‹ Prequel: You Can't Fight Fate
Sequel: Creating Fate

Chasing our Fate


"...Oh...my...God...that's so Nick Jonas!" the young teen whispered her group of friends. Nick sat peacefully at his favorite cafe in downtown L.A., waiting for Adam, Stevvie's assistant to show up. Every time he moved, the girls giggled and ogled at him in hushed tones. Like usual, Nick was oblivious to what he was doing that made the girls swoon over him. He ran his hand through his thick,dark curls, stretched and shrugged off his striped cardigan. The way he squinted in the sunlight, yawned, and licked his lips drove the girls crazy. He was so many girls dream guy, and he didn't have a clue.

"Go talk to him!" one of them urged, "God, he so cute in person."

Once he noticed them looking, he smiled sweetly.

"Did you see that?" they squealed, "he totally was looking!"

Finally, after much fighting, Nick solved their problem by coming up to them.

"Hi, I'm Nick Jonas," he introduced himself with a wink.

Each girl took their turn to introduce herself and get pictures with him. Even though Nick wasn't feeling very happy because of what was going on with Stevvie, he still made it so his fans could have a memorable experience with him. After awhile, they all became comfortable with Nick and began a conversation with him.

"So, what are you guys doing in L.A.?" the girl who first noticed him asked, "don't you guys have a show in Wyoming tomorrow?"

Nick nodded. "Actually I'm just here. Everyone left this morning. We were just catching up on family things. I'm taking care of some...issues."

"Oh, that’s cool. So, you're like here alone and stuff? Are you waiting for someone?"

They all oohed at Nick, causing him to blush. "I am actually, just not who you think."

"Is the person of the female species?" one inquired. They continued to beleaguer him about who exactly he was waiting for jokingly.

"Nope. You guys won't believe me that I'm not waiting for that person you're thinking about..."

"Like maybe your girlfriend who's name we won't mention..." A daring one asked.

Nick genuinely laughed and shook his head. He put his hand to his finger and jokingly shushed them.

"Whoa, be careful throwing those words around in a public place," he joked. "You'll totally throw off my mojo."

“Oh so your like ‘bachelor-who-doesn’t-mind-being-single-George Clooney-esque’ Mojo? We all know those kinds of guys have a weakness…that woman that keeps him on the ground. Does Nick Jonas have one of these lucky women?” the daring one asked.

“Actually, I do,” Nick mused, “her name is my Mother and my niece Maddie.”

They all sighed and laughed, giving Nick a confidence boost from what you could tell from the smug grin on his face.

“Okay…what about a certain girl who’s name shall not be said…what is she?”

“Who? Maya…Demi…Jessica? Oh, wait…how about Dani…Miley?” he mulled over names, cockily.

“Oh come on…you know who we’re talking about!”

“Oh! Duh…Riley…Kev’s dog?” Nick joked.

Stevvie Jameson maybe?” she asked, “You two seem overtly close to be ‘just friends’”

Nick laughed off her question and shook his head. “You just won’t stop trying will you?”

“Answer the question Nicholas.” She warned him in a teacher-like tone.

“She is…truthfully…my best friend. Happy?”

“So, you’re saying you’re single?”

“I never said that.”

“So you aren’t?”

“Am I?”

“I think you aren’t.”


“Okay, you at least like Stevvie then.”

“She’s a nice girl.”

“Do you think she’s pretty?”

“Are you Ryan Seacrest or something? Yes, she’s beautiful.”

“So you do like her and you think she’s beautiful.”

“I called you guys beautiful too. Women are very beautiful.”

“you’re changing the subject.”

“What subject?”

She sighed. “The fact that you’re dating Stevvie!”

“I thought we only established that I only like her…come on you guys don’t have crushes too?”

“Yes, but we don’t fly across the country to see ours and take them on romantic dates.”

“Touché,” he replied.

“So, I am just going to say you’re dating her.”

“On what grounds? You have no proof.”

“You just admitted it.”

“No I didn’t.”

“What color are Stevvie’s eyes.”

