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Chasing our Fate


“…so, as I’m trying to make a salad, I remember that I put chicken in the oven and it’s completely like…black. Therefore, I’m not so sure that this whole cooking thing is going to work out.”

I held back laughter at Nick’s failed attempt to cook for himself. I didn’t know it was going to be that difficult.

“Well…you could have called Joseph…” I suggested because Joe could actually cook. I cuddled under a blanket in my Chicago apartment, trying to study for a quiz and video chat with my beloved boyfriend. We discussed our day as he washed dishes. I loved video chatting because it was as if we were together because I could see him.

“No…he’s already teased me enough about me not knowing much about cooking and trying to live on my own so I don’t need to have him making fun of me for what happened. I’d never live it down,” Nick replied, “but, I did finally get my recording studio completely finished, I can start making music now. Speaking of music, we recorded a song today and wrote a couple too…we hadn’t written together in so long and all of us have so many ideas. It’s crazy how many songs we’re spitting out already. We’re not rushing the album though…at first we were going to release it around December, but we decided to take our time. So, instead trying to record as many songs as we can, we’re going to be working with other artists and if we feel a song could be good, we’ll record it.”

“Yeah…do you guys have a theme for this one?” I asked as I made flashcards.

“Yeah…actually…well…it’s sort of a really rough direction…we found out most of the songs we were about the past, present and future. I kind of though it would be cool if we made the album tell a chronological story…the first song being the beginning and the last being about the future…but not the end…leaving it open-ended. Ummm….like this one song I wrote with PJ, it talks about having that really young, naïve love…and then this song I wrote with my brothers talks about basically becoming a man and looking back on that journey.”

“That’s a really cool concept…I like it…hey, you’re not suppose to tell me about the new album remember…It’s a tradition of mine to get hyped up about it and just because we’re together, doesn’t mean I’m not a regular fan.” I reminded him with a smile, “I think I have some people that can help you guys out with that concept…do you think you guys would want to work with Chasing Fate?”

“Are you kidding me,” Nick gasped, “That’s a brilliant idea…why didn’t I think of that myself…

I’m calling Todd tomorrow morning. With their help, our album will be…just amazing!”

I laughed and agreed. Anyone who worked with Todd could guarantee themselves a hit. Todd and I worked with Pixie and her album and singles are breaking records. With this success, I was kind of building myself a small reputation. Katy Perry and Rihanna’s people have called to see if I was willing to work with them and I graciously accepted. Now, Katy Perry has a song I produced and I gave Rihanna a song and did backing vocals on it. I loved the idea of doing different genres and spreading my talents across the board. This weekend Kelly Clarkson and I were going to work together. I also had another novel brewing in my head that I was itching to get started.

“So…I have some exciting news to tell you,” I stated, “I’m moving.”

Nick smiled widely. “To L.A.?”

I laughed, shaking my head, assuming he was going to say that. I had no plans to live in L.A. because in all honesty, I hated it there. It was fine to visit, but I could never imagine myself living there for more than a month if it was necessary. The heat, the people, and the shallowness of it were the part I couldn’t stand. I lived in Chicago where half of the year it was winter for God’s sake.

“Nope…to another apartment here,” I replied, “when I first bought this one, it was only for school, but the school plans have obviously changed a little and I just need something bigger. My closet is overfilled and half of my wardrobe is still at my parents’ house. I’m just a little tired of seeing Pixie steal my clothes.”

Nick sighed and smiled. “Fine…I’m happy for you nonetheless, I just miss you already. When do you plan on moving?”

“November, into my Penthouse apartment that’s a ten minute walk from my office. I can’t wait for you to see it!” I spilled.

“Wait…you already found a place? A penthouse…wow…and that close. That’s amazing! Ooh, I get to help you decorate since you basically decorated my place.”

I cringed and nodded my head. “We’ll see…”

“So, you’re going to be switching to online classes at the end of this semester correct?” Nick asked.

I nodded my head. “It’s just too much you know? Trying to make classes on time and stuff? If I go online I can finish faster and I won’t have to plan my career around classes.”

Nick smirked mischievously. “It also means we get to see each other more often right?”

“Yes Nicholas, it does.” Giggles fell from my lips as he lit up. I hated that he missed me so much, but it was sweet.

I watched intently, mesmerized at what I was once again witnessing in my life. One of my biggest goals in life was to see Chasing Fate perform live and because I happen to date the daughter of one of them, it was possible. It was a rare case that all of the band members performed together and I soaked up each chance I had even if they were just having a random jam session or full on playing their old tunes.

Todd’s raspy voice filled the room with Julian’s backing. Johnny immersed himself in the music as he drummed along. I watched as Gregg easily kept up on the bass. These guys had been doing this for years and it still felt like they were just teenaged kids jamming out. Joe, Kevin, and I sat around the studio, watching the pros in their own element. Each of the band members eagerly travelled from their own lives to come together here in L.A. to hopefully create some magic and teach us a few things along the way. To get some “new energy” and “fresh vibes” Todd insisted we used Stevvie state of the art recoding studio, located in downtown L.A.

“Man…it’s good to be back…” Gregg sighed as he cracked his knuckles. What amazed me about him was his tough guy look, two full sleeves worth of tattoos going down his arm, an architectural, complicated goatee covered half of his face, and two giant earrings sat in his earlobes. Yet, he was the softest of the group of men; his deep, almost booming voice recited some of the most insightful thoughts.

