The Day After Tomorrow

Remember the movie? Well, forget about Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid. I’ve replaced them with non other than Green Day. That's right, and furthermore Green Day's kids are in it too! The whole package. It's action packed adventure at it's nail-biting best.

Alyssa McAlister is a loner. Not necessarily because of her social skills but because she is a workaholic. She is a Paleo-climatologist who studies Global Warming and is convinced that some time soon the earth will fall into another ice age. However, she never anticipated it to be this soon. Like today! Alyssa has made a miraculous discovery that may change the world forever....

Meanwhile Joey and his best friends Frankito, Stella, Roxy and Jay are going to contend in their school's Scholastic Decathlon competition at a 'trip' private school in New York.

Billie Joe, Tre and Mike are convinced they'll never see their kids again when the snow begins to fall.....
  1. School Days Are Over
    Joey and his friends are out of school and it's party time, but will it all go to plan, it's not the footballers they have to worry about this time!!!!
  2. The Cold Hard Truth
    Alyssa McCalister makes a frostbiting discovery that sends a chill up her spine...literally
  3. Califirnia Sun...Or Not...
    This time it's not the footballers causing havok at the party.
  4. Grades....Shmades
    Billie Joe and Joey clash as Billie receives a copy of his son Joey's report card and Frankito discovers he can't spend an enitre long weekend away from his best friends.
  5. In The Air
    In-flight trouble
  6. Landing to what tho'?
  7. Dancing To The Beat Of Cadence
    The competition after party is in full swing and Roxy finds a new friend...who comes in the form of totally unique Tori's twin.
  8. 24 Hours
    In that small space of just a day Los Angeles is lost to a series of Tornadoes...while Billie Joe and Elisa scrap it out.
  9. How Long?
  10. The Truth About New York
  11. The Kids Aren't Alright Part One
  12. The Kids Aren't Alright Part Two
  13. Plans for Search and Rescue
  14. Keeping Warm
  15. The Fall of Jack
  16. The Kiss
  17. Trapped
  18. A New Hope
  19. In the Face of Adversity
  20. An Ending