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His Sex Toy

Ohh shit

"... I'm pregnant..." Holly said. I was in shock, what was i suppose to do? Be happy for her, be pissed because she's pregnant and she's gonna have a difficult time being one?

".... Who's the father?" I said, i cried quietly

"... Liam" She said, now she was crying so hard.

"Holly, it's okay. Shhh, did you tell him?" I said, tears strolling down my face quietly.

"NO, i can't tell him. He would leave me and the baby and--"

"Holly, your gonna keep it!"

"What the hell do you think, Mia. I'm not gonna set it up for abortion, or kill it!"

"Holly, your sixteen! SIXTEEN! Do you want to keep the baby, go to school with the baby, go to the clubs with the baby?! this If you want to do all shit, then go ahead. You want even have a friend to see it at the hospital" I said, and i hung up on her. I know she's upset, but SHE'S PREGNANT! Ughh, thank god it was a saturdary. I went up to my room and grabbed my converse and slipped them on. I went outside for a little bit. It was raining and i love the rain. I see people running to thier houses with thier unbrella's. I smiled a little. I sat down on a rock and let the rain crie all over me.

"Mia, what are you doing?" My mom said, with a couple of grocery bags in her arms.

"Uhh, nothing" I got up "Need help?" I said picking some grocery bags in my arms.

"Please" She said, she opened the door and i went it to.

"Are you suppose to be in Miami for a really huge meeting?" I said putting the grocerie bags on the counter.

"Delayed" I nodded. "Soo, how was your day?" She said.

I hesitated and got back to reality "Good, i guess?" She nodded.

"Did justin came over? Are you guys a thing?" I rolled my eyes

"Yes, he did came, and NO we are NOT a thing" She chuckled

"You guys would make a cute couple, he's so sweet"

I laughed. "Ha, sureeee he is"

She smiled "Well, what are you going to do today?"

I thinked and i got an idea "I'm going shopping"

She nodded. "Are you gonna bring Holly?"

"Nahh, i need some Mia time" She laughed "Okay"

After that, i changed quickly and walked to the mall, since i don't have a car. When i got there i went to wet seal, favorittteee store of all timmme! I saw this girl sitting up on the counter and some guy kissing the girl. The girl pulled away giggling and then she saw me, and jumped and got down. The guy turned and smiled and winked at me. Ohhh shit, not again!
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