The Day After Tomorrow

The Kids Aren't Alright Part One

Alyssa McAllister took a deep breath before heading to brief the president.
She finally pulled herself together and rushed from her office. Billie Joe, Mike and Tre had gone to book themselves into a hotel nearby because Alyssa said they couldn't remain waiting at the N.O.A.A.
The Vice President was just about to go into a meeting and Alyssa met with Tom Gomez while waiting for the president to arrive.
"Are you sure about this, Elisa my ass is on the line here," Gomez said.
"Come on Tom, you saw the model," Alyssa replied.
"And I hope to God its wrong... ah Mr. Vice President!" Gomez greeted the VP as he walked in.
"Tom?" he replied nodding in greeting.
"You know professor McAllister?" Tom said.
"Yes we've met," the VP replied.
"Professor McAllister has some information I think you should look at," Gomez suggested.
"We just got these results from our simulation model; they explain what's causing this severe weather," Alyssa explained.
"I'll have a look at this later I have to meet with the director of FEMA right now!"
"This is very urgent, sir, our climate is changing violently. It will happen over the next six to eight weeks," ALyssa told the VP
"I thought you said this wasn't going to happen for another hundred years!" The VP announced.
"I was wrong," Alyssa said,
"Well suppose your wrong this time!"
"I wish that I were but I 'm sure you aware of what's happening all over the world!"
"Were making all the necessary preparations for this storm, what more do you expect?"
"You have to start thinking about making large-scale evacuations right now especially in the northern states!" Alyssa pressed.
"Evacuations? Have you lost your mind McAllister, I have to go, excuse me." And he walked off, Alyssa followed, yelling after him.
"Mr. Vice President, if we don't act now, it's going to be too late."
The president handed the results to one of his assistants and walked off.
"Come on Alyssa, "and Gomez led her away.


"It's been twenty four hours now since the snow began falling across the British Isles and over Northern Europe. It shows no sign of letting up..." The TV reporter explained. Dave was on the phone to Anita and Al was, as usual, sitting in front of the telly.
"No, no, no. You've got to stop worrying. No, no. Its fine we've got plenty of supplies. We're just snowed in. Yeah, no, it's all right. It's all right! No you stay where you are, I'll be fine. Yeah I love you too, okay, bye." Dave clicked off.
"Hey how's Anita? Al turned and asked.
"Oh, fine, the ferry just landed," David told his friend.
"Must be nice in Spain, wish I was there," Al replied.

Man on TV: "Three helicopters have been deployed in a search and rescue mission to air lift the Royal Family and take them to safety."

"Yeah, do you think they'll come and get us?" Dave joked.
"Not bloody likely," Al commented.
"Luckily we've got our own supplies, enough tea and biscuits to sink a ship, eh? Oh we'll be fine, as long as the loo doesn't back up again, eh?" Terence Rawson reassured them.
They all laughed, it was nice that the professor was so positive; it made things seems slightly okay even though they weren't. Al and Dave exchanged worried glances.


Alyssa sat at her desk trying to figure out a way to convince the Vice President to evacuate. She was amidst thoughts when her phone rang.
"Rawson here, I have news."
"Go on..." Alyssa urged.
"What I am about to tell you is supposed to be confidential; several hours ago, three helicopters went down over Scotland, they crashed because the fuel in their lines froze!" Rawson explained.
"At what temperature does...?" Alyssa began.
"Negative one hundred and fifty Degrees Fahrenheit, we had to look it up. The temperature dropped phenomenally fast. On the ground people froze before they could get out of their cars even."
"Can you get a satellite image of Scotland two hours ago?" Alyssa asked Clarke Takoda who nodded and tapped furiously on his computer.
"We've got mountains of data but no where near enough computer power to analyze it, can you help us?" Rawson asked.
"Send us what you've got and we'll do our best!" Alyssa ordered.
"Thanks ALyssa, bye for now!" He clicked off.
"This is Scotland at the time the temperature dropped," Takoda said.
Elisa and Jack gathered around, "It looks just like the formation of a hurricane!"
"Only hurricanes don't form over land!" Takoda said.


Thunder crashed and the rain poured harder, Jake, Joey and Ramona seemed like the only ones interested in what the transport was going to be like for the day.
Roxy and Cadence were still asleep in Cadence' room, Tori and Stella were in Tori's room listening to American Idiot. Frankito was getting ready in Jensen's large en suite bathroom. Jensen was on the phone to his little brother.

WOMAN ON TV: "It's a mob scene here at grand central station, over half the platforms are flooded and service has been suspended on all trains. With planes still grounded and trains now out of service that's bad news for the..."

