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Chasing our Fate

And the winner is...

~July 14th~
“…yeah, we’ve actually grown up together, she’s like our little sister,” Jordan stated, “We’re not like all into her personal life or anything, but we’ve met Nick and he’s a cool guy. Whatever they do have is really laidback. They’re not like all over each other, we’re happy for them.”

“All right, well it’s been so great talking to you guys again; give it up for Berkeley to D.C everybody!” Ellen stated.

I clicked off my flat screen and sighed lazily. I missed Stevvie, but not as much as I thought I would. I was actually doing okay. We were both getting used to the distant apart form each other and I could actually enjoy doing things again. We had our fights here and there, but we never stayed mad at each other. We were happy with each other. I put my empty cereal bowl in the sink, looking out of the window. When I looked outside, I noticed the familiar park my brothers and I used to go to when we were little, which meant we were finally in Jersey.

“Frankie, Maya!” I shouted with a smile, I got the privilege to play babysitter while Mom and Dad weren’t on tour with us, “start getting ready to go, we’re here!”

Kevin and Joe got their own tour buses to have privacy with their respective wives. I was kind of bummed and jealous at the fact that they had the love of their lives right next to them while mine was miles away. Jersey was supposed to be Stevvie and I’s big weekend together, but unfortunately, we had to postpone it.

“Man do I miss Rita’s!” Kevin exclaimed as he dove into the cup of cherry Italian ice.

“Yeah, it’s nice to be back here. It’s crazy that it hasn’t changed a bit, “Joe agreed, “Right Nicholas?”

“Huh…uh, yeah,” I replied, not exactly paying attention to what the conversation consisted of.
I titled seven-month-old Maddie’s bottle a little so she can get the last remaining drops of formula. It was amazing how fast she was growing up before our eyes. As she grew, our relationship grew. Stevvie was now considered part of the family and her family felt the same with me. I honestly couldn’t remember life before Stevvie, and I didn’t mind it either. I had never felt so “complete” until I was with Stevvie, she just made my life a lot less complicated. I never thought I could legitimately have my breath taken away from just a look, but the first time we saw each other each time, I felt like it was love at first sight. I was at peace with her and she always knew the right things to say.

“So, when’s Stevvie’s coming out? You guys haven’t seen each other since the end of June right?” Dani asked.

I sighed as I wiped her tiny mouth and picked her up to burp her. “Uh yeah, she was going to be here this weekend but, she has that nomination remember?”

“Oh yeah! So, it’s like really important?” Jessica interjected.

I nodded my head. “We probably have to wait a couple of weeks to see each other again, but Storm and Eric might be here though.”

“Cool, Storm’s on tour with Justin Beiber right?” Joe asked, “how long have you and Stevvie been together now?”

“Yeah, and seven months today,” I stated proudly.

“Man, time goes by fast,” Kevin noted, “you guys are getting pretty serious?”

“Definitely, we’ve been closer than ever, I think the distance has made us closer,” I replied. A smile crept on my face as they inquired about our relationship. It was personally my favorite subject.

Nick quieted everyone for the fifth time as his listened intently to his phone. The Jonas brothers had just gotten off stage and just in time to see if Stevvie had won her award. To make Nick feel like he was there, Stevvie put her phone on speaker so he could hear everything the presenters were saying. As soon as they announced they were presenting the award Stevvie was up for, everyone zoomed in on Nick’s phone to hear because he too put his on speaker.

“This award is even more significant this year because this first time author has also officially become a best selling artist,” they began. Nick leaned in to understand them better, growing more anxious for his girlfriend. “She is also the youngest author ever to win this award.”

Stevvie’s heart pounded faster as they revealed more facts about the winner, wishing that they would just say the name. He phone shook in her hand in anticipation. This was such a crucial moment in her career.

“So, without further ado…the winner of the Margaret A. Edwards Award is…if you haven’t already guessed…S.P. Jameson!”

Stevvie’s eyes widened, her phone dropped from her hand and went straight to her reddening face. Across the country, Nick and his group cheered in excitement for her, hive-fiving each other and shouting their support for her. She blanked on what to do next, but then quickly recuperated when her dad nudged her to the stage with a proud smile on his face. She pulled down her short one-shoulder dress as she carefully made her way through the tables, accepting her fellow authors’ congratulations. It was astonishing when Stephen King purposely stopped her to shake her hand. Stevvie was so overwhelmed by the amount of support she got by people she’s looked up to for years, she finally realize what Nick meant when he said to remember the ride to the top. This was definitely going to be a night she would never forget.

“Wow…um…wow...” she managed to get out at the mic as she received her award, “this is definitely overwhelming. First, I’d just like to thank the Lord for even allowing me to live and I’m so thankful for the opportunities he has blessed me with, um, Secondly, my parents of course. Without them, I wouldn’t even be here and this book would never have been written. Thank you guys so much for all that you do for me, and…letting me use your past, I guess.” The crowd of people older than Stevvie laughed at her unintentional humor. “and the book association for even considering my book for such an award, this is literally a dream come true. I also would like to thank my best friends for putting up with me and supporting me, thank you guys. I love you!”

After Stevvie finished her acceptance speech, she was quickly shuffled backstage to take pictures for the press. For the first time, her smile was a legitimate, happy smile as she held the award close to her. The simple piece of metal meant so much to her than it probably meant to most of the other winners. It signified another door opening for her and she was ready to accept. The awe-inspiring support she was receiving really opened her eyes. She would never return to her old life, this was it. This time, she actually wanted it though.

