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Chasing our Fate

Mortal perfection is only a theory

Everything was perfect, Stevvie and Nick were going strong despite the distance, the bond between the gang was even stronger and Stevvie was already a quarter of the way through her new book. The world seemed to be at a calm peaceful point and it was just waiting to have a storm blow through…

Nick bobbed his head to the beat of the track of music he had been working on as he read the last chapter of the book he was required to do a literary analysis on. His laptop sat next to him, open and just waiting for him to use it. Living alone had its perks, it was about three in the morning and he had music blasting through his house, dressed in a simple black wifebeater and a pair of Jonas Brothers monogrammed boxers (a gift from their stylist, Michelle), and severe bed head from not having to leave the house for a couple of days. He was chowing down on a plate of mixed fruit and cheese while he rocked back in his big soft black leather chair; needless to say he was completely content at the moment.

To make his night even better, randomly Stevvie’s username popped up on his computer asking him to chat. Why would Stevvie be up at this hour, nevertheless asking to video chat.
Nick through out the thought, shut off his music, and accepted the request. Instead of seeing Stevvie’s shining smile, he got darkness…and murmurs. Before he said anything, the image of what he was looking at came clearer…it was someone’s bottom half…but not Stevvie’s.

“…don’t you think I should have a say in this?” a raspy familiar voice muttered.

“…well…not anymore…it’s my decision…but he should know…you’re right about that,” Stevvie replied calmly.

Soon the picture for Nick became clearer…it was Blake…and Stevvie talking…alone in her room…at an ungodly hour in Chicago. It was clear that he wasn’t suppose to be hearing or seeing what was going on. However, how did he get requested for a chat?

“I can’t believe your parents let you go on this long…” Blake stated sharply, “this is wrong Stephanie.”

“Don’t you dare call me that, it’s not my name,” Stevvie scoffed, “he knows more than you think…he knows…he just hasn’t figured it out. I swear I’ve mentioned it before during a game of truth or dare.”

“Well…how long ago was that?” he scoffed bitterly.

Stevvie shrugged and sighed, “Almost two years ago.”

“Exactly,” Blake smugly replied, “You have a responsibility to him.”

Stevvie rolled her eyes. “You’re trying to give me relationship advice? You were the one who ran…both times.”

“This is exactly why you need to tell him…you don’t need another me, despite the fact that I’ve changed.”

Nick stayed quiet, not understanding what they were talking about. He bunched his eyebrows together to figure out what exactly what going on, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.”

“Well, he’s not you…he’s better than you,” She replied with a smirk.

“Good…you deserve it,” Blake replied, not taking any offense.

Nick tried to hold in a sneeze with all his might, but miserably failed, causing them to glance over at the computer.

Stevvie’s eyes widened as soon as she saw Nick’s blank, slightly confused.

“Shit,” She muttered as she shuffled over to the computer.

“So, you decided to invite me to this little chat fast and forgot or something?” Nick asked flatly, “What the heck is going on Stevvie?”

No, you weren’t supposed to be here…I mean…that came out wrong…well, technically not really. How did this chat even connect and why are you awake so late? How long have you been here?”

“I’ve been up, and you requested a chat about ten minutes ago. Why the hecks are you alone so early in the morning with him…we talked about this Stephanie.”

“Okay…God…I’m so confused,” Stevvie complained, “The program was already up and something must have hit the mouse, and…I know we talked about this…I’m so sorry Nicholas…he really wanted to talk and I’m leaving for Texas in the morning…”

“I’m not,” Blake added smugly as he sat down next to Stevvie, ”how’s it going Nick?”

Nick scoffed, “I don’t know Blake…there’s some douchbag in my girlfriend’s room who happens to be her ex. Oh, and they’re talking about telling me something, that I apparently should and need to know, but Stevvie says that I already kind of know, but nevertheless she’s yet again hiding something from me. How would you feel?”

”So not so well I presume?” Blake replied smugly with a cocky smile on his face, “Don’t worry…we’re just actually talking this time.”

“Let’s hope so,” Nick replied bitterly, “Now, I’m not going to fight you Stephanie and I want to now…what are you guys talking about?”

Stevvie remained quiet looking down, and Blake nudged her to tell him.

“You have five seconds Stevvie or Blake will tell me,” he threatened, “I swear you’d better start talking or I’m going to be coming to get you and you’re going to be staying with your dad the rest of the month. You know I will.”

“No…you can’t do that Nick, “Stevvie whined, “he’d make me stay just because you said so.”

“Don’t test me,” he replied sharply.

“Ooh, I think you should listen to mister bossy pants over there,” Blake teased.

“Zip it Jacobsen,” Nick growled, growing more and more infuriated.

“And if I don’t?” Blake challenged him.

Stevvie immediately jabbed him in the side, giving him a death glare to quit while he was ahead. She was well aware that Nick wasn’t too fond of Blake and she didn’t want to make the situation worse. It also annoyed her that he would even try to challenge him, they were certainly not as close as Blake assumed.

“Okay! I’ll-I’ll do it. I’ll tell you everything…but not over the wedcam,” Stevvie stated to bring the focus back on her, “I’ll…I’ll cancel my trip to see Maya and come there okay?”

Nick shook his head. “No, I’m coming there. Tomorrow morning.”

