The Day After Tomorrow

The Truth About New York


"The plumbing in this school is really old and with this rain the sewage got stopped up." Joey told his father over the phone.
"Where are you staying tonight?" Billie asked his son.
"Oh they're finding a place for us with the kids here in New York City." Joey replied.
"Joey, promise me you'll get on a train tomorrow?" Billie Joe demanded.
"Well, look, Dad I would if I could but, you know it's just that... .god this stench is terrible... " Joey laughed changing the subject.
"Stop kidding around I want you here in Washington by tomorrow!" Billie scolded.
"Dad, I'll be on the train, okay?" Joey reassured his father, "Do me a favour and don't worry about me, I'll figure it out."
Billie sighed, "Alright son, I'll see you tomorrow!"
Joey hung up wondering about his fathers whereabouts, why Washington? He joined Frankito, Stella, Jake, Roxy, Tori, Cadence and Jensen.
Ramona walked through the door and pulled Frankito into a hug, "I was shopping when I heard what happened in LA, are you okay?"
Frankito pushed his sister away, "Oh, Ramona, get off I'm fine!"
Roxy turned to Joey, "Hey Joey we got somewhere to stay for the night!" she said excitedly and Jensen smiled, "That's right dude, our place is yours!"
Joey smiled slightly, "Great," he said half heartedly.
When they were all settled in the Rosemont penthouse, Stella suggested they visit the Natural History museum to take their minds of the recent events and they all agreed.
While there Jensen was walking with Jake discussing Jensen's social life in New York, Tori and Frankito were reading something, Stella was walking with Ramona and Roxy, Joey and Cadence were walking over to the Woolly Mammoth.
Jake read the board, "Hey guys, check this out. "The body of this mammoth was found perfectly preserved in the Siberian tundra with food still in its mouth and stomach, indicating that it froze instantly while grazing."
"Hey Stella now's your moment, get the fur!" Frankito yelled laughing hard and Stella grinned. She climbed over the barrier and walked toward the glass, "There's no way through, I should break it!" she said. Ramona gasped, "Stella get down now!"
"Hey you kids what the hell do you think you are doing!" The museum steward yelled. He grabbed Stella down.
"Get off me asshole!" She yelled and Frankito came to her aid, "Get of my friend you idiot!"
"Get out! Get out! GET OUT!!" He yelled and they ran out of the building laughing.
It was still raining heavily outside and they caught a cab back to the apartment.
"It's been raining like this for three days now." Jake observed staring out of the window. "Hey Roxy come on let's go jam this DVD and drum to it, are you coming Joey?" she asked. Joey smiled and got up to follow them into the room.
In the room there were a couple of guitars and Joey picked one up, "Do you mind?" he asked Cadence and she shook her head giving him the 'you don't need to ask' look. "Sure go ahead, in fact, play me something from your band!"
Roxy shrugged and called in Frankito who also picked up a guitar. They played their latest one, 'Out of Mind, Out of Sight' which attracted everyone into the room to watch. Joey stole a glance at Roxy who was lost in her drumming, a look of pleasure on her face. The song was about a guy or girl who was so lost in his own mind about a girl or guy he/she liked, and that the girl/guy was out of his league.
Remind you of anyone?
When they finished a bummed out looking Stella left the room and Frankito went after her. Roxy put on the Simple Plan DVD and sat on the drum stool, while Cadence got her guitar and began strumming to Surrender as Roxy banged away. Joey went out and returned with drinks. He looked out of the window at the street below and noticed that there was water gushing on to the road from the man holes.
New York was going to flood.