over the phone and hands me the pass. "Show starts at five at McKenzie Center."
"Thanks," I say looking over the ticket.

"Bye Reese!" I say about to head out.
"Bye Pops," she says coming out of her room in a red dress that she reconfigured for the better.
"Like your dress."
"Thanks," she says smiling as I head out.