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Chasing our Fate

The country club

“What are you wearing?” I asked Stevvie as she exited my hotel bathroom. “I thought we were only going to brunch to meet your mom’s grandparents.”

She was dressed in a simple black dress with a full, a-line tulle skirt, a tan blazer, and nude platform heels. A bight pop of color from her turquoise chunky necklace accented her outfit.
She pulled her hair into a simple side ponytail with shaggy bangs. To dress the look down, she went with her large black leather, Coach Handbag and some oversized shades. She looked nice as always, but a little over dressed for just brunch in my opinion.

“The real question is, what are you wearing?” she replied, “you’re going to have to change.”
I looked down at my outfit, confused as to what was wrong with it. I was wearing a plain v-neck, a plaid button down and a pair of dark washed jeans, you know, the usual.

“Why do we have to dress up so much?” I asked as I watched Stevvie rummage through my suitcase.

“It’s not just any brunch Babe,” she began. Stevvie whisked herself over to the closet. “It’s the annual New York Country Club Tea and Brunch, basically the biggest event that happens to those stuck up old people. They find out who was nominated the new President for that year.”

Stevvie handed me a suit bag from the closet and a pair of dark brown loafers. I unzipped it to reveal the brand new tan suit I had just gotten from Michelle, our stylist.

“Really? Sounds…fancy. Your grandparents are part of a country club, which means your grandpa plays golf right?”

Stevvie nodded as she added a pair of patterned socks and a white button down to my growing pile of clothes.

“Go, hurry up,” she swatted my butt towards the bathroom. I hesitated and smiled mischievously at her. Stevvie narrowed her eyes at me, but gave into me and placed her lips onto mine. I moaned and slipped my tongue past her lips, deepening our kiss. Her cherry lip-gloss made it that more of a pleasure to make out with her, actually, making out with Stevvie was just plain good. Especially because we didn’t get to do it as often.

“As much as I’m enjoying this…’ Stevvie began though each slow kiss I gave her, “we need to get going…”

I sighed, pulled away and slumped off to change. Once I was, Stevvie held up three different ties next to me and finally chose a bright striped blue, black, and green one. She quickly wrapped it around my neck and fastened it correctly.

“Thanks babe,” I replied, grabbing my wallet to leave. Stevvie followed adherently.


“All right,” I began, walking as swiftly as I can, “Let’s get this straight, my grandparents have absolutely no idea you are going to be with me so don’t be surprised at their reactions. What you’re going to do is introduce yourself, stay away form the topic of being a rock star and focus on the college part. Don’t mention the online part or the fact that you’re moving to L.A. If she pinpoints on something, just abort the conversation and mention how much you love golf. If my grandfather is around, he’ll surely take over from there. Avoid too much eye contact or you might turn into stone or something, I’m not really sure. I’ll try not to let her get to you directly and we can’t split up. If we do all these thing, we should be okay. Got it?”

“Why do I feel like I’m like going to war or something?” Nick muttered as he ran her short fingers through his hair, I swatted his hand away to fix the awry curl. Everything had to be perfect before facing the most critical woman in my life. I loved my mother’s mother dearly, but she had the most opinionated, snobby personalities ever and I didn’t exactly agree with them upon entering my teenage years. Her plan was for me to attend Debutante classes and become a “formal, responsible young lady.” It was what all the heiresses in the many clubs, societies and cliques our family was in did, but I was strongly against it. After being forced to be a pageant girl by her from ages 4 to 10, there was no way I was going to let somebody teach me how to be a pretentious snob. I got into skateboarding around my preteen years, which led to my infamous tomboy stage where all I would wear was guys clothing. It didn’t last very long after I had to quit skating, but it still was a huge part of my childhood, she just had to except it. Now, here I was, back at the same place that I was forced to spend so many weeks during the school year vacations, with yet another thing for my grandmother to judge. Like every other time, I was ready to defend it too.

