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Chasing our Fate

Home sweet Jersey

“Oh man,” I reminisced, “I remember you didn’t like me in elementary school and you had a crush on Joe.”

Cindy looked down, embarrassed. “I wouldn’t exactly say that I didn’t like you…”

I folded my arms together. “Um…you smashed my head in the sand on the playground like everyday remember?”

Her eyes widened as she recalled the memories of third grade. “Ooh, right. Well, that was years ago…no hard feeling right?”

I nodded, with a laugh. “Yeah, definitely and don’t worry, I got over it. I have a pretty hard head. It’s great seeing you Cindy.”

I waved goodbye as I moved on to the next person. It was crazy seeing all the people we grew up with and how much we’ve all changed. It was great getting back to our hometown because nothing had changed. It was a humid Sunday afternoon, but we still decided to go ahead with our potluck picnic in the backyard. I pulled up the sleeves of my tan Henley long sleeved shirt that Stevvie had bought me and adjusted my headband, the humidity just made my hair a frizzy mess.

“Heads up Cousin!” Jacob yelled. I turned around to find a football huddling right above my head. In a quick move, I reached up to grab it, but barely missing it.

“An earlier warning would have been nice! I warned Jacob. Jacob was born two days after me but he was a year younger and pretty much looked like me accept he was bulkier and less curly hair. I loved all of my cousins, and I had so many, so it was cool seeing them all again.

“Well, Mr. President! I thought you could handle it! I guess not!” He replied.

I smirked, letting my cocky side show. “Trust me, I can handle anything. Have you seen who my girlfriend is?”

“Welcome Jameson family to your local New Jersey airport. The weather is a cool 70 degrees and partly cloudy. The current time is 1:04 pm and I’m glad to say we’ll be landing shortly.” The captain of my jet informed us. I squealed excitement as I watched us land, we got there in no time thanks to the speed of my jet, and I was in love with it. Only Nick’s parents knew we were coming so it was even more exciting to arrive.

“So, are you nervous meeting all of Nick extended family?” Jennifer asked.
I shook my head and shrugged as I packed up my things. “Nope, they all know about me already. I’m actually kind of excited.”

“Wow, look at you…” I heard her sigh. Her voice faltered. I looked over in confusion to find my mother wiping away tears. I bunched my eyebrows as I jumped over to the seat next to my mom, next to her was my dad sleeping peacefully.

“Mommy…what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Don’t worry sweetie, these are happy tears,” she explained, “It’s just…when did my little girl grow up?”

I giggled and helped her wipe away tears. “A long time ago mother…but I’m still you and Daddy’s little girl.”

“I know, but I just remember when you got excited when I bought you a new skateboard and you were excited to meet your new classmates…now it’s jets and your boyfriend’s extended family. My little girl is in love!”

“But Mom…I’ve been in love before…you know Blake and I were practically engaged remember.” I reminded her, referring to my ex.

“I know…but you and Blake grew up together. You were in love with him since you were ten and we already knew you two were going to be together. With Nicholas it’s…all new I guess and I never thought you and him would get so serious so soon. I remember five years ago and you claimed that he was ‘totally hot’ and ‘so sexy’. I would have never guessed that you would actually be dating him. When you and Blake broke up, you were heart broken. I honestly didn’t think you would let yourself fall in love again.”

“Awe, Mommy,” I cooed, “You’re so adorable. I kind of didn’t intend on falling for Nick, it just…happened.”

“And I’m really glad you did,” she replied, “Nicholas has made you the happiest I’ve seen you in so long.”

I smiled in agreement. “Yeah…so am I, which is why we need to get off this jet.”

The tall trees of the Jonas family’s land dripped steady drops of water onto the already dampened ground. I inhaled the sweet and woody scent of red oaks and pines as I followed the rest of my family towards the backyard. A smile formed on my face at the rustic and homely feel that greeted us when we arrived in New Jersey. My dad was from Jersey and my mom grew up here so I was very familiar with the state. Though Illinois will forever be my favorite state, New Jersey always held a special place in my heart. I pulled down the shorts of my floral romper and sighed as I stepped over puddle of mud. I regretted wearing my brand new Jimmy Choo wedges Nick recently sent me.

“You look very cute by the way sweetie,” my gorgeous mother complemented me.
I thanked my mother and complemented her back, I didn’t just get my since of style from anywhere.

A recent purchase as of last year was the ten-room mansion they rented out for the summer here in Jersey. Since the boys no longer needed Kevin and Denise to with them on the road as much and they missed many of their family friends, they decided to time some time off and chill out. I was in love with the scenery and the smells that were wafting from the tent they chose to serve food under. As I turned the corner, I caught sight of just how many people a “family and friend reunion” meant. Nervousness suddenly overtook me when I remember that I would have to meet and (try to) remember all of their names. Nick wasn’t kidding when he said he had a lot of family. People of all sizes with similar features of the Jonas family were everywhere. In some, there was the predominantly dark curly hair, the almond eyes, or their abundance of moles. It only made me more excited for him to meet my family…at least on my dad’s side. We also were of Italian heritage.

“So, wow,” Todd commented. He was clad in a simple pair of dark washed fitted jeans,
button up, and blazer, “this is a lot of people. Where do we go?”

