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Chasing our Fate

Come fly with me

“No, that has too many carbs…” Nick replied to my question as I fixed his dinner, “just leave out the bread and the strawberries but I want everything else, my blood sugar is all over the place today.”

“How can you remember how many carbs are in specific foods?” I asked.

“You just remember after six years,” I shrugged, “It’s kind of like you remembering where the note names of the keys on the piano maybe. The more important question is are you going to Washington D.C. with me tonight?”

I sat down Nick’s and my plates next to where we sat and sat across from him. We enjoyed the company of the crew and family as we all sat down for dinner at catering. It was cool to have food on the road because they had the opportunity to eat together every night there was a show. Nick pushed the plates aside and entwined his fingers with mine. He had an adorable smile along with his innocence, playful eyes. I knew he was trying to get me to go with him.

“I don’t know babe…” I honestly replied, “I’m so behind on work and plus you’ll be working most of the time we’re even there. I don’t see a point.”

“You can take your work with you and Adam can hold down the fort at your offices like he’s been doing…please…I really want you to be there because we haven’t spent any time together,” Nick begged me with his best puppy dog eyes.

I shrugged, not really sure what I was going to do.

“Okay…how about…” Nick leaned over to whisper in my ear, “A romantic getaway…just you and me…no distractions. That night I’ll take you to a fancy restaurant, you can get all dressed up, and then we’ll have dessert back at the hotel. Sound good? ”

I hesitated to answer, but I was a sucker for Nick’s dates. He really went all out for them and I just couldn’t resist his adorableness because when he said we’ll have ‘dessert’ back at the hotel, it really meant we were going to order dessert. I loved my virgin boyfriend.

“Okay…but I’m not going with you to your little press thing…I really need to catch up on work and I get to choose the dessert.”

Nick smirked and dug into his plate. “Deal.”
“So…have you guys discussed…your issue?” Joe asked.

Nick and I made eye contact and looked back at Joe. I shook my head at his reply.

“Oh…well…I don’t think you guys have anything to discuss anymore…you might want to check this out…” He pulled out his IPhone and handed it to me. Nick hopped up from his seat and rested his chin on my shoulder.

“Just press play…” he instructed us.

I quickly did as he told and played the youtube video, instantly realizing it was an E!news now video.

“Nick Jonas gets caught with a woman! Hey guys, I’m Amy Paffrath for E!news now. You’ve all seen them… the pictures, the videos and so have we here at E!. Nick Jonas and Stevvie Jameson were finally busted from their hush-hush relationship when they were caught kissing earlier in Quebec, Canada by paparazzi. It’s quite evident that these two have obvious chemistry and these steamy kisses say so. So, Nick….are you sure you’re not dating hottie heiress Stevvie? If these pictures don’t scream a yes that they are together we don’t know what will. For more pictures of Nick and evident girlfriend Stevvie, check out Eonline, your spot for what’s hot in the world of entertainment.”

My mouth dropped, in disbelief that what happened just this morning was already out for the world to see. I guess Joe was right because a picture can’t tell a lie. I couldn’t even remember seeing the paparazzo outside. I slowly turned to Nick, curious of how he felt since he was he one who was so strongly against me on the topic. His face was unreadable as he kneeled down next to me. Before Joe could even give us some sympathy, we both burst into laughter. I guess we had the same thoughts, which we often had.

“Wow…” Nick stated through chuckled, “Um…well…that was…”

“Unexpected,” I finished as I tried to hold my snickers.

Joe gave us strange looks as he walked away, probably not getting why we found it hilarious instead of upsetting.

“Well, um…I guess our problem has been solved,” Nick stated, “that was surprisingly fast too.”

“It was fate,” I replied with a smile, “I honestly don’t remember a paparazzo this morning though.”

“Yeah…I saw one after you left…but not before,” he replied, “Those guys are sneaky. If it means anything…I was going to ask you if we could go public after the tour’s over to compromise. You were right…I need to believe in you and I’m ready to be your boyfriend in a public since…I guess I have no choice but to be ready now.”

I smiled, happy at Nick’s change of heart. “Thank you…so much…I really don’t even care about whether people know, but I just hated lying to the fans…they’ve become like my family and I just hate lying to them.”

Nick sat back into his seat and entwined his fingers with mine.

“I know…and I’m sorry that I said those things that night…you know I didn’t mean them.”

“I’m sorry for saying those things too, I also didn’t mean them. My anger blinded me and I should have addressed the topic better.”