“Okay,” Stevvie agreed with a shy, meek voice.

“You’ve got to be kidding right?” Blake exclaimed, “You can’t tell her what to do! You and I both know she does whatever the hell she wants, no matter what anybody says. Stephanie Paige, you really want to put up with this guy? You honestly want to put up with his bullshit He doesn’t fucking own you, you can talk to however you want, when ever you want baby girl.”

Stevvie glared at Blake, shocked at what he was actually doing.

“You don’t get to decide my life-“ she began before Nick intruded.

“Don’t you ever call my girlfriend that…ever again or I will personally make sure you won’t be able to mutter so much as a word. You have no right to talk to her like that and you certainly
have no right to even be near her. I swear if you don’t get out of her apartment, I will call Todd and have a security after you before you can even blink.”

“God, I swear you never grow up Blake. Why did you even come here? Get out, now!” Stevvie put her two sense in.

“Oh, just because your big bad boyfriend got a little upset because someone’s talking to his girl?” Blake mocked Nick, “If I didn’t know any better…he sounds a little jealous to me.”

“Don’t even go there,” Nick replied flatly.

Before tensions rose even more, Stevvie cut them off, kicking Blake out and attempting to calm Nick down.

“…we have a lot to talk about Stevvie. I suggest you get some sleep, for me,” Nick decided,

“and leave the camera on. I’m not going to sleep tonight.”

Stevvie scoffed. “Are you kidding me? What? Are you going to watch me sleep because you don’t trst me anymore? Seriously Nick.”

“…do I even have to answer that.” Nick replied sharply.

Stevvie gave into Nick, not wanting to push his buttons more. She had no idea why he wanted the webcam still on, but she honestly didn’t care, she had nothing to hide.
The rest of the night, Nick went back to his music and began his analysis, every so often checking the computer screen. I wasn’t that he did trust Stevvie or that he thought Blake would come back. Even though the screen was pitch black, it gave him peace being able to
“see” her. Nick couldn’t exactly tell how he felt, besides the fact that he now really despised Blake. As for Stevvie, as soon as he found out what the big secret she’s been hiding, he be able to tell how upset he was with her. It was a difficult situation for him.


~Almost two years earlier~

“I couldn’t imagine a human being growing inside of my uterus…” Jackie stated as a very pregnant woman passed their table at Perry’s.

“Stevvie almost had to…twice,” Eric reminded them, “Right hun?”

Stevvie rolled her eyes. “I swear if one of you brings those up again.”

Nick looked up from his Chemistry book, taking out his earphones. “All I heard was uterus, twice and Stevvie. You have some…interesting friends Stevvie. What are you guys even talking about?”

“Nothing!” Stevvie quickly replied, “how about we go study some more at my place?”


That one moment came flashing in Nick’s mind like a dream you couldn’t quite remember. It was a pivotal moment and he didn’t even realize it until now. For some reason, it really hadn’t sunken in…why wasn’t he upset.

“I’m so sorry Nicholas,” Stevvie whispered faintly.

“It’s...it’s okay,” Nick heard himself mutter. His body and mind worked in two different time zones. “We’ll talk about it later baby.”

“…you’ve got to be fucking bullshitting me damnit!” Blake shouted, “What kind of man stays with a girl who keeps the fact that she’s had not one…but two pregnancy scares from you?
You’re insane Jonas, you’re like a damn fly that just won’t buzz off!”

Nick barely reacted as Stevvie yelled at Blake to shut up. Instead he simply slipped his hand into Stevvie’s and pulled her away from him.

“Why are you even still here?” Nick muttered slowly, “It’s obvious what you were trying to do and it didn’t work. Just…leave, please.”

Nick stood up in an angered rush. “You think I’m just going to give up like that? Hell no,
Stevvie you belong with me, why can’t you see that already? I’m not going to give up without a fight, Stevvie…it’s me or him. If you choose him, I’m gone. For good this time.”

Stevvie paused and looked up at Nick’s blank face and back at Blake desperate face. “You never stayed any other time I needed you…how do I know you won’t leave this time?”

Blake rushed over to her, pulling her into his arms. “Baby, look at me…I’ve…I’ve changed…come on, please…just…just give me a chance.”

Nick didn’t even try to fight, still in a complete daze.

Stevvie kept quiet, recalling all the moments she was in that very same position with Blake.

“I’ve given you a world of chances Blake…I just can’t do it anymore…I’m sorry.”

“No,” he grunted as she fled from his arms, “No, it…it can’t end this way…no, Stevvie please. I need you.”

“You heard what she said,” Nick stated, “Just…walk away…and move on.”

Blake glared at Nick, brimming with anger and bitterness. “You son of a bitch.”

“Blake, listen to him,” Stevvie muttered.

Blake slowly walked towards the door where Nick held it open for him.

“Just remember…no matter what you do…you’ll never be me. I’ll always be before you in her heart. Have a nice life…Jonas.”

It as that one sentence that brought Nick back to reality, and it wasn’t a nice one either. Just as Blake was about to leave, he bumped shoulders with him on purpose.

Stevvie sighed in relief when she thought the worst was over, but Nick had other ideas. The woman that caused them to despise each other stood in complete horror and shock at what happened next…
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