"Hey Victor's coming to pick me up, do you guys want a ride to the train station?" Jensen offered.
"Not anymore, "Jake replied, staring at the TV.

Man on TV: "In Nova Scotia earlier today the ocean rose by twenty five feet in a matter of seconds, what we have feared for the past few days has indeed happened. The cold front moving from the Arctic has created an enormous storm system in Canada. Which as incredible as it sounds: looks more and more like a tropical hurricane..."

"Look you guys, I gotta go pick up my little brother, do you guys want me to give you a ride?" Jensen pressed.
"Where is he?" Ramona asked not taking her eyes from the TV.
"He's in a boarding school in Philadelphia," Jensen replied.

Man on TV: "If this system moves south we could see a wind driven storm surge that could threaten the eastern seaboard!"

An hour later Joey and Ramona had woken everyone up. After everything was packed they proceeded out the apartment.

"Okay... bye!"
"Victor's stuck in traffic over on Fifth Avenue," Jensen announced when he came off the phone, "It'll be easier to head straight out of town if we meet him over there!"
"Alright," Joey replied.
"You mean walk?" Frankito asked, taking Stella by the hand protectively to make sure she didn't stray from his side.
As they waited for the elevator to arrive the lights began to flicker and eventually went out, "We should take the stairs," Joey announced, beginning to descend them, Roxie in tow.
"But we're on the top floor!" Jensen protested.
Cadence followed closely behind Roxy and Frankito and Stella did the same.
Jensen grabbed Tori's hand and followed the gang.
Outside was devastating the water was so deep that the car wheels couldn't be seen, people were running out of the subways desperately.
They headed toward Fifth Avenue and had only reached the Library when Roxy announced that they should get higher.
"We should go back to the apartment!" Jensen suggested.
"What? Are you crazy? We have to get higher!" Roxy yelled.
"Come on let's go into the library!" Joey suggested and headed toward the library.
Every one followed and had to jump over stranded cars to get there.
Roxy was last to jump over the cars and as she did she caught her leg on the car, "Ahhh!" she squealed in pain. Then she heard screaming behind her in French.

Joey and the others reached the library doors, "Hey, where's Roxy?"
"She's right there see?" Jensen said pointing. "Girls go inside," he ordered the other girls and they obeyed.
"What is she doing?" Joey wondered.

Roxy waddled over to where a trapped mother and child were in the cab. As soon as she conversed in French and freed them they headed to the library.The woman suddenly turned around and complained about leaving her bag.
"I'll get it for her!"

Joey watched ahead and gaped in horror as he saw the tidal wave coming down the street ahead, "ROXY?" he yelled.
She couldn't hear him so he ran to get her.
"JOEY!" Frankito yelled and tried to run after him, but Jensen held him back.
"Roxy! Roxy!" he yelled as Roxy leaned inside the cab.
Roxy heard him and emerged holding the bag.
"Roxy look, come on, COME ON!"
Roxy gaped in horror and let Joey lead her back. The water was getting close, everything was rumbling around them, they ran inside the library and as they reached the stairs the water burst through the windows.
Joey had her hand as he pulled her up the stairs, he slipped on some water and then everything went black.


Elisa took the data she'd received from Hedland and ran it through her system, now she had a list of predicted events for these new land hurricanes.
She got Rawson on the web cam.

"Alyssa, were you able to re-create the thermal cycle?" Rawson asked.
"Yes the storm's rotation is pulling super cooled air all the way down from the upper troposphere!"
"But shouldn't the air warm up before it reaches ground level?"
"It should but it doesn't, the airs descending too rapidly," Alyssa explained.
"Is this an isolated incident?" Rawson asked.
Alyssa looked at Jack, Brian, Nat and Takodo who were gathered around him, "I'm afraid not."
"We've located two other super cells in addition to the one over Scotland, there's one over Northern Canada and another one over Siberia."
"And do we know their projected path?" Rawson asked.
"Yes, our previous estimates of six to eight weeks weren't even close; this one storm is going to change the face of our planet. They're going to get bigger so that they not only cover one place but the entire Northern Hemisphere. When this storm is over, we'll be in a new Ice Age," Alyssa informed then sadly.
Alyssa picked up the phone to speak with him privately as it had been on speaker, "Professor, it's time you got out of there!" Alyssa advised.
"I'm afraid that time has come and gone, my friend."
Tears welled in Elisa's eyes, "What can we do?"
"Save as many as you can!" Rawson said. The lines crackled and they were cut off.
Alyssa took a deep breath and wiped her eyes, her dear friend wasn't going to survive.
The phone rang again and Brian answered, "Alyssa, something's happened in New York!"