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Chasing our Fate

Only by night

I stared blankly at the back of Nick’s curly head, finally understanding why he was acting so snappy. What shocked me more was that he never bothered to address the fact that he knew I wasn’t a virgin. My next reaction was a cringe, I couldn’t believe Blake told my dirty little secret to him.

“Nicholas…I can explain,” I began to say.

“Please do,” he whipped his head up, “Seriously Stephanie, this whole Blake thing is really kind of ruining us for me.”

“Okay…” I quickly stopped him. I had no problem telling him about Blake…now. But, at first I was hesitant to and I kept much of our relationship to myself because it was a little hard to talk about. But, once we got serious, I was more okay with Blake. “Well, like you already know…we dated for three years. He was my first everything, and he is my best friend. If there is anyone who knows me, it’s Blake. After we broke up last July…I wasn’t exactly…over him. I was going through a rough time with my parents and Blake was the person I leaned on the most, even though we broke up. Then I met you…you were just so…simple. You know, Blake and I have a lot of history…a lot of baggage and it was nice to have an escape from it. With you, I forgot about him and my past and I just wanted you to see that I’m not the emotional wreck I can be.”

“Yet you continued to sleep with him,” Nick muttered.

Instead of feeling guilt, I felt nothing. I had nothing to be guilty about. “Well, it’s simple. I’m human, and I have needs. But...it was also deeper than that.”

“Your minds moved on, but not your bodies,” he muttered.

“Well…yeah…I guess you could say that. It was a comfort thing, you know?”

“No, I don’t know actually,” Nick replied with a sigh.

“Right…” I remembered, “Um…well, it’s like…playing your favorite guitar…no…um…it’s like…I can’t really explain it actually. Okay…um, it was familiar…that’s really all I can say…going to college, living in my apartment, meeting new people…hell, being single…those were all uncharted territories and…I needed something familiar to me…and Blake was. But, Nick…that didn’t have anything to do with you, it was me trying to live in the past. But, I’ve grown since then, I’ve grown with you.”

I watched Nick’s express his emotion through his face. At first he was very confused, and then sort of frustrated and finally, he sighed and looked up at me. His beady little brown eyes met mine and I forced barely a smile out of him.

“So…he said you guys stopped in December…what about when you dated Carl?” he asked.

“Of course we didn’t when I was with Carl…besides; it was only like a week with him.

Actually, it was more like the beginning of November, and then…well…at the end of December towards new years I kind of got a little drunk…he came over…I think you can tell what happened. It wasn’t something I was very happy about. That was when we both agreed we needed to stop talking all together…he knew I was in love with you and he knew he wasn’t helping himself get over me. So, we said goodbye. I wasn’t very happy with the idea, but I had to do what was best for me and for him. When I saw him this morning, I thought that maybe we could be friends again…without all the baggage. But, I don’t think he’s quite ready yet. The reason I’m not mad that he went to see you in Canada was because I’m not surprised. He’s a little ‘out there’ you’ll quickly realize. But, he didn’t mean any harm. I promise. If he says anything about being with me, nine times out of ten, he doesn’t mean it. He likes to talk, but never acts.”

“You really care about him don’t you,” he asked.

I hesitated to reply and finally decided to be honest with Nick. He deserved it. “Yeah,” I nodded, “he, helped me become the person I am today. I love him…but I’m in love with you. I just hope you remember that. Nick, there's stuff about our relationship that I'm just not ready to talk about quite yet, but eventually, when I feel like we're both ready...we will.”

Nick sighed, and licked his lips. I stared at the little curls that surrounded his ears and made my way to his infamous moles that surrounded his face. My have gravitated to his cheek, down to his stubbly chin. He was the only guy who could get away with not shaving for a few days because the little facial hair he did grow was very sparse, and just a few shades darker than his skin color. I always made fun of him for the fact that he couldn’t grow much facial hair, but he didn’t mind. It was a lot less of a hassle for him. Nick coaxed me towards him until I finally put my lips to his, feeling the genuine love he felt for me was more than I could ever ask for. The most beautiful kiss to me was when you could feel them smiling, even though it felt a little awkward. Nick chuckled as he pulled me closer.

