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Chasing our Fate

Long distance relationships

Picture yourself a young, fresh out of high school teenager. You spent the summer lounging around, fixated on finally being independent. Eventually, July rolls around and it becomes time for freshmen orientation at your dream college, Northwestern University. It wasn’t too far from where you grew up and it was near your favorite city in the world. Rumors also spread like wildfire that your celebrity crush and role model was also planning to attend this very same college. By nature, you blow it off, rumors are always spreading about him and his brothers and none of them are usually true. You are in shock when the day of the orientation rolls around and he’s standing less than ten feet away from you, talking to one of his good friends and back-up band guitarist. You are well aware of who he is too. He is dressed casually, which is unusual for him because he likes to look nice most of the time.

However, there he is, dressed in a New York Soul sweatshirt, Yankee’s baseball cap, jeans and white vans. Your mouth suddenly stops working, and all you can do is stare at how perfect he actually looks in real life. His flawless skin is flushed from the heat and crowd, his somewhat curved lips somehow form the perfect shape to make them irresistible. You try to hold in a giggle when he absentmindedly licks his lips, revealing his tempting pink tongue. Your eyes make their way to his nose, its slim bridge and the way it flares out effortlessly surprises you. You never thought a nose could be so adorable on a man. A genuinely toothy smile appears on his face, fortunately for you and you instantly zoom in on his crooked canine tooth. A smile forms on your face as you find yourself happy that his smile wasn’t perfect and his teeth were a little crooked. It would have been hard to believe that he was human because despite the fact he indeed was, you can’t find many imperfections.

Finally, you land on his eyes. The writer side of you racks your brain to try to figure out the proper words to describe what they’re like, but you can’t. They are just too indescribable. You can’t figure out if it’s the way his faultlessly shaped eyebrows frame them, or the way the sun beautifully reflects the gold flecks in his chocolaty brown eyes. Your heart feels like its beating out of your chest as his movements and the pure sight of him mesmerize you. Emotions overcome your mind when his eyes land on you. A mischievous smile forms on his face as he checks you out, liking what he sees. You never guessed that he would notice you because you don’t feel like anyone one special, just another wide-eyed girl that has a severe fascination with him. In that moment that lasted about thirty seconds, you feel like you’ve fallen in love. You’re completely smitten and your shyness gets the best of you so you don’t speak up and talk to him. But, for some reason you have this hunch that one day soon, your paths will cross.

Eventually, that day comes, August 14th, 2011 specifically. While you’re typing away at your book on your purple Mac, that very same boy that leaves you breathless every time he smiles at you decides to approach you. It feels like a dream when he asks to sit down. It’s even more unbelievable when he begins to flirt with you. Instead of freezing up like your first encounter, you find yourself surprisingly calm, charmed actually. Because of who your dad was, famous people weren’t anything very special to you, but this boy was. Yet, he was the most down to earth person you’ve met in the business. He still has the audacity to introduce himself, as if you wasn’t well aware of who he was. When he leaves, you began to giggle in skepticism. Did that really just happen? However, your feelings have changed about him. It was no longer the smitten feeling of love and lust, but hesitant skeptical feelings. You knew that if you let yourself get caught up in someone so untouchable, you would fall for him, hard. Then, on top of that, feelings of shame arise. What if he knew about you already? What if he finds out about your life and your past? What would happen if he found out about who you really were?

After a series of unfortunate events, you realize he doesn’t care what your past was like or who you really were because you don't have anything to be ashamed of in the first place. He loved you for you, not for what you or your parents did, but you had to learn that the hard way. Like they say, the past is the past and you both are ready to turn the page and move on. This next chapter was one both of you have been waiting for the longest time. Finally, finally…you two have been united, something both of you knew was meant to happen form the moment you first laid eyes on each other. It was Fate.

So now you two are together and very much in love, but something so amazing had to come with a price. It was called your privacy or lack there of now. You’re constantly talked about when you turn on the Television to E!news, where they let the world know what he says when he’s asked about you in interviews or if you even go to somewhere as simple as your own dad’s studio with him. Instead of worrying about people you know spotting you out in public in your ugly pajama pants you love dearly, you now have the displeasure to worry about paparazzi taking misleading or unattractive pictures of you, just because you’re with him.

Now, you are constantly making sure you don’t speak to loudly about your relationship. You can’t even relieve your PMS because of the risk of some fan witnessing and getting the completely wrong idea about you. The only thing that fan had to do was write up a quick little email to Oceanup.com and you’re branded for life as a stuck up snob who has an attitude problem and doesn’t deserve Nick. Luckily, nothing too bad has happened yet. The paparazzi could get little annoying, and yes, though you love this boy to death, having to answer questions about him can get a little irritating, but in the end, you realize you’ve never been happier. This new crazy life you’ve adopted was whet you needed, he was what you needed. Even though you’ve given up a lot for him and you relationship, you somehow feel it’s worth it.

