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Chasing our Fate

Mental Notes

My heels clicked with each step I took, my pace was at a steady tempo as I walked through my building without even looking up from my IPad. I quickly typed my paper that was due in less than two hours uneasily with one hand. Just as I landed in front of my office, I grimaced, noticing the chipped nail polish on my right pointer finger. I rocked back and forth on my heel as I decided whether to just chip the rest of my manicure off, I hated chipped nails. With a quick swipe of my ID card, my office was unlocked.

I flicked on the lights, happily sat in the soft leather chair behind my mahogany desk and finished my paper. I loved being in English major, but juggling writing papers and work was tough. I had to beg my professor to let me e-mail him the paper because of an emergency call from my dad. Apparently, I was needed in L.A. as soon as possible, yet he wouldn’t explain why. I also couldn’t tell anyone, including, Nick. Instead of arguing, I just assumed it had to do with Nick so I made some arrangements and went along with it. I needed to meet with a couple of people while I was in L.A. anyway. I called for Adam to come in and give me the down low on what was going on. We went through a list of phone messages, appointments I had coming up, and appearances I was scheduled to go to. Photo shoots, and interviews were about to consume my life because of the upcoming projects I had going. This time around, I was more focused on Project Helping Hands, if I was going to get it to reach the level I wanted it to. A lot of pres and support was going to be needed.

“…And lastly, Nick’s birthday party…I already got some information on this present for you…” Adam finished.

I excited read over the print-out and squealed in excitement, you had to be creative when it came to a guy who had everything.

“His party is already getting RSVPs...” he also informed me.

“It’s a get together,” I corrected him. Nick said no parties, but that didn’t stop me from celebrating. “…and good, make sure they’re quiet about it, paparazzi would completely ruin the intimacy of it.”

After about an hour of working with Adam to sort out my hectic life, I finally got the call I was waiting for-from my dad. Within minutes of our phone call, he appeared outside of my office.

“Hello darling! Thank you so much for coming on such short notice,” he exclaimed as he pulled me into a bear hug. “I certainly hope it wasn’t too much trouble.”

“Of course not…I just had to talk all of my professors into giving me extensions on my papers or into giving me my work in advance because of my “family emergency” in California. Oh, and not to mention having to make up an excuse as to why I couldn’t video chat last night seeing how I was in my jet. Now, you know how Nick feels about me lying to him and keeping things from him,” I replied to him sarcastically.

Todd’s eyes widened. “Babe, I said if it was too much trouble to come don’t…”

Before he could finish, I chuckled, informing him that everything was okay. “Todd, it’s okay. I promise…besides, you said it was important so here I am.”

“Child…” he scoffed, “You are much too like me. Anyway…here’s the deal…”

“JB and Chasing Fate have been working together for the past couple of says in my studio and you guys have a slight case of writer’s block. So, you decided that you’d bring someone in to help you guys out and it happens to be me. Am I right?”

Todd paused and stared at me, narrowing his eyes. “Nicholas told you correct?”

“Of course,” I smirked, “and no, he doesn’t know I’m here or I’m the “special guest” or whatever.”

“All right…so you’re getting how your old man works…” Todd rubbed his chin, impressed by the simple task of me drawing conclusions.

“Not exactly…” I sighed as I sat on my desk, “I couldn’t figure out why I’m such a huge secret…why hide the “special guest”?”

Todd smirked and I instantly noted the mischievous twinkle in his eye. “Well, I could make up this elaborate explanation, but then I’d be fibbing. There isn’t one…I just liked watching all of them try to figure out who it is, it’s killing Joe and Johnny.”

I shook my head, but I couldn’t keep my laughter. It was so my father to do something that juvenile.

“I’m not going to lie…that’s funny. You do know they’re going to be disappointed to find out it’s just me,” I pointed out.

“Do you really think I’d make them go through all that and not make it up to them?” he scoffed, “No offense to you…I mean, I’m sure they’re al happy to see you, especially

Nicholas, but just not in this sit-“

“I get it Todd,” I cut him off with a laugh, “What you do as a consolation?”

“Called up a couple of old friends for the boys to work with over the next month or so…” Todd began.

Like…” I urged him.

He crossed his arms and smirked. “Maybe… a Living Beatle... a couple of members from Kings of Leon…A Zuton...and oh, I don’t know some of the best beat mixers in the business…Timbaland…and the Dr. Luke.”

I applauded him, approving of his choices. The people that the Jonas Brothers looked up to were people I grew up having over my house. The Kings of Leon were a product of Todd until they decided to leave Jatsa records with Todd’s blessing.

“Sir Paul McCartney…” I sighed in slight shock, “he actually agreed to work with them?”
Todd nodded slowly, “He’s going to be in L.A. this weekend and he’s actually really excited to work with the boys. They are extremely blessed that he’s working with them…I really want help them out…I don’t know…kind of give them a fine tuning you know? I think that with the guidance I’m trying to get them, to the next level. They’ve kind of plateaued direction wide and this could be a turning point.”

