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“California girls, we’re undeniable…fine, fresh, fierce…we got it on lock!”

Everyone swayed to the heavy beats and Katy Perry’s infectious lyrics as they filled boxes with school supplies. Each box followed assembly lines consisting of about a 150 teenage girls, all of them singing at the top of their lungs and having to time of their lives. Among them were three infamous guys who were use to being surrounded by girls of that age, the Jonas Brothers, each of them led an assembly to fill boxes, along with Stevvie, the gang, and even both Nick and Stevvie’s parents.

The next song that played was a personal favorite of Stevvie’s, “Party in the USA”. Again, girls dances and sang along to Miley’s raspy voice while still making the line move. Nick couldn’t help but smile, and enjoy the atmosphere. Even though he had insisted that he wanted his birthday spent with the minimal amount of people, he was just as content with spending it with around two-hundred people.

No, it wasn’t a party…Stevvie decided to host something better than a party for Nick’s celebration of his adulthood, she hosted a charity event. Operation helping hands: Plan S.O.S aka “Save our School” was a fundraiser for schools suffering from budget cuts, not only was the select group of girls getting to help pack school supplies for schools around the country, they were also representing their school. Their high schools’ were going to receive technology grants from Stevvie’s charity.

Stevvie had decided to host Plan S.O.S on Nick’s birthday because she knew how much he liked giving. This way he could be with the people he loved the most: his family, friends, the fans, and Stevvie. Everyone was having fun, enjoying the party-esque environment Operation Helping hands provided and genuinely wanted to help.

Of course, Todd and Joe insisted everyone sing happy birthday to Nick, on camera with a cake and candles to blow out and everything, which meant it was going to be on E!news that night and the Jonas Brothers even did a little acoustic set for everyone. Nick received countless presents from fans and he was showered with “happy birthdays”. It was overwhelming to Nick, but he was thankful in every way.

At the end of that day, everyone had cake and ice cream, and a personal picture with the Jonas Brothers. Surprisingly, most of the girls wanted Stevvie’s autograph and picture more than the boys’. It completely shocked her how nice and gracious they were to her, shyness kicked in immediately as she became overwhelmed with them, and her knight in shining armor came to her rescue. Nick chilled behind her, off to the side, but just having him near calmed her down.

The best part of the night for the fans was being able to witness the couple in their natural state. Most of the time, when they’re in the public eye, they don’t show affection towards each other, but today was different. Mainly because Jessica and Dani were there, and Joe and Kevin almost inspired Nick to show more affection like his brothers often did. He also liked to make Stevvie blush. A little hand holding, and a few brief kisses through out the night were just enough for Stevvie and Nick. They had a nice balance to their relationship.

Overall, it was a great birthday for Nick, thanks to his lovely girlfriend Stevvie.


To end a great birthday, my family treated me to a nice intimate dinner at my favorite gourmet restaurant in L.A. It was just what I had wanted, and I didn’t even ask for it.

“Thank you guys so much,” I gushed once again, putting down the last present left. “I can honestly say this has been the best birthday I’ve had so far.”

“Better than the Blue’s Clue’s themed one?” Joe joked, causing everyone to laugh, as usual.

“Yes Joseph,” I replied with a laugh myself, “but, I must say the cake mom made was really good that year…but this birthday is special to me because of the fact that I’m spending with my family…which…I hope you guys don’t mind, but I’m including you guys now too…”
I referred to the Jamesons, with hopeful eyes. They truly were my second family.

“Wait! Does that mean Frankie and us are like…brothers?” Adrian, Stevvie’s little brother exclaimed excitedly.

“Well, son…technically Stephanie and Nicholas has to marry first, and then you and your brother will gain not only Frankie, but the older boys as your brother in-laws. Jen and I will be gaining a son-in law…one who we definitely already consider a part of the family,” Todd explained with a proud smile, “Nick, you’ve been considered a part of the Jameson family since you decided to date this knucklehead.”