“Trust me, this is worse,” I replied flatly. I looked up at the deep mahogany doors that would soon bring me great joy or frustration. Here we go.

I opened the door and stepped in, holding it for Nick to catch. I hesitated before advancing to examine the room. There wasn’t much different, various old couples dressed in variations of light, summery outfits sat and stood around drinking wine coolers or champagne. A few gentlemen in smoking jackets enjoyed a cigar while laughing heartily at some young business man’s joke, probably trying to get a few new clients for investments or real estate.

The women wore modest pale skirts and dresses in blush tones with matching hats. They all fanned themselves from the growing temperature with their hands as the gossiped and bragged about who’s children and grandchildren were most successful. The room smelled of the familiar scent of smoke, perfume and cologne. I could see a few bored children sitting on the couches, making up their own games, placing chess or trying to find someway to entertain themselves. I smiled and shook my head as I recalled myself being in that very same position. You felt like you had to be good because of all the important adults around and you’re trying to keep your freshly pressed, stiff, clothes clean because you’re promised a treat as a reward if you did. It was an endless cycle for years, but this it was totally different.
Ad we walked in, I got numerous second glances and stares. The first was for me actually being there again and the second for the man hovering closely behind me with his hand securely in mine. I smirked when I heard a gasp even. Had it really been that long? Once I found my Grandmother with her back turned, I cleared my throat and confidently spoke out.

“Hello Grandmother, I’m glad to say I’m finally here.”

I watched as if it were in slow motion, her slightly wrinkled lips turning into a smile and faster than I could imagine turning to that antagonizing, straight line. Her eyes narrowed onto Nick as if he were a fly on someone’s plate, did a quick up and down and focused even harder on our intertwined hands. All of this happened in a span of about 4 seconds. Before anyone of her friends could notice, she brightened up.

“Oh Stephanie sweetie!” she beemed as if nothing was wrong, “It’s so wonderful that you’re here! We’ve heard so much about you and I just been going on about how excited you are about your writing career aren’t you darling?”

All the ladies smiled in approval, but I knew they obviously were preoccupied with poor Nicholas. He stood with his hands in his pockets, trying to keep to himself.

“Yes, of course. I just so blessed with the opportunities I’ve had”, I flakily gushed, “It’s so nice to see everyone, it’s been so long!”

“Well, how about we get to do some introductions sweetheart, there’s so many newcomers you just must meet. Lydia’s daughter and her husband just joined…did I mention they had a son around your age? He’s going to school to be a docter!” My grandmother began to coax me the opposite way from Nick. I knew she was ignoring him and in fact avoiding him.

“Speaking of introductions, I shouldn’t be rude. Let me do mine,” I cooed loud enough for the rest of her group to hear. I slipped my arm in Nick’s and brought him forward. “This is…”

“A..A friend of Stephanie’s!” My grandmother interrupted, “she is such the social butterfly now, remember how shy she used to be as a child. She obviously has blossomed and probably never settles down anymore, correct darling…he is just a friend?”

She eyed me gravely, wanting me to confirm that her statement was true. I had a thought o give in just because I knew it would make her happy, but I wasn’t going to. This wasn’t a popularity contest to see who could have to most successful grandchildren and she shouldn’t judge him because of his occupation. I wasn’t trying to impress her ostentatious friends so I had no reason to lie. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with dating a rock star.

“Actually…this is Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. He is my boyfriend and he is the front man of his other band, The Administration. They’re a punk rock, Pop band, and they’re currently on a world tour. He just played a show in D.C. and he has one here in New York tonight at Madison square garden. On top of that, he’ll be attending classes with me at Northwestern again this Fall. He’s an English major also. Nicholas, this is Lydia, the wife of Blunders Oil company CEO, Vern, the wife of the Frost bank’s CEO, and Juliet, the founder of the Babyandme franchise. Last but not least, this is my Grandmother, Mary.” I stated proudly.
Nick smiled genuinely and shook all of their hands, including my Grandmother’s. “I have a sister-in-law that just had a baby a few moths ago, she absolutely loves your stores.”
Nick was his usual charming self by making relatable conversation with the women, making me proud to be his girlfriend.

