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His Sex Toy

Into your arms

Mia's P.O.V.

There's something about Ethan that i really didn't know about him. He's smart, funny, has a really nice smile and has the cutest laugh ever! He was deffinally better than Justin. Whoa, Mia. My stomach hurts now. Ugh, i hate it when it does that. Everytime i say Justin it hurts, and when he's close to me my stomach doesn't hurt anymore. Well, anyways. I was laughing so hard because Ethan was telling me something funny.Then, i saw Justin looking upset. Is he really upset that i'm hanging out with Ethan?
I sorta smiled, because he looked so cute when he's upset. He looked up at me and weakly smiled at me.
Whoaa, i got butterflies in my stomach again. Damn, Mia... WHY?!

Justin's P.O.V.

I still can't can't believe she's hanging out with that guy. Ugh, it makes me insane. Dammit, Justin Drew Bieber your falling for her. I can't. The sex god can't be inlove. Ugh, she's just really reall beautiful. I want her in my arms. I looked up and there she was, looking at me smiling at me.. sorta? I smiled weakly because i think i was in pain. I was walking home, i opened the door and my Mom and my baby sister Jazmine was sitting on the couch watching tv. At least two of my favorite girls are with me for the day. "I'm home!" I said. Jazmine saw me and ran up to me "JUSTIN!" I smiled and bend down to pick her up. "Heey, Jazzy. Whats up?" I kissed her cheek. She smiled "Can we go to the park, Justyy?" I giggled and kissed her cheek. "Anything you want"

We were now at the park. Jazmine was playing at the sandbox and i was watching her while i was listening to my iPod. I was listening to my iPod peacefully, until i looked to the right where there were trees and the lake close by, Mia was kissing Ethan. I was breathing hard now, i wanted to cry. What the fuck is she doing to me?! I want her back now. "C'mon, Jazmine. Let's go home" She nodded and i picked her up and we went home. I went to my bedroom and laid down and crying silently, damn. I think i love her...
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