Stevvie and I gleamed, happy at the fact that our families got along so well. The news of the younger boys having the chance to call each other “brother” excited them to end, soon they began petitioning us to get married already. We of course, just laughed it off.

Stevvie blushed profusely, but giggled the whole time as the boys gained support from my older brothers. I finally spoke up on Stevvie’s behalf, settling them down.

“Guys, guys, guys…I understand you all want Stevvie to join the family and the good news is that she eventually will…when we’re ready for that next step.”

“I agree,” Jennifer spoke up,” There is no need for them to rush into something and certainly no need for them to commit to each other to that extent yet. They’re young and they’ve got plenty of growing up to do. Right Denise?”

“Absolutely, marriage is serious things,” she referred to the younger boys, “ask your brothers Frankie.”

“We all are the same page with Stephanie,” Mr. Jonas stated, “she’s a wonderful girl, and despite the curveballs you two have been through, you’ve stuck together…if you keep that up…marriage will be good for you two, God willing.”

“Thank you guys for your input,” I attempted to quiet them, I wasn’t as comfortable with where the conversation was going, “anyway…I can’t marry Stevvie any time soon.”

All of the members of my family, including Stevvie, looked confused and concerned, not understanding my statement.

“And why is that son?” my dad asked.

I smiled mischievously, “…because I can’t possibly marry someone who doesn’t believe that Aliens exist…you guys know me…Stevvie still needs some convincing.”

Everyone sighed in relief and laughed at my joke.

“Well…I guess we’ll be waiting a long time…it’s going to take a lot to convince me,” Stevvie decided with a smirk.

I loved my family.

-November 18th, 2012

The crisp sound of batter hitting the hot skillet made my stomach growl as I finished making breakfast. Nick sauntered around my studio apartment dressed in only a pair of boxers and my favorite acoustic guitar around his neck. He strummed and finger picked, singing a part of a song he never quite finished and skipped around to other songs. I shamelessly leaned on the counter, admiring the perfect view of my boyfriend’s shirtless back. I didn’t know way he suddenly felt comfortable with being so underdressed around me because he was so modest, but I honestly cared less. Nick was certainly easy on the eyes. When he stopped and stretched, I unintentionally let out an audible sigh.

My eyes widened as I turned around to flip the pancakes, remembering them.

“Where you distracted?” Nick smirked; he put the guitar down and lazily made his way to the kitchen.

“Why is it that you can walk around half-dressed at my house, but I can’t at yours? That’s not very fair,” I pouted.

Nick paused before replying as he ran his fingers through his hair, making him oh so lust-worthy.

“Ummm…because you’re not a voluntary sexually deprived twenty year old man who is immensely physically attracted to his exceptionally sexy girlfriend who not only has a divine face, but an incredible body. Is that a good enough reason?”

I sighed, rolling my eyes at his over-dramatic use of adjectives. “I suppose…but, how do you think I feel? I’m just as abstinent as you. I’m still tempted.”

“Fine…I’ll just put on clothes then…” Nick began.

“No!” I exclaimed with a little too much emotion than I intended, “I mean...you don’t have to.” I

Nick smirked and gave me flirtatious looks. “Okay…baby girl…”

I went back to my pancakes, pouring the last batch on the skillet. Nick sat on the counter, humming and watching me cook. I began to zone out as I listened to Nick, but quickly came back to reality when Nick suddenly got a lot closer to me. His warm hands gripped my hips and waist and he attached his lips to my neck. I already imagined the hickey he was leaving, I was counting on the day I failed to cover one up and the paps caught it on camera. He hummed and moaned as I pretended to ignore him, making him want me more. He loved a challenge.

