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His Sex Toy

I really want you

Mia's P.O.V.

I woke up from the sound of my alarm clock. I groaned and put it onto snooze. I opened my eyelids and groaned again. "Why mia, WHY!?" I got out of bed and looked and looked at myself at the mirror. The sun was shining so bright it went through my curtains. It made my hair glow, and my eyes shine. I weakly smiled and went to my closet. I picked up a dress, not a short one but in the appropiet length. I changed into it and i grabbed a pair of flats. I put on my eyeliner and mascara, and grabbed my bag and went to the bus stop.

I was on the bus, listening to my ipod queitly until i looked around and there was boys hovering over me. I rolled my eyes. "Uhmmm, hi?" They smiled and looked at me like they wanted to rape me. "Not to be mean but, CAN I HAVE SOME PRIVACY PLEASE!?" They went back to they were and left me alone until one boy was sitting beside of me... it was him. "Hey baby, missed me?" Justin said. Ugh, oh great. Say something nice, Mia. Before he tries to kill one of my family members. "I did, i missed everything about you" I faked smiled. He smirked and put his hand on my leg and started rubbing it slowly. Ugh, i hate it when he does that. "You did? Well, since you did... Come to my place and stay the night" "Anything for you" I smiled and winked. He smiled back and pulled me closer to him. He leaned in and kissed me forcefully. I had to kiss back before he does something to me. He smiled into the kiss. "Hmm, i really do want you right now" He mumbled from kissing me. I pulled away because the bus stopped. "Well, i guess you have to wait then, later Justin" Finally! I'm out of arms!

After 7 hours of my gay school... I was walking home, i didn't want to take the bus because of Justin. "Mia!" I turned and it was my best friend Holly. I smiled, at least someone did maked me. "Holly!" We hugged, and we talked and catched up some stuff with eachother. She lives next door to me. "Bye Mia, see you tomorrow" "Bye, Holly" I went into my house and upstairs to my room and there was Justin laying in my bed shirtless. "JUSTIN!? What the fuck are you doing here?! I was coming over tonight" He smiled at me "Well, i wanted to surprise you, and i guess i did" He chuckled. "Anyways, i want yoou so badly so i came over here, with your key... that you left at my place. I took off my shirt, and here i am" I rolled my eyes, and sat on his lap because 'you know' "Well, you did surprise me... i wonder how i lost my key though... well.... here i am too, sooo.." "I want you to try somethin on" He pulled a bag and put it on my lap. I opened it and it was a lingeray outfit. He smiled and nodded. "You want me to put this on?" He nodded and started to kiss my neck. "Mhmm, c'mon Mia, please, i'm verrry horny" I chuckled. "Okay" I went to the bathroom and changed, as i got done i looked in the mirror, wow i look like a slut. But, i have to be one. I came out of the bathroom and Justin was staring, looking at me up and down. "Take the coat off" I hesitated. "Please baby?" I took it off and he was wide eyed. "WOOOOOOW!" I smiled and walked up to him and sat on his lap and kissed him slowly. He kissed back, but harder and with passion. He put his arms around my waist, then he strolled down his hand down to my butt, i moaned a little. He smiled and layed me down i strolled my finger up and down to his abs. He started to put his tongue in my mouth, and i did to. I went to his pants and unbutton them, he moaned a little. He unclasped my bra, and took it off of me. He started to kiss my neck, sucking it. To my chest, my stomach. I was enjoying it a little.. i'm ashamed of myself. He went down to my underwear and pulled it out. He got out a condom and he gave it to me. "Put it on me" He whispered. I nodded. I slid down his boxers down and put it on him. and then we went back to kissing, and the rest to uncomterable to say or think.
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