The Day After Tomorrow

School Days Are Over

The school bell rang loud and shrill signalling the end of the school day.
“Alright class, remember if you have what it takes to become the worlds smartest kids don’t forget to sign up for the school’s scholastic Decathlon team on you’re way out.” Mrs Rhinehurst instructed pointing to the large red board by the door. As usual Roxy McAlister was up there signing her name before anyone else could. Joey smiled as his smart and beautiful best friend eagerly waved him over as she disappeared through the classroom door. Roxy loved the competition and she always challenged Frankito to silly games in which he was always stupid enough to put bets onto.

When he reached the doorway he glanced at the sign up board, Stella and Jay's name was there too.
If he didn't sign up Roxy would disappear for a week and he'd never been away from her that long before. Without a momen't hesitation he scrawled his name upon the paper and joined his friends who were waiting for him in the hallway.

Joey Armstrong Stella Pritchard and Frankito Cool/ Wright if you want to be official, were the children of the three members of Greenday, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt.
Roxy wasn't a relative and neither was the fifth member of their gang, Jay Thomas. Joey befriended Roxy in year Ten and as her older sister/gaurdian was always working in some weather research facility she was sent to Joey's boarding and day school to live. Her mother was a crack job who ran off with some movie star and was trying to make it as a skanky model in the real world. Her father, sadly, passed away when she was born.

It was Billie Joe and Adrienne, Joey's parents, who invited her to their home at weekends and for holidays. Roxy was practically family now to all three members of the band.
Jay Thomas played football with Roxy on the school team so they all moulded well as a team.

"Joey, dude, party at mine to celebrate the end of the school year, you game?" Frankito suggested as they five fell in sync with one anothers steps and walked out into the school yard.
"Sure man, let's drive to the store and get some booze," Joey replied.

The sun beat down hot and heavy. Stella who would have been the 'real' girl of the group pulled out big black sun glasses and shoved them on below her long golden locks. her fashion idol was a cross between Victoria Beckham and Billie Joe. It made Roxy laugh.

Roxy on the other hand was wearing her football kit, as was Jay. She wasn't in the last History class, she only popped in at the end to sign the board, they were getting ready for the final match of the season. When Roxy heard the boys plans she and Jay exchanged outraged expressions.
"You shit heads better come and see our game!" Roxy snapped.

Joey grinned, "What do you think the booze is for," He said raising his eyes brows and winking at her. He looked suave when he did that, Roxy noticed.
"Yeah my Dad has enough booze back at the house for the house party tonight," Frankito told her rubbing his hands together in delight.

They stopped at the gates to see each other off, Joey had his car keys out and was twirling them on his finger while he waiting for the conversation to finish.
Roxy started doing kick-ups with her soccer ball.
"I'm going to go with you guys to the store, I want a Starbucks." Stella told them and leaned on Frankito's shoulder.

"I thought you were off coffee?" Jay said to Stella and she shrugged.
"De-café?" She reminded him with a smirk.
"Shouldn't drink coffee it's bad for you," Roxy said as she bounced the ball on her head once and began too knee it again.
"Okay Mom!" Stella moaned.

"Okay we're going to go now so we can get back on time for the game," Frankito explained to Jay and Roxy. Roxy caught the ball as she booted it in the air and nodded to Frankito.
"Sure, see y'all later," She replied.
Joey winked her goodbye and then waved to Jay before sauntering off to his 106.
Two minutes later as Roxy and Jay made their way to the changing rooms the car roared past with rock music blaring from the five thousand dollars worth sub kit inside.

* * *

"The game was a heated match between the East Coast and West Coast schools. Naturally Roxy and Jay's school team won for East Coast. The captain Adam Farquhar, held the cup up for every one to see. Teh team photos were taken and when the were over Roxy and Jay met their friends at the edge of the pitch.

"You guys were fricken' awesome!" Frankito said jumping at Roxy and wrapping his arm around her neck and tackling her down whilst giving her a knuckle sandwich.
She tried to punch him in the chest as she screamed, "Gerr off!"
Joey gave Jay a pat on the back and they began to chat about Jay's false penalty.

Stella was far away chatting to Farquhar and he seemed to be falling all over her. Roxy been released from Kito's grasp and she was watching the pair along with the others.
"Those two losers better hurry their asses and get together, I'm sick off seeing them like this!" She moaned.
Joey shrugged, "At least we don't have to watch them suck-face!"
They all laughed. Farquhar noticed them watching and waltzed over with his arm draped over Stell's shoulders.
"This one says you boys are having a end of school party?" He asked excitedly nodding to Roxy as he referred to her.

Joey and Kito nodded, "That's right, my house at eight, the whole team are welcome."
Farqhuar grinned, "Awesome guys, you guys gotta pool?"
Joey nodded, "We may as well get it heated, huh?" he asked Frankito.
Kito nodded and then urged Farquhar to go get changed and he'd catch them later at the party.
The last time the football team were at one of their party's it had been a good time. In fact a little too much when they got drunk and stripped naked to the neighbours.

Hopefully this time would be better....