“So…wait...you never said anything about me not being a virgin,” I pointed out.

Nick smirked. “That’s because I already knew…”

“How?” I asked him. My eyebrows instantly bunched together, not understanding.

“I put the puzzle pieces together…you’re on birth control…Eric and Storm would always steal condoms from the box in your nightstand…even the jokes you would make about sex…yeah, I just assumed and I apparently was right.”

I blushed, and then sighed. “So…that’s where my stash has been going…oh well…I certainly have no use for them now.” Nick let out a laugh and shoved me. “So, you’re okay with it?”

Nick bunched his eyebrows together, and bit his lip. “I kind of was living in denial about it for awhile, but now that you’ve actually discussed it, I guess I’m okay. Honestly, the only thing I wasn’t too…comfortable with was the fact that I know Blake…it’s just, I don’t know, I get the image in my head of you two together and it kind of messes with my head a little. I’m okay with it though, it’s your life. Besides…in the future…I’ll have my chance so I’m not sweating anything.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his casualness, I was truly happy he was so comfortable with the subject. Just because he promise to wait until marriage didn’t mean it was a bad thing to talk about.

“How old were you?” he asked.

“Let’s just say...too young,” I replied slowly as we cuddled.

“Like…what age?”

“Fifteen…and a half…I was stupid and young…but I honestly don’t regret it.”

“Wow…okay, that is young…how did it happen?”

“Well…when a boy likes a girl…” I began.

“No…babe…” he laughed, “like…was it a moment of passion or…”

“I planned it…” I admitted, “I just felt like it I would make me ‘older’ or something, like I said. I was stupid. I learned a lot from the experience though.”

“Continue…” he murmured as he snuggled into my neck.

“Um…for starters…your first time…for a girl at least…insist the fantasy you always imagine.

It’s pretty awkward…funny even. But, it still means a lot to you…especially of it’s with
someone you love and truly feel like you’re going to be with. I can tell you now, if I had the choice with you…as in, if you didn’t have your promise, I would have insisted we waited until we were married anyway.”


“Yeah…having a sexual relationship takes a lot of…emotional strength…I’ve learned…and it’s something I want to experience with you after marriage. You mean too much to me to let sex mess it all up. It brought me closer to Blake, but I am closer to you than I ever was with Blake and we haven’t slept together. Just imagine how close we’ll be after we’re married.”

“I like that you’re talking about us being married…I want us to be married,” he stated.

I smiled at the fact that he was still persistent on the idea of us actually getting married. The more he talked about it, and the more I realized that he was the one, the faster I was warming up to the idea.

“You know…I’ve been thinking…” I began, “So, I know I said that I wanted us to wait a really long time before we actually thought about marriage and everything, but…if you feel as though you think that we are ready for that next step sooner than that…I’m not going to necessarily fight you on your decision.”

“So…basically you’re giving me permission to ask you to marry me?” he asked, “and if I did ask say…in the next year or so…you’d say yes?”

I shrugged casually, “It depends on how you interpreted my statement.”

I cuddled up next to Nick under the covers and sighed. I knew he had an overzealous smirk on his face as he celebrated his achievements. I happily allowed him to bask in his testosterone-filled glory until I began to ask him questions.

“So…you know all about my sex life…let’s talk about yours,” I murmured.

Nick scoffed. “You mean my non-existent one?”

I laughed and turned to him. It was pitch dark, but I could feel his heartbeat through the black wife beater he wore. Our legs were tangled together under the thick, white down hotel blankets.

“Hey, okay…you’ve told me you’re not so innocent mister. Fess up,” I called him out.

