‹ Prequel: You Can't Fight Fate
Sequel: Creating Fate

Chasing our Fate


“When are you going to let her know you basically stalked me up in Canada?” Nick casually asked Blake.

Both men stood awkwardly with their hands in their pockets, not sure what to even say to each other. Nick knew something had happened between him and Stevvie, but he couldn’t figure out what it was and why he hadn’t known yet. It was also upsetting to Nick that even though they had gone through everything that they did and Stevvie still had secrets of her own. Blake, on the other hand, felt grateful that Stevvie was so excited to see him, but Nick’s cold attitude made things more complicated.

“I was hoping you would take care of that…you know, to make you look like the good guy,” Blake replied smugly, “but, I will if you insist. It’s nice to see you again, by the way. This is a nice benefit.”

“Thanks…” Nick replied, “Why did Stevvie leave us here alone?”

“She wanted us to get to know each other,” Bake scoffed, “you can see her spying on us so look amused. Oh, and I know you sent Big Rob over here to spy on us, and you have nothing to worry about.”

“How do you know that?” Nick asked, “What did you talk to Stevvie about?”

“We were just catching up,” Blake replied, “You can ask Big Rob. Why do you hate me? What did I do to you?”

“I don’t hate you,” Nick assured him, “I just don’t know you and you’re around my girlfriend.”

“She was my best friend way before you, so I’m the one who should be worried. I don’t think you get what I meant when I said you haven’t seen the last of me. Without me, she would be a mess. I was the one who helped her become the person she is today. I’m the reason she’s the Stevvie you love, so I suggest you back off.”

“I want some answers then,” Nick replied, “I want to know why you two really quit talking.”

“I told you why,” Blake replied, “it’s the truth.”

“Why was she so happy to see you then?”

Blake groaned, “you just don’t get this whole ‘knowing each other forever, first love, we had a 3 year relationship thing. I mean a lot to her.’ It’s not that hard. You’d understand everything if you knew the whole story.”

“Then tell me, “Nick insisted.

“I can’t. It’s a decision between Stevvie and I, you have to wait until she tells you,” Blake replied, “and when she does, you better be understanding, loving, and if you break her heart. I will break you with the help of Todd.”

“Why would I do that? What could she possibly say that would make me do that?” Nick scoffed.

“Just promise me you will,” Blake stated.

“Fine, whatever,” Nick replied.

After awhile, Blake called call away to do his job, leaving Nick to return to his guests. Stevvie and Nick both seemed to be getting caught up with the guests and never made it back to each other, but to Nick’s dismay, Blake managed to find Stevvie again. Like lightening, Big Rob was there to spy for him.

“I want to talk to you without Nick’s little spies…meet me somewhere tonight, please,” Blake asked.

Stevvie sighed and shook her head. “No, I have a date with Nicholas tonight and tomorrow morning we’re flying to New York. You have my new number, isn’t that enough?”

“Come on Babe, seriously? After all this time, you treat me like I’m just an old friend,” Blake whined, “you know I mean more to you than that…remember that last night we spent together…”

“That was the past Blake. I already told you, I’m in love with Nick…you know I want you back in my life so don’t bring up our past, please.”

“Are you sure? You seriously think you love him like you loved me?” Blake scoffed.

“No…I love him more than I ever loved you,” Stevvie admitted, “I’m sorry Blake…I’ve moved on…and…and you should too. How can you do this to me? First, you say you want to be friends and now you’re questioning my love for my boyfriend…the one I plan on marrying. What are your intentions?”

“To make you happy, I don’t want anything other than that,” Blake replied his tone grew more and more desperate as the memories of their relationship haunted his mind.

“Then do as I say,” Stevvie warned him, “and don’t push Nick’s buttons.”

I watched Stevvie walk back and forth from her suitcase to the bathroom, throwing things in and pulling things out, as she hummed along to the mellow sounds of Marc Broussard. I slowly breathed in and out, appreciating the normalcy that seemed to be going on, despite the difficult position I was forced into. Blake came off as if he had innocent intentions, but I had a feeling in my gut that he had another intention besides reconnecting with her. This feeling was intensified after I overheard their intimate conversation I was sure I wasn’t supposed to hear. I just wanted Stevvie to tell me everything that had happened between them. It wasn’t until now, that I realized the giant gap of information she hadn’t told me. I knew her past, I knew what stupid things she did as a child and that when she was twelve she was convinced she was born in the wrong decade. But, one thing I virtually had no idea of was her love life. Yes, I knew the names of her exes, considering she didn’t have that many, and I knew when she had her first kiss. But, I had no details. I had no idea what Blake meant when he said they just needed to move on from each other. The main thing that bothered me was the fact that Stevvie was fooling around with him while she was getting to know me, and I was sure that the gang knew it too. I know I didn’t have the right to be mad because we weren’t dating, but it hurt to know that he was the “other man”. Just knowing how Stevvie is with me made it all too much for me because I knew that they had done much more than we have. I felt awkward to even touch her knowing he had done the same time and time again.