“I should have responded better, I know I flipped out, but I promise I won’t do that anymore,” he replied, “Next time we have an issue, let’s just down and try to work it out. Fighting doesn’t help us at all.”

“Agreed.” I stated.

Nick smiled warmly and leaned over for me to meet him halfway. I placed my lips on his, giving him a quick kiss since we were in public. We still weren’t flashy on PDA.

“So, I do you want the honors of making an official statement because I know Adam is probably blowing up my phone right now,” I asked, “Or should I?”

Nick sighed and got back to his food. “I will, since you are so backed up on work…plus it’ll shock my fans that I’m actually the one saying it. I like that idea….who should I break my silence to?”

I laughed at his scheming and looked around the room full of our loved ones. I had more love for this group of people than I could ever imagine.

“So, how does it feel to ‘officially’ be my girlfriend?” Nick cooed, “…now I get to hear you brag all about me and call me such an awesome boyfriend on TV and interviews. I kind of like that idea actually…why didn’t we do this earlier?”

I glared at him, hoping he was joking and by the smirk and the cocked brow, he definitely was.

“Don’t test me Jonas,” I shot back.

Nick smirked as he leaned over to kiss my cheek, as always he was a gentleman and threw away my plate.


Nick made his way through the crowd of people, following Big Rob so he could make it to the place he needed to be. It felt good to Nick, knowing that this was his benefit, honoring Diabetics and raising money. Many A-lists celebrities showed up, to his relief and graciously donated to Change for the Children. Everything had turned out as he expected so far, the press were cooperative, the kids were entertained, and the drinks and food were flowing. Everyone was happy, which meant they were willing to give more money.

“The president is on his way,” Big Rob muttered under his breath into an earpiece. Nick casually strolled behind Big Rob, waving to people he recognized and fans. Finally, they found their way stage. Nick was dressed in a grey suit, light purple button down and simple loafers. Big Rob was in full on security guard mode with a serious grimace that slightly resembled a bulldog’s. When it came to high traffic places with many fans, he was always on high alert. Nick on the other hand was pretty chill as he was about to make a speech. It came easy now, and he loved making them especially in D.C. because it felt like “training” for when he actually ran for president. While the CEO of Bayer finished up his speech, Nick and Big Rob went over and reviewed his cue cards on the topics he was to cover. After a few minutes Nick heard his name being introduced, signaling it was his time to enter the stage.

After a quick fist bump with Big Rob, Nick took the stage. As usual, Nick delivered a picture perfect speech, complete with deep, meaningful metaphors, the mention of relevant topics and a few good moments of comic relief. After he exited the stage, Big Rob congratulated him and they went on their way to the next round of press. With all of his duties finally finished, Nick had a chance to relax and enjoy the company he invited.

“Well, I would think you would stop to say hi to your own girlfriend,” Stevvie spoke up as Nick almost passed her. She stood with a couple of people from charity foundations and some B-list celebrities.

Nick did a double take and instantly smiled. “What are you doing here? I thought you said you weren’t coming.”

They embraced each other in a hug, giggling like schoolchildren on the first day back to school.

“Well, it was either this or staying at the hotel and doing my final paper. So, I hope you don’t mind a party crasher,” She murmured in his ear so he could hear or the crowd of people.

"Don't worry, I've already donated on behalf of Operation Helping Hands."

“You’re lucky you’re pretty, I would have called security on you if you weren’t,” Nick joked, “I’m really happy you came actually. Thank you.”

“Great party Nick!” someone shouted, bringing them out of their intimate conversation. Immediately they went into professional mode and walked casually together. Nick gave Big Rob the go ahead to take his security level down a couple notches and he walked a few feet behind them. Even though they weren’t exactly showing signs of a romantic relationship, everyone could tell just by the way they moved together. Nick and Stevvie had become like a well-oiled machine, balancing each other like yin and yang. If Stevvie approached someone, Nick followed and let her lead the conversation and Stevvie did the same. The fluidity between them came from enough time spent together so that they already knew what each other’s next move is. They weren’t overly spaced from each other to try to “hide” their obvious relationship, but they also weren’t over flirtatious or touchy-feely. When they had to walk in more crowded area, being a gentleman, Nick held Stevvie’s hand so she wouldn’t fall and they posed for pictures when a photographer asked. They managed to make the focus still on the charity when a reporter stopped them for an interview all while making their first public appearance as a couple. Nick had nothing short of a huge smile on his face; it took all Stevvie’s might not to say, “I told you so”
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