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Sequel: Creating Fate

Chasing our Fate

We gotta work this out

“Just shut up okay!” Nick shouted as he rushed into the Jonas’ L.A. household, “I swear Stephanie, if you don’-“

“What?” Stevvie followed him, “what are you going to do Nicholas? And I won’t shut up because you know what I said was true! You’re scared of your own fans. It’s a little pathetic you know?”

Nick slammed down the heavy bags of decorations and threw off his hat, not caring where it went.

“Let’s get one thing straight, I am not scared of my fans. It’s not my fault you’re so concerned with having the whole entire world knowing that we’re together!” Nick rolled his eyes, annoyed with his ever-stubborn girlfriend. As much as he loved her, sometimes he just got fed up. “You’re the one looking a little pathetic you know? Why are you so obsessed with if Ryan freaking Seacrest or Popstar magazine ‘confirming’ if we’re together or not? Why does it matter?”

Stevvie puffed her chest out as she messily ran her hands through her thick hair in frustration. Nick just scoffed and walked away from her, only to have the sharp click of her heels follow him. Nick mumbled about how stupid having the argument was when Stevvie sneered about how immature he was being. Eventually they began a shouting match once again, trying to top each other’s voices. Even screaming little Maddie stopped crying. Dani, Kevin, Joe, and Jess turned in silence, surprised to find them arguing in the first place.

“What do we do?” Jess whispered.

They all sat wide-eyed, not knowing what to do themselves. Joe shrugged and suggested that they just keep quiet,

“Yeah, I’m being immature because I like to keep a thing called a ‘private life’ maybe?” Nick shouted sarcastically, “because it’s so hard being my girlfriend right? Getting everything you want, having me bend over backwards to do things for you because you freaking have everything already! I can’t believe you would even complain about one thing…one thing I ask for.”

“Om my God! You’ve got to be kidding me!” Stevvie scoffed, “You’re the one who goes through those lengths, I never ask for anything from you! Nick you said we would talk about this repeatedly and every single time I have respected that! But, it’s getting plain ridiculous now, everyone knows we’re together. Truthfully, when fans ask me in person, I don’t deny it because I don’t care anymore. I love you and I want to be able to hold your hand in public once this summer, I don’t think I’m asking for much.”

Stevvie sighed, shook her head and sat at the stool near the island in the kitchen. Nick paced in and out of the kitchen to the hallway, taking deep breathes and trying to get his scattered thoughts together.

“Baby…talk to me. Look at me.” Stevvie demanded firmly.

Nick rolled his eyes and scoffed, brimming with anger. Both of their body temperatures had risen from the continuing fight they were battling. From the looks of it, neither of them were about to back down and the both knew nothing was being solved.

“I really don’t want to even be in the same room with you right now, honestly,” Nick finally muttered, “maybe we should just finish this later, because obviously we have very different opinions on this…and I don’t think either of us are going to magically change them in the next hour. We’re wasting our time.”

Neither of them bothered to make eye contact. The tension in the room was still higher than ever.

“You’re right and I am sad to say I feel the same way, which is something I never thought would happen. But, things don’t always turn out the way you think, you know what I’m saying Nick? Maybe being confirmed won’t be as bad as you think.”

Nick laughed bitterly and sighed, running his hair though his hands. “Just…go. Please. Before I do something I am sure I will regret tomorrow.”

“Trust me, I’m not hesitating any,” Stevvie replied as she gathered her things. Though she was happy to leave, a sick feeling arose in her stomach when she realized that she wouldn’t be falling asleep to Nick’s voice. Fighting was the last thing she expected out of a shopping trip in the city.

Nick, being the gentleman he was, held the door open for her even though he was still pissed off. For the first time, Stevvie looked up, catching his gaze. For an instant, all his anger washed away in her blue ocean eyes.

“For the record, we’re going to be found out about, whether it’s your fault or mine, whether you like it or not. I would think you would want the world to know after all this talk about us getting serious and settled down. I honestly don’t think you even know if you’re ready for something that serious, and this just proves it. You have no idea what it means to be an adult if this upsets you this much, and it’s a little disappointing. Goodnight Nicholas.” Stevvie murmured.

Instead of exploding and yelling like he wanted to, he put that energy into a passionate kiss.

“Goodnight.” He simply muttered as he shut the door in her face, he couldn’t take all the emotions running through his mind at the moment. As soon as Stevvie was in the car that took her to her parents’ condo, she burst into tears. The whole way there, she bawled her eyes out, not even caring about the driver noticing. Stevvie didn’t feel bad about standing up for what she believed, but no one liked to fight with the one you loved.


I quickly wiped away the tears trying to escape from my eyes as I entered the living room. Both my brothers, sister in laws and niece sat in silence. As soon as I saw their faces, it hit me that they had heard everything that just went on. The shouting, the screaming, and the insults were exposed to them, making me feel even worse than I already did. That was by far, the worst fight I had ever gotten into with anyone, and it didn’t feel good that it was my girlfriend of all people. Fighting wasn’t the worst part, it was how you felt afterward that killed me. Everything that was said came flooding back to your mind, leaving you with regrets and pain. I couldn’t even express how horrible I felt, and I knew we weren’t even finished. I looked up to catch Kevin eyes first and then Joe’s. We might have been adults and had our own lives, but we still were brothers and I needed my older brothers more than ever.