I shrugged, scanning the crowd for my boyfriend. With so many dark, curly haired boys of similar height, it was hard. Finally, I noticed his signature headband that held back his curls. I shook my head as I giggled, urging my family to follow me.

“Trust me, I can handle anything. Have you seen who my girlfriend is?” he yelled back at who
I assumed was a cousin.

I scoffed, placing my hands on my hips. “Well…what’s that supposed to mean?”

Like lightening, his head spun around to see who exactly replied to him. I watched his eyes widen as he dropped the football right next to him.
“Stevvie?” he exclaimed, stunned that I was standing ten feet behind him, “W-What are you doi….how? But, you’re suppo…I don’t even care. God, I love you for this!”

I couldn’t help but bust into giggles when he pulled me into a huge hug and twirled me around. For some reason, Nick and I were always the cheesiest couple ever.

“Okay…okay. Calm down honey,” I barely managed to get out once he sat me down as he bombarded me with questions and sweet nothings.

I explained to him why I was able to be there and the full grin that appeared on his face only got bigger when he noticed my entire family was able to come. Once my family and I got settle down and introduced, the next thing I knew Nick whisked me away to meet the nearest person Nick could to. Each time, he proudly introduced me as his girlfriend and I could tell he was pleased at the reactions the guests provided. I met cousins, aunts and uncles, elementary school classmates, and church friends. I was surprisingly having fun, especially when they told me stories of when Nick and his brothers were little.

“So, this is my Godmother, Anna,” Nick informed me, “she’s one of Mom’s best friends and
she was also the one who convinced me to learn the piano. Anna, this is my girlfriend Stevvie.”

Anna smiled at me genuinely and shook my hand. “Well, I can certainly agree with Denise’s claim that you’re beautiful. I just had to meet you according to her and I’m glad Nicholas allowed me to. It’s a pleasure to meet you Stevvie.”

“It’s so nice to meet you too and thank you, Mrs. Jonas is amazing,” I replied, “and thank you so much for convincing Nick to play the piano, I’m a pianist so Nick gets brownie points for have some skill at it.”

“Definitely not as skilled as her, she’s a pro but, it’s definitely come in handy when writing songs,” Nick added, “Stevvie writes songs, don’t you babe?”


Stevvie poked me and ran away childishly, giggling and provoking me for the twentieth time as we walked towards the side of the house. I continued to ignore her until she would finally get annoyed with me. Without fail, she returned with another stab in my side with her slim pointer finger and a tousle of my hair. I simply smirked and pulled out my phone, trying to look interested in the tweets hundreds of fans were sending me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her lip pout, instead of giving in to her, I began replying to fans. I chuckled when she let out an adorable huff and crossed her arms. Stevvie retreated to walking besides me with a discontent look on her face. After a few minutes, I bumped her hip to mess with her back, causing her to stumble to the side. She gasped and did the same to me, only I didn’t move. Her gauche body smashed against mine as she continued to try to shove me, but Stevvie was too weak. I couldn’t help but chuckle when she groaned and gave up. Satisfied, I returned to walking forward. I was convinced she had given up...until she stole my headband. Before I could grab her, she skipped away, laughing and teasing me.

“Ha! Now you’re paying attention to me!” Stevvie shouted.

I crossed my arms and glared at my stubborn girlfriend. She had a crooked little smirk on her face as she played with it in her fingers.

“Give it back Sweetie,” I demanded.

She looked away guiltily and smirked once again. “Hmm, nope!”

I rolled my eyes, already knowing she wasn’t going to give it to me. I pushed my hair back and sighed.

“All right, please give it to me honey.”


“Pretty please…”


“Seriously baby…please.”


I decided to take matters into my own hands and get back my self. Slowly I took steps forward towards her and she replied with steps backwards.

“You know bad things happen to girls who act naughty,” I cooed.

She eyed me suspiciously; as she continued to walk backwards, I smirked.

“What could you possibly do Nicholas?” she replied, “and what could possibly happen?”

I shrugged. Soon our innocent banter took a turn when Stevvie, being her ever so clumsy self, slipped on a muddy patch of ground, landing in it. She gasped in horror, not even trying to get up. It was like watching a train wreck right in front of your eyes, Mud spattered all over her floral romper and her face. I cringed as she squealed and began to fuss at me. When she tried to stand up, she ended up falling yet again into the patch, making her even messier. This time, to my surprise, laughter erupted from my chest. I couldn’t help it, anyone can agree that it just plain funny when people fall.

"That," I replied with a smirk.

“I swear Nicholas if you don’t stop laughing!” she threatened me, “this is so not funny!”

I tried to hold my laughter, but failed miserably when she turned around to look at her completely covered backside. It was bad.

“B-Baby, it’s not that bad…” I reassured her through snickers, “okay…it is, but it’ll be okay.”

Her listless, miserable face proved that she wasn’t convinced. I softened and felt empathetic as she pouted and she began to shiver. The sun had quickly faded and a storm was rolling in.

“It is that bad…” she muttered, “…and I haven’t even met you’re grandparents yet. I’m certainly not like this. I want to leave.”

“No, no, no…please don’t baby,” I argued, “look, um…we’ll figure something out...”
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