“Are you kidding me? I’ve been waiting for a JB-Chasing Fate collaboration since lil miss decided she wanted some Nick J. You guys are the new generation man…but you actually do it right. Nevertheless, this is going to blow minds!” Johnny exclaimed, I watched him effortlessly twirl and play with his custom made, bright red drum sticks. Johnny was now the founder of a popular music store chain, he also taught free music lessons at YMCA’s across the nation when he could. People would have him guest drum on tracks and performances, so Johnny wasn’t just your average drummer. I was intimidated to even play in front of him, though I was fairly confident in my drum playing.

Julian was the most laid back, and quiet of the group. He was the piano/ back up guitar player, most of the time he preferred the piano though. I saw so much of Stevvie in Julian, and Todd because of the fact that they were twins. Their striking blue eyes and wavy dark hair screamed Stevvie’s name. Todd was the more outgoing brother, whilst like Stevvie, Julian was the more shy of the two. They were both young looking, clean shaven and had the same dry, sarcastic humor.

Todd was all over the place, he was the yin if Julian was yang. Todd was loud, ambitious and he couldn’t be stopped if he set his mind to something. He was the obvious drive behind the group and the leader. Todd had this authority over any room that you couldn’t help but listen to. His ability to lead a group of people was the clear reason why he was now the world’s leading music producer. Todd was untouchable, royalty in the music industry if you must. Many people wonder how he managed to make his first million in under a year when he first started out as a producer. Stevvie was four years old when her life switched from the humble road life to getting anything she could ever imagine. The simple reason: he was that good. He knew the tricks of the trade, what a hit in the making was, what gets peoples’ attention and he pushed the boundaries. Stocks, investments and publishing rights lead to him shooting up the Forbes top ten lists each year. He was the ultimate businessman in disguise. He owned the publishing rights to half of the Beatles, the Rolling stones, and Cher’s music, not to mention his own music and the music he produced. If anyone wanted to use one of the songs he had the rights to, Todd would be the one to cash in. What baffled me was Stevvie’s business mind, she was like a Todd 2.0 and her net worth was quickly growing as she grow more and more comfortable with the business.

“Alright…so….how about we stop talking about making some magic and do it,” Todd decided, grabbing an acoustic guitar. We decided to spit into small group, I jumped at the chance to write with Todd, Johnny, Joe and Julian were already brain storming at the piano, and Gregg, Kevin and my best friend Pj took off into another part of the studio.

I grabbed my acoustic guitar and sat down across from Todd. I stayed quiet as his finger zoomed across the neck of the guitar, it was an honor watching a true genius on the guitar.
“You know…anyone can learn how to play an instrument, but only few can have a passion for it,” Todd murmured, “no matter how old, small, out of tune a guitar is…I’ll love that thing like it’s my own child. Few people understand my passion for guitars and from what I’ve observed and what my daughter has told me…you kind of share that same passion…except it’s with music-writing…like Stevvie. She’s a bit split down the middle between the guitar and writing, but the piano will always be first. It’s nice to see young people like you appreciate something as simple as putting words together that express the way we feel more than the words we say could ever do.”

I waited to reply, trying to get my thoughts together. “That’s definitely how I wok…if something wrong, right, or I just want to feel inspired…I write. It’s basically what drives me these days and to have the opportunity to write with you sir is…an incredible honor and a dream come true.”

“Son…I’m your girlfriend’s old man, I’m not anything special…but, it’s flattering that you think so high of me. I’m am no short of a fan of your work and I can saw it’s an honor to work with you. You are a fascinating writer nonetheless; I’ve never seen someone write with such a raw vibe. Everything to you is real, and easily sort of…censored in your lyrics. You are one of those rare people who could literally take a piece and not tailor it later, you have no first draft. Why is that?”

“Simple…when I write a piece…it’s in the moment…it’s the emotions I’m feeling that are driving me to create the lyrics. You can’t go back and imitate those emotions,” I replied.

“True…you thrive on the authenticity don’t you? That feeling that you don’t want to go of!” he exclaimed. I watched as he closed his eyes, his fingers finding the right notes he was searching for.

“We’re getting somewhere aren’t we?” I asked, not quite grasping the situation.

“At the edge of the earth, never thought it’d end this way.
Gravity’s trying to pull me down, nothing more that I can say.
Yet, I’m still here, my lover, you’re keeping me suspended in space.
Don’t let this moment pass us by, before it’s too late.” Todd sang.
He looked to me, and I took a deep breath already brimming with ideas.

“We don’t know how we got here, or how it will end.
In all honesty, I don’t want to know what will happen.
Can we just stop time now and run away
Let’s keep this moment, let’s keep today”

Todd kept up with the slow, bluesy kind of funk tone he was paying and I dove into the lyrics, typing them up as quickly as I could. I was so thrilled as the song seemed to be coming together…until we hit a wall. The song was barely half finished and we just could come up with anything that would fit with justice.

“You know what? We need a break…just walk away…how about we go get some lunch and the rest will come to us,” Todd suggested.

I reluctantly agreed. You can’t force lyrics. We roamed the building to check on the rest of the crew, only to find out that they were in the same predicament-a half finished song and an empty stomach. Joe and his group were a little farther along but, they still weren’t as comfortable with what they had written so far.

“Well…so maybe this thing’s going to give everyone a nice little breeze rather than blow them away,” Johnny sighed, “either way…I’m having fun, you guys rock.”

We all let out an exhausted chuckle.

“I think it’s funny that we have three…three unfinished songs…so far all of them song awesome…yet…I don’t know…” Joe mused over his In N’ Our burger.

“Like…they’re missing something?” Kevin suggested.

I watched Todd’s face…I knew he knew what our problem was. I watch his lips curl into an infamous Jameson smirk.

“You are indeed correct my friend…now…I’m not quite sure what it is that is missing…but I think I know just the person to call to help us…”

We all eyed each other in confusion, even the Chasing fate members had no idea who he was referring to.
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