You’ve changed also, you no longer indulge in drinking and your potty mouth has been dramatically cleaned up. Instead of hanging out in jazz clubs and late night coffee shops, going to family game night or a double date with his parents is what your agenda is filled with. You get dressed up for early golf dates on Saturdays instead of lounging around your apartment because you know he loves it when you dress nicely. Don’t worry though, he’s changed too. He knows you hate it when he’s cocky or when he ignores you so he doesn’t do those things anymore. He actually listens to the music you enjoy and has an open mind when it comes to your friends. He makes sure to make you as comfortable as possible when he pulls you into his work life because he knows you’re not used to so much attention. You both make sure to compromise with each other because that’s what you do when you’re in love.

So far, everything seems to be going great for you and him. But, nothing lasts forever and sooner or later, as much as you pretended like it was never going to happen, he was going to have to leave. Now, you are stuck back in Chicago, while he’s off in some other state or country touring, performing, and living out his dreams with his brothers. You’re living your dreams too, you’re book is doing amazing, your teachers are cool in your college summer classes, you get to work with some adorable kids as you teach them the fundamentals of the piano and you’ve even been inspired to return to competition piano. Not to mention the fact that you get to spend the summer with some of your closest friends, Pixie Lott, Demi Lovato, and Jordin Pruitt working on their newest albums. They were the first artists signed to J town records- a brand new record label that came from a partnership with Jonas Records and Jatsa records. The best part was that its chief producer was you. Now, both record labels can expanded the audience of all of these artists and give them the lyrical freedom they craved. It looks like your life is getting busy too.

Balancing all those responsibilities and trying to keep a relationship with a highly publicized musician hush hush seemed like it would be hard and it was. You can’t understand why he just won’t make it official since everyone already assumes it anyway and he can’t understand we you would want to since you’re normal a really private person in the first place. You guys have your arguments and you don’t hold back, you might love him and all but you weren’t afraid to let him know how you felt. He knows it too, which makes you a challenge to him. He’s always dated girls that are more laid back and will go with whatever he’s says, assuming that it was probably what’s best. But, you are different and could care less about what he thinks if you want something your way. That’s when compromising comes into to play though and at the end of the day, both of you end of caving and begging for forgiveness.

Out of the limelight, you two are a completely normal couple. You go on romantic dates, you take cute and cheesy pictures and you even fall asleep to each other’s voices every night. The only difference between you guys and other couples is that you don’t see each other as much and your dates are further apart. To make up for it, you have video chat dates and sometimes sleep with a picture of him under your pillow. It’s a goldmine when you stumble upon one of his t-shirts or button downs while you’re cleaning up your room. The smell of him still brings you butterflies and even though he’s miles away somehow he feels so close. You’re always on his mind and he counts the days until he can hold you in his arms again. Your kisses give him butterflies and he can’t help but smile when your name is brought up in a conversation.

You two are very much in love, but not very many people know it and the closer you two get, the harder it is to hide it. You both start to get sloppy about how you act around each other and cave in by stealing secret touches and quick kisses that people could potentially catch on camera. He doesn’t even say that you’re just a friend anymore, you’re just really special to him in interviews.

Now you tell me, would you want this life? Would you want to go around, living in secret, living a lie? Would you want to give up everything you knew for this one boy? Would you put the confidentiality of your friends in jeopardy for him? Would you allow yourself to be dissected and stalked on the internet, because you have no choice? Every girl that has the slightest crush on your guy instantly look at you with jealous eyes. It wasn’t the easiest life to live, you gave up a lot. Could you handle it?

Well, I can. Actually, I rather have no choice but to handle it. It was the life I chose to live when I answered that one question that changed my entire life. “Is this seat taken?” I’m Stevvie Jameson…better known as Nick Jonas’ girlfriend. I get that name nowadays rather than my actual name. It’s a bittersweet name, I’m not going to lie. It was a blessing and a curse all in itself.

I’ve never felt so many emotions at one time since dating Nick. It was blissful when I was with Nick. He made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world just by looking at me. He was an amazing boyfriend, most of the time anyway and the time we spent together was electrifying. However, when we were apart, I’ve never felt so lonely. When he left, he took a part of me with him. My day just didn’t go as smoothly as when he was there. Touring had only been going on for a little over a month and I felt like I was going to explode from my rollercoaster of emotions he brought. Yet, I never want it to end.

So, when you see me in pictures with a strong grip on Papa J’s hand as I leave the arena with a distraught look on my face, trying to navigate our way though the crowd of fans, it’s not because Nick and I had a fight. It’s because I’m most likely leaving for the airport once again, or the cameras and people are making me nervous. I have claustrophobia and crowds made me anxious. Leaving Nick was harder for me than it was for him; he was used to long distances. I can’t say it wasn’t weird to see my face on the television or in magazines. It still surprised me when people recognized me even. The internet quickly became to enemy; I stayed off it. I didn’t need to see the pictures of me taken by the paparazzi, like the ones that were being taken right as I speak…


“Watch your step sweetheart,” Mr. Jonas instructed me.

