The Day After Tomorrow

The Kids Aren't Alright Part Two


Billie Joe, Mike, Tre, Adie and Jakob were in their hotel pent house suite.
Jakob was watching a DVD on his mothers lap top.
Tre was asleep on one sofa and Adie was asleep on the other her arm draped over Billie's shoulder, Billie sat on the floor watching Jakob, the only son he had right now. Mike was quietly sitting at the table drinking coffee and looking as at a picture of Stella and Roxy. He loved that picture of them together, they looked so happy.
The hotel phone rang and Mike and Billie exchanged hopeful glances, Mike got up and answered.
"Stella?" he wondered.
"It's me, Alyssa, I have news!"
"We'll be right over!" Mike replied.


"Joey, are you okay?" Roxy asked her hero as he roused from his sleep.
"W... what happened?" he asked, groggily and trying to get up.
"No... no... no lie down, you fell and hit your head," Roxy told him.
"God, I'm good," he said sarcastically, half laughing.
"You were great; you saved my life, thank-you!"
Joey laughed, "Anytime," he said, "I mean that," he added sincerely squeezing her hand.
Roxy smiled, "I'd better return her bag," and she walked away.
Joey sat up and saw Frankito staring down at him, "At this point dude I don't think it really matters that that plane didn't go down!" he said mockingly and Joey gave him the finger.
He stared at Roxy as she gave the lady her hand bag back.
Jensen arrived at his side, "You know man, just tell her how you feel," as though reading his mind, Joey smiled, "Yeah, you're right!"
Bill was eating a hotdog he'd stolen from the vendor before, while Cadence patted Skippy.
"Did you reach you're little brother yet?" Joey asked Jensen when she returned.
"Naw, there's still no service..."
Suddenly the talk of phones gave Joey a tremendous idea; he got up and wobbled over to the reception desk.
"Excuse me are there any pay phones on the upper floors?"
"Oh no, no, no, oh but there are some on the mezzanine," The lady told him.
"Great!" He turned to leave.
"Oh, but I think it's under water!" she said after him.
Roxy noticed his ranting, "Where you going the powers out!" she said, following him.
"Older pay phones draw their power directly to the telephone line."


Alyssa ran to the entrance to meet Billie, Adie, Mike and Tre. They had Jakob with them. "Oh god, I've been trying all night to reach the kids!" Billie said.
"Come into my office," Alyssa told them and headed for the office.
Inside the office she prepared to tell the men the news.
"You might want to sit down for this," she advised.
"I don't want to sit down!"
Mike said, "Tell us what you know."
"It's very serious you'd be more comfortable..."
"I have been waiting for two days to see if my daughter and her friends are okay, do not tell me to sit down, just tell me what's happened," Mike yelled.
"There has been a tidal wave in New York," Alyssa said calmly.
The three men and Adie and Jakob had now sat down.
"I don't know if they're okay, but I'm hoping that they were smart and got to higher ground," Alyssa said.
"How can they run from a tidal wave to higher ground?" Tre said logically.
"The water's depth is only fifteen feet; the buildings should have made good cover!"
"So there's a chance?" Billie asked.
"I'm not promising anything but they are smart kids and believe that they are alive."

A while later Mike had got coffee for every one. He handed a cup to Alyssa, who was surprised at this and said thank you. She was sitting in the outer offices (she wanted to let the family to have her office for privacy) looking at a picture of her and Roxy, Tre approached her.
"I'm sorry, I don't think you've have had time to grieve over Roxy being missing as much as we have over our kids...and the guys and I never took that into account," he added.
"It's okay, part of me wants to grieve because there's a chance she could be... you know... But another part tells me not to because she's alive. Plus, I don't' have time to grieve, I have to try and convince the Vice President to save half the worlds population!"
"Every one has time to grieve... when was that taken?" he asked her.
"Just before I got this job," Alyssa said then, "It's hard to remember her at six years old, everything was always one more, one more ice cream, one more story, one more everything," Alyssa trailed off and sat looking down at the coffee mug.
"We'll find them, I know we will..."
"Alyssa! There's a Joey on line four, he's calling from New York," Natalie said.
Alyssa turned to stare at Tre who glared back then they ran to her office.
"Billie! Joey's on the phone!" Tre said, Alyssa picked up the phone hit the number four and handed Billie the phone.
"Joey where are you are you all right?" Billie asked hysterically.

"I'm okay. We're at the public library; Stella, Roxie Jake, Ramona and Frankito are okay too."
"Joey, it's Mom, I'm so happy you're okay!"
"Mom, can you let Mike and Tre know that the others are okay?"
"We're here, kiddo!" Mike yelled.
Joey slipped and fell underwater, there was a muffled sound.
"Joey? What's that noise?" Billie said.

"Joey!" Roxy said, searching the water for him.
Joey's head popped up again.
"What is going on out there, Dad?"
"I can't tell you, but Roxy's older sister can, okay you're on loud speaker, son!"
"Joey?" Alyssa said.
"Yes?" he replied
"Listen to me very carefully; forget what your dad said about heading south, it's too late for that, the storm is just gonna get worse. It'll turn into a massive blizzard with an eye in the centre of it just like a huge hurricane; only the air will be so cold you could freeze to death in seconds."
"What should we do?" Joey asked.
"Listen to me Joey, you do not go outside, just burn whatever you can to stay warm and try to wait it out, I will come for you do you hear me? I will come for you!"
Joey's head went completely under water as the water level rose.
Roxy shouted his name, "Joey! Please come back Joey!"
Joey had to; he dropped the phone and swam back.

"Joey can you hear me? Can you hear me?" Alyssa asked... he was gone.
"Joey?" Adie yelled, "Oh God, tell me he's going to be okay?" she said, hugging Billie.
Billie hugged her tight and tried to calm her down.
"He's going to be alright!" Alyssa reassured her.
"How do you know that?" Mike said.
"Because I'm going to New York and I'm bringing them home!"
Alyssa said walking abruptly out of the room her blonde tresses swishing behind her.
Tre, Mike and Natalie followed after her.

Tears welled in Roxy's eyes as she searched the water for Joey, he still hadn't come up yet and she had almost given up hope.
Suddenly his head popped out of the water, he was white as a ghost.
"Oh God Joey, I thought you were gone," she said as she pulled him up and hugged him, "Let's find some dry clothes for you!"
"Please do!" Joey replied.