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His Sex Toy

[FONT SIZE"H1"][center'"How could you do this to me?!" I said leaning against the the wall, in tears. "I'm so sorry, i just love you okay?! I FUCKIN LOVE YOU MIA!" He said coming closer to me, he cupped my cheek with his hands and pulled me closer to him. And as soon as possible he kissed me[/FONT SIZE"H1"]

Mia Candice Tyler- She's 15 years old. Very independent girl, and so sweet and innocent. But, when she's with Justin everything changes. She's his 'sex toy' they really don't go out. She has brown hair with blue eyes. Her mom died when she was six of cancer. She has best friend named Holly. She is not that very popular but when she's with Justin everything changes.

Justin Drew Bieber-He's 15 (16 in real life but just in the story for now he is not famous either in the story to) has brown hair and eyes also. He's a player, he only wants sex in a girl. He can hide some very personal stuff in his life. He's been in love once but something happened between them and now he is a 'sex god' he always wants sex from mia.

Holly Alexis Overcash-She's 15 also, has brown hair with green eyes. She is good friends with Mia. She is preggnant and her ex boyfriend Liam is the father. She is very sensitive and caring and sweet. She loves to make people laugh.

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  1. I really want you
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  6. Ugh, i think i'm falling for her
    now it's all about justin; his poiint of view...
  7. Into your arms
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