“What color are your girlfriend’s eyes?”

“Blue,” he replied without thinking, “that is…if I have one. You don’t know that either.”

“You’re a tough cookie.”

“My girlfriend…if I have one…would agree.”

“In all honesty…are you or aren’t you single.”

Nick smirked and simply replied. “Whatever you want me to be.”

“Well, I hate to break up this…battle or whatever. But, I do have to get paid to make my rent so Nick, your girlfriend has a message for you,” Adam interjected.

“Aren’t you Stevvie’s assistant?” the girl asked excitedly,

“I am,” he replied curtly.

This time she gave Nick a smug grin. “Well, now Mr. Taken, you’ve been busted. I knew it!”

“Thanks Adam,” Nick replied sarcastically, “Congratulations, now you have to honor of doing your favorite…hopefully anyway…Jonas a big favor and keeping it a secret. Is that asking for too much?”

“That takes the fun out of everything though!” she pouted.

“Hey, how many fans can say they had a thirty minute conversation with me? I think you guys can give an over exposed kid a break.”

“On one condition,” she decided.

“Shoot…” he hesitantly replied.

“Tell Stevie we’re huge fans…and we love you two together.”

A genuine smile formed on his face when he saw their seriousness. This was truthfully the first time he spent time getting to know a fan in a long time and hearing their truthful opinions. It opened his eyes a little too. Maybe Stevvie was right…

“Thank you guys, it was really great talking to you girls…I haven’t had that much fun in a while,” Nick stated, “I hope to see you all at a show?”

“Definitely, and those VIP tickets you promised us?” one of them asked.

“I’ll have my people call your people later…just make sure you answer even if it’s blocked…you guys understand why,” he replied, “bye guys.”

Nick once again gave each of them hugs and even picked up the tab for their party. He had a feeling that he would be seeing those girls again soon. His attitude instantly changed when he turn to Adam, the messenger to all of his issues. He held the response to where exactly his girlfriend was.

“Give me some answers,” I demanded as Adam and I exited the Café. I slipped on my aviators and turned the corner into an ambush of paparazzi.

“Well, are you sure you want me to talk right now?” he asked.

I gave the paps a fake smile and continued to walk.

“My patience level is on a very short fuse right now…just tell me what where my girlfriend is and didn’t you say you had a message for me? I shot back.

“Well…actually it’s not really a message, but see…I asked her if she wanted to leave a message for you and well…I didn’t think she exactly wanted me to actually tell you…and I’d rather not repeat it.” He squeaked out.

I slowly took a deep breath and slipped into my Camero, Adam instantly followed and slipped into the passenger seat. I tried to keep my cool and took out my frustration by revving up the engine and whipping down the street.

“Okay…so…you still didn’t tell me where she was…that’s why I called you…because I went over her house this morning and she wasn’t there…I called her time and time again and she’s not answering…I called everyone I can possibly think of and no one knows where she was…where is my girlfriend?”

“Could you maybe use a nicer tone of voice?” he asked.

“Just tell me where my girlfriend is Adam or you’re fired.” I growled, “I know you’re stalling.”

“Technically you can’-“

“Do you want to bet?” I glared at him.

“Okay, okay!” Adam whined, “she’s…she’s at home.”


“Like her actual home….in Chicago,” Adam finally stated, “I’m sorry Nick...I’m not even sure if I was supposed to tell you. She just called me at four in the morning and said she was on her way to the airport because she had to take care of something in Chicago. She told me to cancel all her appointments for the week. I know you guys had that fight last night and everything…but I don’t think it has to do with why she’s gone. It’s not in my job description to play couples counseling but…maybe you should go to Chicago or something.”

I shook my head. “There’s no way…I have a huge press conference and three concerts in a row. I have to be in Canada by tonight. Look…tell Stevvie to call me or convince her to talk to me…please. You’re my only hope.”

“I can try, but if she says to stop, I have to listen to her…it’s my job.” He replied.

“That’s alright, trust me, Stevvie loves you as her assistant. Just try…please.”
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