Stevvie once again, returned from the bathroom, this time with freshly blow-dried hair. She wore a simple v-neck, and some pajama shorts, without a lick of makeup on. I smiled when I could notice the “flaws” she had. I could see the scars she had from skateboarding accidents, the minor breakout that had formed on her forehead from stress, and my absolute favorite part of Stevvie, her freckles. She had exactly fourteen freckles across the bridge of her nose, but because they are so light colored, you can only see them when she has little to no makeup on. There was something about seeing Stevvie so…raw that I found so beautiful. I relaxed on the bed, trying to read a couple of scriptures in my bible. But, Stevvie’s actions continued to distract me. I bunched my eyebrows together because this time, Stevvie didn’t come back out of the bathroom, but I could here her talking. I quickly hopped on my feet and tiptoed to the bathroom to listen.

“Blake, seriously,” she whispered, “I can’t right now. Why did you call me? I told you to wait until things calmed down and we’ll talk. That means in like a couple of weeks. Preferably when I’m away from Nicholas…no…you’ve got to be kidding me.”

I fought the urge to interrupt as she continued.

“Please Blake, I wish that you would just leave me alone for awhile. I’m happy you’re back in my life, I always am…you have to give me time to figure things out first okay?”

To figure what things out?

“I love you too…goodnight Blake.”

I immediately made a dive for the bed once I heard her hang up, afraid she would catch me snooping. After a few seconds, she exited. My eyes followed her as she sighed, put her phone on its charger, and finally collapsed on the bed.

“So…are you up for some dessert?” I casually asked.

Stevvie’s eyes made eye contact with mine; she smiled mischievously, and sat up on all fours. I watched as she slowly crawled over to me. Her long, silky hair tickled my neck when she placed her forehead on mine.

“Who needs sweets when I have my sweetie right here,” she whispered, “I don’t think I mentioned how much I love you today.”

I couldn’t help but smile and lust over her when she bit her lip. My hands found her hips as she mounted me. I kissed her softly, embracing her tantalizing aroma of shampoo, soap, and her natural scent. I could see the seductive look in her eyes and in just the way she moved her body. Her kisses grew more intense as we continued. This was what I was craving for all weekend, yet I couldn’t even enjoy it. Finally, I just let the tension that was trying to build up release from my body and sighed.

“What’s wrong baby?” Stevvie murmured as she nibbled on my ear.

I hesitated to respond and then finally gave up. “Is…the guy you were talking to…you know Blake…the same Blake…You know…your ex Blake?”

Without hesitation, she nodded her head and simply continued to run her fingers through my hair. Before I could even say anything more, she placed her soft lips on mine. Once she made her way past my teeth, I let out an unintentional moan. Everything about her distracted me, whether I liked it or not. Just as Stevvie’s hands made their way towards my sides, I just gave up and shut my brain off. I shoved her loose top up and caressed her sides down to her thighs. Just as I was about to really get into it, Blake’s obnoxious face popped into my head. I couldn’t do this anymore.

“Stevvie, can we talk about something?” I asked.

She sat up, still straddling me. “Sure…is there a problem?”

“Yes...well no…I’m not quite sure actually,” I honestly replied, “I-I actually need to tell you something…”

“Okay…” she eyed my suspiciously.

“Well…um…I guess I can’t really sugar coat this…so…here goes…I’ve met Blake before,” I muttered.

Stevvie shrugged. “Oh…you have? Why didn’t you say so? When? Is that all you wanted to tell me…why are you acting so weird?”

“I don’t want you to get mad…well, you technically can get mad at Blake but, not me. I met him about a week ago, up in Canada…he basically stalked my hotel room…looking for you. He told me not to tell you, but I can’t lie to you and I would have told you sooner, but we just had made up and I didn’t want that to be a problem.”

Stevvie paused, bunched her eyebrows together, and sighed. “Of course he would so that…I’m sorry about that…he’s…he’s still got some things to work out…what did he say to you?”
I was still in a slight state of shock at her reaction. How could she apologize for him? Why wasn’t she mad?

“Just how you two were really close and how he would like to reconnect with you…he also said how you guys dated for three years and how you guys broke up because it was just time for you two to. Nothing different from what little you have told me,” I replied.

“Oh…okay then…I’ll talk to him about it later okay?” she replied.

For some reason, her reaction to this made me frustrated.

“Fine...” I replied with a little more attitude than I intended.

“Umm…excuse me?” Stevvie asked, “Watch your tone with me dude.”

“Whatever,” I muttered, turning my head away from her.

“Okay…” She began to say as she slid off me, “do we have a problem now?”

I shook my head and turned towards the wall. I really didn’t even want to talk to her anymore.

“Oh really?” she mused, “So…everything’s okay now? You’re just deciding to ignore me now?”

I ignored her and closed my eyes to sleep.

“Babe…hello? Are you kidding me!” she scoffed. I felt her slap my back and slouch down on the bed.“So this is how you want our first night alone together to be? Very romantic….douche.”

“Watch your mouth woman,” I shot back, “If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little pissed right now.”

“Why?” she shot back, “What the hell did I do?”

“I don’t know...maybe screw around with Blake after you guys broke up and when we were getting to know each other behind my back,” I replied sarcastically. “Before you even start, I know, I have no right to be mad, but Blake told me,and the fact that you’re not upset at him for going behind your back is just a little frustrating to me. How could you lead someone on and have sex with an entirely different person at the same time. Don't you think that's a little selfish of you?”
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OoOoOoOh...trouble in paradise?
FYI, things are bout to get a lot more serious between these two.