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Chasing our Fate


“So there we were, half way into the show and finally Joseph figured out why all these girls in the crowd kept giving him weird looks,” I continued, “it turns out his fly was down the whole time. You can imagine how embarrassed he was when he found out that it wasn’t just down, but it was broken!”

The women and men all laughed at my story, making it much easier to loosen up. Stevvie stroked my knee casually, and proudly smiled at me. So far, the brunch was going a lot smoother than I could have imagined. The only thing I wish that I could change was the death glares I still was receiving from Mrs. Addison, Stevvie’s grandmother. Every time I showed the slightest affection toward Stevvie, I could just feel her daggers in my back. It was her last straw when Stevvie stole a peck on the lips while no one was looking, or so she thought. I watched Mrs. Addison hurriedly exited the ballroom to the kitchen in huff. Her disgusted face showed everything she was feeling. Even Mr. Addison shook his head in disapproval at his wife’s immature actions. I had won him over by mention my love of golf, like Stevvie assumed and my love of classic show tunes was an added bonus to get him on my side.

“Ignore her, she’ll just have to get over it,” Stevvie murmured in my ear.

“I know, but I just can’t leave like this…I’m going to talk to her,” I decided.

“Are you insane?” She hissed as she followed me. I easily ignored the tug on my arm when she tried to pull me back, “do you want to die?”

“Baby, don’t be ridiculous,” I laughed her off, “Look, I’m good with older adults, you know that. She’s going to love me by the end of this day, I promise.”

Stevvie groaned, rolled her eyes, and finally let me go, “Run if you get into trouble…and try to get her out of the kitchen...there’s knives in there.”

“Honey, quit over reacting. I’ll be fine,” I firmly stated, shrugging her off me.

I hesitantly strolled into the kitchen, not sure of what I was even going to do. What do you say to a bitter grandmother?

I found her with her head down on the counter and a little glass bottle in her hand. Was I getting myself into to something deeper?

“Oh God, it’s you,” she sneered as she sat up.

“Yeah, it is,” I replied slowly. My hands were securely in my pockets as I took baby steps forward. “Why do I have a feeling that’s not water in that bottle?”

“What do you know? You’re ‘Mr. innocent, the perfect gentleman Jonas’, everyone’s in love with you,” she snapped back, “and no it’s not water and if you mention this to anyone, I swear I wi-“

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” I interjected,” and just to make things clear, I’m not perfect and not everyone’s in love with me. Especially you. You do know that you’re just breaking you own granddaughter’s heart by acting this way towards me? I’m not saying you have to treat me as if I’m the best thing ever, you don’t even have to like me because I know you don’t. But I would think you would at least pretend for the sake of Stephanie. She loves you, and she truly does care about your opinions whether she’ll admit it or not, it’s in her nature.”

“You know I don’t actually hate you. Truthfully, I have so much respect for you and your brothers, at first maybe I didn’t. But, I learned the hard way that you aren’t a bad guy, in fact you’re more than I could ever have prayed for. It’s just that pest called pride that continued to hold me back. Why am I even telling you this, you don’t care.”

I sighed and rubbed my hand through my hair, “That’s where you’re wrong, I had never been so nervous when Stevvie told me about you. Yet, I understand why you’d feel that way. However, at the same time, I couldn’t. I play rock music, but you have to remember where we started.”

“and where’s that?” she asked, taking a swig of the vodka.

“The mouse…” I replied with a laugh, “Disney, the machine called Disney. They insist on creating seemingly ‘real’ normal teenagers when everyone knows that it’s a different story behind the scenes. I’ve had to lie through my teeth so many times, I began to believe it was the real story. I mean don’t me wrong, we’re thankful that we were with them all those years, but you don’t know the sense of relief I personally felt when that Disney executive ripped that contract to pieces. I had also never felt so scared in my life. I guess that’s probably how Jennifer felt when she left…knowing that she might not be able to come back.”

“She could have always come back,” Mrs. Addison replied softly.

“Are you sure? When you found out she was pregnant, like in the book, you and Mr. Addison didn’t seem that way. After all of that I would think you would be a little less judgmental, it’s not really like she or Stevvie is suffering much.”

“You just think you know, don’t you?” she mused, “the sad part is that you do know, and you’re right. Look, you’re a good kid, and I know you won’t do anything as stupid as Todd. But, Stephanie’s not just another girl, she’s special. She’s got talent like no other and I just don’t want to see that being wasted because you and I both know her, she’ll give up anything for someone she cares about. You see the way she looks at you, and I haven’t her that crazy in love in a long time, don’t take advantage of that.”

“I would never. Mrs. Addison, I actually am the one that trying to get her to show off her talents, and her huge heart. You know she’s launching her charity foundation soon? It’s called Operation Helping Hands and it’s going to huge. We’re already working on trying to get our foundations to work together.”

“Really?” she asked, “That’s amazing…”

“Yeah, it is. She just needs more sponsors.”