Nick sighed and squeezed my side. “Fine…honestly…the farthest I’ve gone is with you.”
I hid my honestly shocked tone of voice. “But we haven’t done anything…but make out…a lot. How is that not so innocent?”

“Staying in the same bed as you overnight is pretty scandalous to me…especially when you have a girlfriend who likes to walk around half dressed and considers a bra as an ‘optional’ wardrobe choice.”

“Like I’m the only girl who does that in her own house,” I laughed, “It would be another thing if I left the house like that.”

“True,” he replied, “but, again. I’ve made my mistakes…almost have gone too far with you…but, never have actually gone over the edge. We've done some things we probably shouldn't have. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t dream about it, but then I bounce my thoughts to something else. It’s an internal battle, but I like to think of it as a challenge and the reward at the end is more than I can ever try to imagine, so why bother?” Nick replied in barely a whisper.

“I love you,” I whispered to him.

“I know,” he replied in an obvious narcissistic tone, despite his whispered tone, “which is why when we’re married and I’m really bad in bed at first, you’ll lie to me for the sake of my self-esteem.”

I held back my snickers and agreed. “To a certain degree, but I’m not going to let you off the hook after awhile.”

“Deal,” he replied, “Oh yeah…I love you too.”


“Wow…you look stunning,” I gasped when Stevvie emerged from the hotel bathroom,

“Seriously, I’m just speechless…you look amazing.”

“Doesn’t she,” Eric mused as he slowly fixed the details of the gown, “My baby is even better on you.”

“You’re talking about the dress aren’t you,” Stevvie assumed, “well…you’re right…it is an amazing dress. Thank you for allowing me to wear it in such a short notice.”

“Oh, are you kidding me? Everyone is going to flip when they see my dress walking down an actual red carpet. This is my final project for my internship and Christian himself said it was a going to be a big hit on any red carpet. Broadway is about glamour and drama. This dress has it all.”

I completely agreed with Eric as Stevvie practically floated around our hotel room. The delicate Chantilly lace and silk dress gave it a vintage feel along with the mermaid silhouette. Eric gave it a modern twist by adding a deep v and caped sleeves. The train was just long enough for her to walk around in, yet it completed the dress. Her olive skin glowed against the champagne color of the gown. Jack, her hairstylist, left her hair in her natural soft waves and put it up in a low bum with pieces perfectly framing her face. With her makeup and the vintage jewelry she added, she could have easily transported herself back to a movie premiere or a ball in the 1920s. She looked absolutely breath taking.

“Thank you so much again Eric,” Stevvie gushed, “I don’t know what I would have done
without you, seriously. If I had known I was going to a Ball, I wouldn’t have had you rushed across town with this masterpiece. It’s gorgeous.”

“No problem, we’re just lucky it fits like a glove, even with your hips,” Eric replied as her carefully finished last minute alterations, “Thanks to your mother’s father, you’re freaking made to pop babies out of you.”

“Thanks so much for reminding me of my abnormally wide hips babe,” Stevvie replied flatly. As thin as Stevvie was, she was still blessed with gracious curves, thanks to her mother, who has the same body type. I certainly wasn’t complaining.

“No one said they were abnormally wide…just wider than the models I work with okay?” Eric defended, “Besides, you’ve got a booty, so why are you complaining?”

Stevvie sighed and just urged him to finished while I just sat quietly in my chair where I belonged, making sure not to wrinkle my Armani tuxedo. So, apparently it slipped my mind that I was attending a ball, meaning I needed a date. Luckily for me, I had the convenience of a girlfriend. Being invited to present an award to Broadway veteran I looked up to was an incredible honor and having my girlfriend there made the night more special. I was kind of happy that the tour was almost over because Eric and Stevvie’s banter just reminded me of the good times I had with the gang. I was ready to have them all back together again, even f it meant for just the little time I was going to be staying in Chicago. Hopefully, without a certain ex-boyfriend in the picture.
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