“You could at least let me finish breakfast,” I replied nonchalantly. I held in a moan, loving what he was doing. I let his hands roam over my body, wanting him closer and closer to my body. Nick consumed every part of me; he changed every part of me for the better and I loved every moment with him. I especially loved his semi-aggressive sexual attitude. Instead of backing off, he came on stronger, growling. I didn’t even have time to think before he pressed the “off” button on the stove and pushed the pan to a cool burner. Of course, I couldn’t resist letting myself le go and letting my hands roam over his rock hard chest to his silky smooth arms. Nick didn’t hesitate in hiking up my t0shirt dress I slept in. His hands caressed every bare part of my body as he mischievously kissed on my and neck. He bit my lip and kissed me as if it were the last time he would ever kiss me. Did I mention today was my birthday? This was a great birthday present.

Nick lifted me on the counter, continuing our heavy make out session. Everything about Nick was a turn-on, even the miniscule things he did drove me insane. The way he ran his fingers through my hair and tugged on my earlobes with his mouth drove me insane. I couldn’t ever get enough of him. I was completely enthralled.

With all the heavy petting, moans and pants, we both neglected to notice that we had receive d a visitor…

My mother cleared her throat just as Nick loudly moaned my name once again. I shrieked, surprised that she was there. Nick’s reaction was even worse as he untangled his hands from under my dress and removed his body from my spread legs. Our faces instantly turned a crimson red; I closed my legs my legs, still up on the counter.

“Mother!” I yelled, “W-what are you doing here?”

I nudged Nick to address her too, but he refused to turn around. I followed his eyes, quickly figuring out what his problem was. Let’s just say…”Nick Jr.”, decided to pay us a visit also. I squeaked and held in giggles, but also feeling bad for him.

“Your father wants to have breakfast, but it looks like you already a little busy…”my mother replied.

I was too busy helping Nick and his…”little friend”, I quickly grabbed the nearest thing for his to cover up with. It just so happened to be a cooking magazine. I tossed it to Nick and shooed him off to the bedroom, trying nit to die of laughter. The look on his face pained me, but I couldn’t help but laugh. He was never going to get over this…at east not for a while. He was too modest. I awkwardly slid of the counter, turning to speak to my mother.

“You know he’s not going to be able to look you in the eyes ever again?” I stated.

Being my mother, she burst into laughter along with me. “I figured, but I hope I didn’t scare him to much…I’m the one who should be scarred. Unfortunately, I’m not because I’ve caught you doing worse. I feel sorry for the boy now.”

I laughed, “Oh you know he was, he’s such a prude, but it’s cute.”

“Well, if he wants to be a part of the family, then he’s got to get use to being open to everything. I know everything about you two anyway. But, you’ve got to warn me when you guys are all…yeah.”

“Or…I could take my key back and you could knock.” I demanded more than suggested.

My mom fixed my hair, and sighed. “Why did you grow up so fast?”

I laughed and turned around to find Nick peaking around the corner.

“Come on out baby…it’s okay,” I assured him.

He was fully dressed, with jeans and an orange sweater on. Nick sighed and dragged his feet towards us.

“Nicholas…” My mom teasingly mused with a smile, “how are you?”

“I’m good…Mrs. Jameson….” He replied, “Um…I’m…I’m s-sorry…if you saw…anything…just earlier…”

My heart melted at his sincere and nervous apology.

“Oh son, loosen up. Stevvie tells me everything anyway…I know a lot more about your relationship than you think,” My mom replied, “it’s okay…besides…you have nothing to be ashamed of…I mean…it’s no big deal…umm…I’ll just stop talking now.”

Nick finally breathed and lat out a soft chuckle. I could still tell he was clearly uncomfortable. But, my mom was right. I told her everything.

“Well…you know what…I kind of like that…” Nick decided, “I’m actually like that with my brothers. But, can we all agree to just forget this little incident ever happened…please?”

We all shared a laugh and sided with Nick, just to make him feel better.

I loved my boyfriend. I loved my family, life was good.
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Jeez :l This took SO long to write. I just have NO time to write anymore.
So, I decided to make this extra spicy and humorous...just a light fun chapter.
Unfortunately, this story is just about over. I have about two or more chapters left and then it's the end.
Do you guys still want a sequel?
I'll write it, but only if you want one...
It'll start in about late November/early December so I have time to plan/write it and I can update faster.
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