“Well, the club could help!” She exclaimed.

I smiled. “Well, how about we just talk to your granddaughter and see how we could work that out.”

A genuine smile appeared on her face as I led her (without the liquor bottle) into the ballroom. I told Stevvie she had nothing to worry about for a reason, adults loved me.


“When are these two going to come out publicly as a couple already!?

Nick Jonas and Stevvie Jameson were attached at the hip as they were spotted leaving the swanky New York City restaurant, The Rainbow room. Nick’s older brothers and band mates with their respective wives joined the two.

Onlookers say that the group all shared laughs and they were obviously enjoying each others’ company as they ordered expensive dishes such as steak, caviar, and lobster. Though they were in a group, Stevvie and Nick couldn’t keep their hands off of each other, sneaked intimate kisses, and flirted playfully the whole time.

Such cuteness!!

We are SO shipping team Stick! Now if we can just get them to spill the beans already!”


“What do you think?” Ana asked me.

I gave the town house a quick look around and just as I was about to give her my opinion, Stevvie did it for me.

“I don’t like it…it’s just not you babe.”

I hesitated, but in the end agreed. The house was nice, traditional and in a great neighborhood, but it would be better if I was maybe settling down and getting married. So, this house would have to be put on hold for a couple of years. I needed something a little smaller and younger.

“I was thinking about looking into some apartments, and less houses. I’m not going to be here that much so it doesn’t have to be that big.”

“Well, you’re in luck. I just so happened to set up a few apartments that I think you two will both love,” Ana announced proudly.

We headed over to the next lineup of properties in West Hollywood. I had a specific criterion for my new home that could be easily met in my opinion. I needed it to be no less than three bedrooms, a large open kitchen, large closet space and most importantly, a space for my music. If there were a room with soundproof walls, I would be sold. It also had to be in a somewhat secluded neighborhood and away from lurking paparazzi, a pool would be nice, but that was negotiable. I didn’t need anything fancy or too big, but a large enough property with plenty of yard space for playing outside and for Elvis. Garage space was definitely on the top of the list because I’ve acquired a collection since getting my license. Along with my mustang and Harley Davidson Special Edition Ford truck, I also have my white Dodge challenger, and a few other vintage sports cars. I was very proud of my collection actually. It would be nice to have them all in a garage instead of all over the country.

Finding a house put my life in a new perspective for me, I was now “officially” going to be an adult that pays my own bills, goes grocery shopping for myself, and the one that was a real revelation: I had to cook for myself. The only problem was that I couldn’t cook unless you counted toast, omelets, or cereal as cooking. I was definitely going to have to work on that once I was settled in or I was going to have to live off breakfast foods and frozen dinners until Stevvie came to visit.

“So, are you going to have a housewarming party?” Stevvie asked.

“Like where people come and see your house and stuff?” I asked.

“Yeah, you know, and they bring you gifts,” she replied.

“Um…do I need one? Is it like an initiation to the secret world of living on your own?” I joked.
Stevvie smirked and jokingly shoved me. “Absolutely. Plus, it’s like the only time we can have all our friends over. It’ll be fun.”

“Fine, that’s if I ever find a place,” I sighed.

“Oh…I think that’s already taken care of,” I heard Stevvie breathe, “Dude, you have to get this condo.”

I turned around to look at the place, a smile instantly forming on my face. I loved it, the outside at least. I couldn’t figure out if it was the long driveway, the rounded tip of the bright red door, or the gate that surrounded the place. It was perfect, modest, large, but simple and it fit my style. I just hoped it was as promising on the inside as the outside.

"Let’s take a look inside,” Ana guided us, “If you’ll look to the left, that is a garage that I think you’ll find it fits your collection and there’s a pool with a Jacuzzi in the back.”

I watched as Stevvie lurked around wide-eyed, with an adorably curious look on her face.
I anxiously followed Ana inside and wasn’t disappointed at the results. The foyer had a tall ceiling and wood floors, with loud décor, but the feel of the place was quickly growing on me. We were lead to the living room and yet again, impressed. The contemporary, electronic fireplace gave the room a cozy, homey feeling, despite the modern architecture. I could tell the kitchen sold Stevvie over, it was open with an island, two ovens and plenty of counter space. I could just see us spending Saturday morning cooking, reading the newspaper and discussing the latest stats on our favorite baseball teams. Images of me living there just kept coming as we toured the house, the master bedroom with my things in it, Stevvie brushing her teeth dressed in one of my white button downs and me sitting comfortably in the office, taking a conference call with my brothers. This just might be my new home.

“As we walk this way, this is my favorite part of the house and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too,”
Ana stated, “This was formally a recording studio for AJ Marks, the legendary producer, but when he moved out, the owner after him turned it into a den. But, you’re in luck because, the soundproof walls are still intact. So, what do you think?”

I looked around, in awe of the place. There was no question about what I thought.

“When can I move in?” I simply asked with a smile.
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