I carefully stepped over the bunches of roses thrown in the small walkway. Barriers held back fans lined our path to the tour buses. Papa J waved to the fans nicely as he led me through the bright flashes of the paparazzi. It was exceptionally crazy at the Dallas shows since it was one of their home states. I tried to look a least a little happy so it wouldn’t come off the wrong way, when I was really hurting because I would be leaving Nick once again.

“This is getting crazier every time,” I muttered.

Mike, another one of the Jonas Brother’s team bodyguard led our path to safety, making sure everyone stayed their distance. I carefully made sure my short, flowy leopard skirt stayed down as I stepped into the tour bus because I knew the pap that was lying on the ground was trying to get a picture up my skirt. Once I got into the safe zone, I relaxed. I pulled up my thigh high socks and slouched down on the couch, giving my feet a rest from the five-inch platform wedged ankle boots I was wearing. I knew I was going to get crap from some fans about my outfit, but I didn’t care. I liked what the way I dressed.

“So, your flight takes off in about an hour,” Mr. J reminded me, “we’ll arrange for Mike to take you to the airport like always and of course, we’re going to miss you.”

I smiled genuinely even though my heart was hurting; I loved Papa J like my own father. He always took care of me for Nick.

“Thank you Papa J, I have no idea what I would do without you, I swear,” I replied as I took off my fedora, “at least that’s what Nick says.”

Papa Jonas laughed as he talked on the phone, arranging my departure I was assuming.

“I’m sure if Nick actually let you do half the things you try to do, he would have a heart attack. He just knows you wouldn’t do anything around me. I bet this is why he is always asking me to take care of you for him.”

I narrowed my eyes at my sneaky boyfriend. “I see where he gets the conspiracy theory habit from, and you’re probably right. Or…Nick’s just being an old man again. He freaked out when mentioned I wanted to bungee jump.”

“And you’re still not going to either,” Nick interjected. His white V-neck stuck to his back and chest as he wiped sweat off his forehead. He immediately went straight to the mini fridge, pulling out a Redbull.

“All right, I have to go talk to the tour manager,” Mr. Jonas announced as he exited the tour bus, “Stevvie, Mike will be here in about ten minutes.”

“No...don’t say that,” Nick whined. He snuggled into my shoulder. “Stay with me a day longer…please.”

I caressed his baby soft face, looking into his beautiful almond eyes. “I wish I could, but Dad said I had to finish Ashley’s demo album by twelve tomorrow or she’ll lose her contract.”

He kissed my nude colored lips softly, and chuckled as he licked his lips. “Mmm…vanilla right?”

I blushed, “Correct once again. You’re getting to good at this.”

Nick made it a game to guess the flavor of my lip-gloss when I wore it. Somehow, he got it right every time.

“Too bad I won’t be able to do that for another two weeks…” he muttered, “I’m going to find a way to bring your work with me so you’ll have no choice but to stay.”

I intertwined my fingers with his, talking up our last few minutes together. “Nicholas, please just enjoy our time together now baby. It already hurts speaking about it and I’m not even gone yet.”

With a sigh, he agreed. I kissed him slowly, trying to savor the familiar taste and feel of his lips. I felt his thumb lift my chin up slightly so he could cup my cheek. Once he pulled away, he held his forehead to mine.

“I love you baby,” he murmured, “This is getting harder and herder every time.”

I let out a shaky breathe, so far I haven’t cried when we said goodbye, but I was deathly close this time

“D-Don’t worry okay?” I tried to say, “It’ll go by fast, I promise. “

To my surprise, it wasn’t I that began to well up. It was Nick. He leaned his elbows on his knees, clasped his hands together. He chuckled though his tears and quickly wiped them away.

“I didn’t expect this,” he muttered, “I guess I’ve been away from you too long and the thought of you leaving…my blood sugar must be low or something.”

I chuckled at his excuse. I had only seen Nick cry a couple of times, not including when he was on stage.

“Or you’re just going to really miss me…” I whispered.

“Yeah…that’s most likely it,” he admitted as he pulled me into our final kiss. Minutes later, we heard a knock on the door, signaling that it was time for me to leave. I got up to leave, only to have Nick pull me back for another passionate kiss. It was so heartbreaking at the fact that he was the one hurting when it was usually me. From the desperate kisses he gave me, I could tell he wasn’t lying when he said he would miss me especially this time. I gave him one final weak wave before entering the crazy world that was going on outside of the tour bus once again. I didn’t care that my face was distraught when the lingering paparazzi snapped a couple of pictures of me. I was hurting, and I wasn’t happy that I had to leave.

Long distance relationships sucked.
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