The Day After Tomorrow

The Fall of Jack


WOMAN ON TV: "Breaking news from the U.S Mexico border, just half an hour ago, Mexican officials closed the border in the light of so many U.S refugees who are fleeing south in the wake of the approaching storm. These people came here in the anticipation of crossing into Mexico and instead they've met closed gates and are now cutting the wired fence and crossing illegally into Mexico.

"Sorry mates, but we're just out of fuel!" Al announced, returning into the building.
Dave shrugged and said, "Is there any chance that it will run on this..." he said, removing two books from the shelf revealing an old looking bottle of scotch.
Al smiled and rubbed his hands together, but professor Rawson gasped in horror, "Are you mad, that's a twelve year old scotch!"
Dave and Al exchanged annoyed glances, they needed to stay warm and without the generator they were screwed. They were screwed anyway when that land hurricane came.
Professor Rawson stood up and removed another book from the shelf revealing three scotch glasses stacked up behind. Dave and Al smiled as the professor pulled them down and poured them all a glass each.
They all raised their glasses.
"To family," Dave said.
"Gentlemen... to mankind!" Rawson said.
"To Manchester United!" Al gasped and they all laughed.
Dave took on a sad expression and bowed his head, "I just wish I could have seen him grow up!" he said tearfully.
Rawson looked on sympathetically, "The important thing is he will!" he said and patted Dave on the shoulder.


Later that night everyone was huddled in front of the fire, Jake was listening to the radio; Roxy approached him, "What's happening out there?" Roxy asked.
"Man, Europe is buried under fifteen feet of snow and they say it's gonna get just as bad here, girl, I don't think your sisters gonna make it, I'm sorry!"
"No, she'll make, I know she will," Roxy replied and took off to join Joey at the fire. He was sitting by it, lapping up the heat. As she approached him she staggered and gasped with pain.
"What's wrong?" Cadence asked.
"Nothing... " Roxy replied, "I just cut my leg, is all!" Then she joined Joey.


Elisa, Jack, Brian and Tre were on the road for quite sometime.
"Where are we?" Elisa asked Brian, who sat in the back seat with Tre. Jack was driving.
"Just north of Philadelphia," Brian replied, hazily looking at the screen.
They drove on for another five minutes and abruptly came to a stop when they it a wall of ice.
"Damn! Are you guys okay?" Elisa asked.
"Yeah fine," Jack said.
"I'm good," Brian replied.
"Not so good, little scared!" Tre said.
"Don't Get cold feet now Tre!" Elisa said and threw him a look.
Tre chuckled, "Hey, it's a little hard not to with all this snow but ill try my best!"
Elisa smiled then turned serious, "We're walking from here guys!"


Bill and Skippy lazed around the fire; Jensen lay on two seats put together, he watched as Bill hastily and breathing hard from the cold ripped pages from a book and stuffed them under his shirt and coat.
"Dude, what are you doing?" he asked.
Bill shrugged, "Insulation, newspapers best, but this will do, you spend years on the streets and you learn these things!"
Jensen nodded, "Cool."
"Here..." Bill said, throwing a book to Jensen who caught it, "Try it!"
"Thanks man!" Jensen replied, he was a little surprised when this "tramp" has offered his tip out of kindness when Jensen had rubbed his wealthy lifestyle in his face for so long.
Across the room and on another two leather seats pushed together was Roxy and Joey top to tail. They were having a game of "Anywhere but here."
"Okay I have one," Joey began, "On a cruise ship with my Dad on the way to a soccer game in England, the ship broke down and we got stuck, way out in the Atlantic somewhere and it rained constantly," he chuckled to himself remembering the trip.
"That's it? That's your favourite place to be? That sounds really boring," Roxy added with a wry smile.
"It was actually really nice, it was the one time me and my Dad got to spend the whole weekend together, just hanging out, playing guitar, poker in our room."
Roxy smiled and shrugged.
"Okay, now you?" Joey asked.
"Well that's easy, Johnny Depp at the Caribbean!" she said with a laugh.
Joey laughed to and joked, "You know my Dad could probably arrange that!"
They laughed together making Frankito and Stella come over.
"What are you two turtle doves doing?" Frankito said.
"Oh, just having a quick game of Anywhere but Here!" Roxy replied.
"Ah I know where I'd be, with my Dad at Ronald McDonalds!" And everyone laughed out loud. Stella shoved him, "Stop talking about junk food I'm starved!" she moaned.
"So, what about you Stella, where would you rather be?" Joey asked.
"Ah well I'd have to say... with my Dad at one of his concerts, or maybe with Dean Barrera in the broom closet at school!"
Frankito turned and stared shocked, "What? I'm gonna kill that jackass!"
This made everyone laugh at him and he sat in a huff.
Stella smiled warmly to herself.


Elisa was leading the team, Tre was behind her and Jack was next and Brian was at the back or at least they thought he was. The wind was howling and they couldn't here anyone if they yelled unless they were in close to face range.
It was when Jack announced Brian's rope came lose and he got left behind somewhere.
"Did he put an extra locator device in the sleigh?" Elisa asked Jack.
"Yes, I think he did!" Jack said, reaching in and handing it to Tre. "Hold this, she'll need it!"
They bustled in through the snow, Tre was the next to speak, and he tapped Elisa on the shoulder.
"Hey, we're on the New York Galleria!" he said happily, "care to drop and shop?"
"What?" Elisa gasped and looked down, she brushed some snow away and stared in horror.
"We have too..." it was too late; the sleigh had fallen through the glass and dragged them with it. Elisa took her trusty ice pick and stabbed the glass. They stopped and when she looked back, Jack was gone.
"JACK!" she yelled out loud and banged the glass below her to get Jacks attention, "are you alright?"
"I'm fine, I just dropped in to do some shopping! I gotta lose this sleigh!" he said, taking out a knife which made Tre gasp, and cut the rope beneath him. The sleigh fell fast and as it hit the inanimate escalator below it broke in half. Jack realized that if he fell that's what would happen to him.
"Hold on, we'll pull you up!" Elisa yelled. She turned to Tre who was at the edge of the whole, "Tre, you'll have to support Jack's weight!" she pointed out.
"Okay I'll try!" and he raised himself up on the ridges.
"Okay, I think I have his weight now!" Tre said.
"Alright I'm coming to you!" Elisa said and shuffled on her belly toward Tre.
Tre panicked as the glass beneath him started to crack, "The glass is breaking!" he yelled to Elisa.
"There's too much weight... it's not going to hold!" Jack added in realization. The thought of the sleigh rose to mind as he contemplated what he must do.
Tre gasped in pain as his hands cut into the ridges and the blood poured thick and fast.
Jack pulled out his Jack knife again.
Elisa brushed the snow from below her.
"Jack I can get you out!" she yelled, fearful of what he was about to do.
"Don't do it!" she yelled as she saw his hand rise off the rope.
Tre yelled too, "No Jack, don't..."
With one big effort Jack cut the rope!
"NOOOOOOOOOO... Jack!" Tre and Elisa yelled.
They watched him fall, a repeat of what the sleigh did and fresh tears clouded Elisa's vision. Her mentor was gone, a man who was like a father to her... her teacher.
Gone... forever! Tre gasped in horror and turned away shuffling to Elisa. He threw his arms around her and cried along with her, it was all too much. The realization that civilization might not survive, all this snow, the hope that they'll make it and the realization that they won't... and now this... a good friend and helper committing suicide to help his friends. Tre felt sick, he wasn't suppose to be here, none of them were, thoughts of Ramona and Frankito came to mind, he had to get to them. More importantly at that moment he was all Elisa had left... and he would not fail her.