“Mrs. Addison, I’d just like to say that your granddaughter is the most wonderful young woman in the world and I’m very lucky to know her. She actually already met my grandparents on both sides too and she gets along beautifully with my entire family, so being able to do the same with her family is incredible to me and I hope to make an impression that I can be accepted into your heart as she was with my family,” Nick smoothly stated. A smug grinned on his face appeared when two of the ladies swooned and one gushed about how much of a gentleman he was. But, I already knew that, he’s my gentleman.

“Oh Mary! He’s such a gentleman…it’s hard to believe you play loud rock and roll music, I don’t believe it!” Lydia stated.

“I completely agree. If you told me you were a writer or a reporter, I would be more convinced! Are you brothers…Kevin and Jacob…is it? Are they this way too?” Vern asked.

“You mean Joseph, yes pretty much, we have amazing parents,” Nick stated, “I hope that I will be able to instill the values that they’ve instill in us on my own children.”

“I’m impressed! So, you say you’re doing a show tonight? Is there a chance we could go? I haven’t been to concert in years…tell us about them…I bet it’s such an adrenaline rush!” Vern encouraged him. Nick gave me a weary look, wondering if he was aloud to continue or not.

“I’m sure it’s nothing we need to be exposed around,” My grandmother stated, “Teens and young adults these days have dadgum lost there minds…as If it just appropriate to strip your clothes off in front of a crows and prance around with no pants on. They’re acting like delinquents. It’s nothing but sex they’re selling, no musical abilities whatsoever. I feel that we are much too civilized here for the immaturity of some rock and roll concert…in my opinion.”

I took a deep breath and bit my tongue before I said something too “immature” for the setting I was in. I couldn’t believe that my own grandmother just insulted not just Nick and his brothers, but me, the person who produces the music for these “delinquents” in front of our faces. My chest burned just as Nick caught my gaze, I could tell he was offended too. You can’t just completely insult something that Nick poured his heart into. I watched Nick crack his knuckles and bite hit lip, all tell signals that he was mad.

“Vern, being on stage is the best feeling in the world. Your heart pounds and you can just feel the adrenaline pumping though your veins just before you see the crowd. You can hear their screams from hundreds of feet away and even before you hit the stage. Just knowing how dedicated and responsive they are to you gives you an overwhelming feeling of love and thankfulness. It drives you to go out there and perform your best. Even when you’re not at 100 percent, our fans are at 200 percent and always ready for our next move. They are the driving force for our band and we try to feed the energy right back at them. It’s the reason why we tour so long and continue to make the music we love and the music they want to hear. If we let the opinions of people who don’t get our music slow us down, we wouldn’t be where we are today. It doesn’t matter what other people besides our fans say because we’re just being ourselves in our music and we know they’ll accept that. One of our main goals on stage is just to make people happy and make sure they leave with a smile on their faces. To say that they had a great time is what I want, and if it means I have to act like a delinquent or my brother Joe to wear funny costumes, we will. We know we might not be the best band on the planet, but we still love music and we’re proud of the music we create and we still want to make it because of our fans, and I just don’t get why some people can’t respect that. But, anyway, it’s pretty awesome. We would love to have you out for a show, wouldn’t we sweetheart?” Nick looked at me.

I still stood in awe of his beautiful and powerful speech, and also remembered why I was a fan in the first place. I really wanted to kiss him and tell him how proud I was to be a Jonas fan and his girlfriend. Not only did he magnificently explain how being on stage was, but he always just called my grandmother out. I was beyond head over heels in love with him now. No other guy had ever stood up to the tormenting comments of her, but he just did and smoothly at that! That was the moment that I finally decided that I was sure I seriously wanted to marry Nicholas Jerry Jonas.
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