“Um…Jess and Dani, can you guys take Maddie upstairs?” Kevin quickly asked, “I think we need some privacy please.”

I sat down on the Lazy boy, trying to hold back tears as they quickly shuffled out of the room, giving me sympathetic looks. Kevin switched off the TV and just let the room calm down.

Finally, Joe spoke up.

“It’s going to be okay bro, I promise.”

Those eight words did it. They broke me down and tears flooded from my eyes. I had no idea if he was right. Instantly, I felt their hands on my shoulders, consoling me. They didn’t talk for awhile, just letting me vent and cry. As wimpy as it sounded that I was literally crying, not just tearing up, I didn’t care. I was frustrated, hurt and confused as to what to do next. Only your family could give you the comfort I craved for at the moment.

“What do I d-do,” I barely squeaked out. I was usually the one to answer that question for them, but they were my older brothers.

“Well…there’s few things you can do,” Kevin stated, “you can go in that music room, grab a guitar and write about it, follow your girlfriend and make up, or just go to bed and sleep on it.”

“Yeah, dude,” Joe agreed, “Sometimes you just need to step away from an argument completely, just so you can clear your head and get your thoughts straight. I know you don’t want this to end things with Stevvie and neither do we. Just, take a deep breath.”

I followed his advice and found a certain peace with it. “I don’t want to just give in to her. But, I refuse to lose her, she’s my baby, she’s my everything, she’s…”

“…Sunshine on a Sunday morning,” Kevin finished.

“…Your favorite pair of socks after they just got out of the dryer and they’re still warm,” Joe sighed.

“…those really great stretches after you just wake up…or that feeling that you get when someone notices you cut your hair or after you finish writing a song. I could go on, but I just can’t find the words to even explain what she is to me.”

“She’s love…” Kevin responded, “She’s mystery, yet an open book. She’s serious, but always up for a tickle fight or a good joke. She can make you feel like the greatest guy in the world, and it a second like you’re the stuff on the bottom of your shoe. She’s love to you, and trust me, the way you feel is only going to get worse. Don’t let one fight determine your relationship, because if you didn’t fight, we’d be more concerned.”

“It’s true,” Joe agreed, “remember that time I kept messing up at that show in Omaha? It was because I knew Jess was in the audience and I hadn’t seen her in so long. Love will do strange things to you, like giving you the courage to fight like you guys just did. Do you really think if you two weren’t committed as you guys are, you would have been as truthful? Dude, you guys were harsh on each other, but it’s a good sign, surprisingly. It means you’re comfortable with each other and I believe that this will strengthen you guys more than you can imagine. Both Kev and I have had ‘the fight’ before and look at us now.”

“Ah, ‘the fight’…every couple has to have it and you my brother, just did...or still is?” Kevin inquired, “mine was over a forgetting an important date, Joe?”

“Me falling asleep while on the phone a bunch of times,” he replied.

“Anyway, it’ll make you guys stronger, like Joseph said. Just keep your head up high, and get through it. But, do not give in because it solves nothing.”

“Oh and not to take sides or anything…but, if I were in your position, I would really think about what she said. Being confirmed isn’t the same for every girl…I had to learn the hard way though.” Joe whispered.

I nodded my head and sat back in the couch. They left me alone to think and calm down some more. Deciding what to do was going to be hard, we had never fought like this before.


“Hey! There she is!” Nick cooed as he picked up Baby Maddie from off the ground. She giggled and clapped when Nick threw her in the air and caught her. “Today is going to be a great day! I get to make up with my beautiful girlfriend and then we’re going on a nice romantic date aren’t we Maddie? Maybe I’ll even convince her to come with us back on tour tomorrow. Do you like that?”

“Someone’s a lot happier than last night,” Maya commented.

Nick smiled goofily and nodded. “Who told you about us?”

“Jessica….I still can’t believe some of the things you guys said! I’m sad I wasn’t there, it would have been so good.”

“No Maya, you’re lucky you weren’t there. No one should fight like that because it solves nothing. I’m going to apologize to Stevie and talk to her about our issue calmly and in a mature fashion. We’re both adults and we’re going to put it all behind us,” Nick insisted.

“Are you sure? How does Stevvie feel about all of this? Have you talked to her?” Maya asked as she snatched Maddie away.

“No…I didn’t even call her, I’d rather just do it in person. Have you talked to her?” I asked.

Maya shook her head. “Not even a text…good luck Bro!”

I grabbed a Red Bull before heading to my car, confident that everything was going to be okay. After three songs, a hot shower, and a good night’s sleep, I felt a lot better about the whole situation. No relationship was perfect, especially mine, but they were definitely worth it.

“Hey baby, I’m on my way over. I didn’t think you would answer, but yeah…I really want to work this out so, I’ll be there in a little bit.”

I hung up my phone and turned up my music. I had a feeling today was going to be a good day, if everything goes as planned.
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