I listened to Todd’s wise words, soaking up every piece of information he said. HE knew what he was talking about from years of trial and error and it really made since that he’d be the one to go to for advice on a band.

“Are you ready to be “revealed”?” He asked me.

I cocked an eyebrow and stood, straightening out my dress. “I’ve been ready.”


“Dudes…what if it’s like…Todd’s mom or something?” Johnny suggested in a desperate attempt to guess the special guest.

The cool breeze from the air conditioner cooled the entire room of men. We all sat around, snacking on unhealthy foods (except Joe) and played with all the arcade games the studio had. Spending time with Chasing Fate was honestly the coolest experiences I had. Every time I did, I learned something new about them and myself.

“Man…I don’t even care anymore,” Gregg announced.

“I just hope he’s right on this solving our problems thing,” Kevin added as he texted on his phone.

“Todd will come through guys, don’t worry,” Julian decided.

I verbally agreed and checked my phone for a text from Stevvie.

“Gentlemen, may I please have your attention, if you will direct your eyes to the long awaited arrival of our special guest!” Todd announced loudly.

We stood and gazed in anticipation at the door that the mystery guest was hiding behind. Finally, with Johnny insistence, he opened the door.

“Everyone, I’d like you to meet…my muse.”


Stevvie smirked as she peaked around the corner, poking her head into the room. Her eyes instantly met Nick’s, who did a double take. She giggled and fully entered the room, shouting surprise. Each of the reactions of the guys were as priceless as Todd had hoped.

“Aren’t you guys surprised?” she asked as she spun around the room, “I mean, come on…kind of should have guessed it was me. Seriously.”

Nick was all smiles when Stevvie happily rushed over to him.

“Hey…what is this…you little sly fox,” Nick whispered as he pulled her into a gracious hug,
“so you’re the secret special guest…he’s built up a lot of hype…think you can fill those shoes?”

Stevvie smiled and flicked his nose. “Come on now…I am the daughter of Todd Jameson…”

“Of course Todd would do something like this!” Johnny and Joe continued to rant about how they should have totally seen this coming, and Kevin, Julian and Gregg sat back and enjoy their mock rage.

“Wait…if you would have told us it was your muse you were bringing in, I would have been able to figure out that it was Stevvie!” Johnny pointed out.

Todd wiped tears from his eyes as his tried to contain his laughter. “Well…then what would be the fun in that?”

“I didn’t know Stevvie was your muse…”Joe stated.

Both Stevvie’s and Todd’s eyebrows bunched together. “Neither did I,” I added.

“Yeah…ever since she was born, I’ve written the best songs...she’s a great inspiration.”

I gazed at her beautiful blue eyes, and couldn’t help but agree.

“The reason I though she could help was because every time I’ve been blocked, she’s helped me whether it’d just mean talking to her or actually writing with her. I figured if she was my muse, she could rub off on all of us..to give us a little boost you know?”

“I agree!” Kevin jumped up, “I’ve always said that Stevvie was just a burst of sunshine and I think I’m feeling the inspiration already. Thanks little sis.”

Stevvie couldn’t help but laugh and give Kevin a hug.

“Well, I can’t guarantee any bursts of inspiration, but I’m glad to help you guys!” she decided.

“Then what are we standing here for?” Gregg pointed out as he stretched his arms, “Let’s give this another shot.”


“So…what do you think?” Todd asked me. I narrowed my eyes, not exactly sure about the song I just heard.

“Well…the music is great…flawless actually. But, I get what you mean when you say the lyrics seem to missing something,” I replied, “With Kevin’s or Joe’s songs...it was simply tweaking the tempo or the key signature and maybe switching some lyrics up. But, with you guys…it’s a different story.”

Nick cryptically analyzed the lyrics with me, asking me my opinion on each line. We each tried our suggestions but, ended up with nothing different.

“Maybe…we can just scrap it?” Todd asked, “…you know, start over?”

“No, no!” I disagreed immediately, “…I think the problem is we’re too focused on the lyrics…
and not the message…what’s the inspiration behind what you too wrote so far?”

Nick narrowed his eyes and stared out for a few seconds. “Well…I don’t really know…I guess I was thinking about…us. How I…wanted us…not to change…to be the same…”

I melted at his genuine and soft voice, his eyes met mine and I fell in love all over again. The way his shyness began to show once he realized that my father stood less than ten feet away, put me over the top and I couldn’t help but smile.

“We won’t…you’re worried about us living so far apart aren’t you? We’ve been doing great so far…we’ll be okay.”

I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, making him grin with teeth.

“I believe it more hearing it come from your lips,” he whispered as our hands intertwined, “I love you more than anything in the world..and I think I just found the perfect lyrics to finish this song.”

I made a mental note to thank my father for being so mature and not ruin a critically intimate moment between us. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him leaning against the wall, silently approving of my happiness with a small smile on his face.

“I love you too…now…let’s keep whispering until my dad gets annoyed…” I replied mischievously with a smile.
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