“So, then I’m totally in a daze and I turn around there’s Stephen King holding his hand out for me to shake…Stephen King babe! I don’t even remember my acceptance speech, this is so crazy,” Stevvie gushed to Nick on the phone. She and the rest of her family road comfortably to their favorite late night diner, Perry’s to celebrate her achievement. Like usual, Stevvie as attached to her phone, informing Nick on everything that happened. Even though the Jonas family was having an after party, Nick choose to skip it and talk to Stevvie. “Oh my gosh! I was so nervous I was going to trip once I got up there, seriously.”

“Baby, I’m so proud of you. You deserve this award more than anyone does. I don’t even know why you even ever doubted yourself,” Nick replied, “I’m taking you on a date as soon as I see you again to celebrate.”

Stevvie giggled, completely blissful. No matter how far away Nick was, he could make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. “I would love that Nicholas.”

“Good, because we have to catch up, I think I am up to three dates I owe you,” he recalled with a smile. Nick lied back in his bed of the tour bus, trying to get a comfortable spot. He turned his head to the wall to look at the array of pictures he’d neatly placed along the top. Most of them were of his family and friends and quite a few of them consisted of Stevvie and him. He landed on his absolute favorite picture of her, it was the first picture he had ever taken of her and the first day they hung out together. The sun shined perfectly to illuminate her bright blue eyes and her olive skin shimmered. She wasn’t even looking at the camera because Nick had been taking pictures all day and she didn’t care, yet the picture spoke so much to Nick. He couldn’t figure out what it was about her natural beauty that intrigued him about her so much, but ever since then, its made a nice home in Nick’s wallet and now another copy in his bed.

Nick quieted down, letting the exhausted feeling of playing a one and a half hour show sink in. His thick, short pointer finger traced over the outline of her lips the picture, just admiring how beautiful she looked. He murmured a few words to reply to his loving girlfriend, but let her talk for the most part.

Eventually, they said their goodbyes and goodnights. Nick, once again, fell asleep with a smile on his face. No one could make him feel like Stevvie did.


“All right! All right! Jamesons settle down, “ Todd stated over us, “Now that we have a best selling, and award winning author in the family, we need to celebrate.”

The twins clapped obnoxiously along with my parents claps. There was nothing liked more than being with my family. Today had been honestly one of the best days of this year and I never wanted it to end.

“Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…” my dad stated over dramatically, ladies and gentlemen would you please put your mouths on silent and your forks away, the show is about to begin.”

My family was the cheesiest people I’ve ever met, but I loved every moment of it.

“I, Alan Todd Jameson present to you, Stephanie Paige Jameson…your gift.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at my dad as he placed the manila envelope in front of me. I was instantly intrigued as to what could possibly be in it. A shopping spree to Paris? Tickets to see my favorite Broadway show? The list could go on.

“Now before you open it, your mother and I have something to say,” He stated with a mores serious tone.

“Stevvie, we are so incredibly proud of you and we just want to let you know that. You have been an amazing daughter and it blows our minds at how much you’ve already done and how many dreams you’ve already achieved.”

“We just want you to remember…don’t ever stop dreaming though. You have so much potential to make a difference in this world and we want to see you try your best and more importantly have fun while you’re at it. You’ve grown into such amazing young woman. We love you sweetheart.”

I gave my parents a quick nod and a genuine smile. My parents were the best parents someone could have, and I couldn’t have had any courage to pursue my dreams without them. With Todd’s approval, I carefully opened the large orange envelope. I turned it upside down to shake put a large picture.

“It’s a jet?” I asked, confused. There was simply a picture of a small plane on a runway, and I did not understand.

“No…it’s your jet,” Todd corrected.
Once again my eyes widened at the news. I actually was now the owner of my own private jet.

“Seriously?” I gasped, “l-like I don’t have to use the family’s or buy a plane ticket anymore? This is so awesome!”

My parents smiled proudly at my overly excited face. “Yes, that’s correct. It’s all yours. We figured you could use it since these days you’re the one taking the jet more than me now,” Todd replied.

“But, there’s rules to it,” Jennifer warned, “we’ll discuss them later.”

I nodded excitedly, showing my loud little brothers the picture. It was then that I noticed that it even had my initial logo on it everything.

“Can I use it tomorrow?” I asked eagerly,” you know to fly to New York for press week.”

My parents looked at each other anxiously, then back at me and the picture of my plane.

“Well…actually we were hoping we could all use it…maybe to a trip near New York…like maybe Jersey.”

I bunched my eyebrows together, wondering why they would need to go to Jersey. “But, what about Press week?”

“Should we tell her yet?” Todd asked Jennifer.

“I think we should…”Jennifer decided.

“What?” I asked, getting nervous. Alex and Adrian joined in on my curiosity.

“Well…after you won…I kind of talked to Kevin and Denise…” Todd began, referring to the Jonas Brothers’ parents.

“…and we both agreed that it would be a perfect time to take a little vacation. We’re going to Jersey honey! Jennifer finished, “Daddy postponed your press week until next week, you’re
seeing Nicholas tomorrow!”

“Could this day get any better?” I exclaimed as I ran into my parents arms, “you guys are the best parents ever!”

I smiled widely, realizing that I would indeed be seeing my baby. So maybe things can work out how we want them to after all.
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