The Day After Tomorrow

The Kiss


Roxy lay awake and shivered; she couldn't feel the pain on her leg anymore, a bad sign. Suddenly she felt warm and fuzzy, and she coughed. Joey turned abruptly and walked over to her, "Are you okay?" he asked.
"I'm fine, I just can't sleep!" she replied.
"My mind keeps going over those worthless decathlon facts!" she snorted.
"That's pretty stupid, huh?" she breathed.
"No it's alright, it's not stupid, I guess you just haven't had time to adjust yet!"
"How am I supposed to adjust, Joey?" she said tearfully.
"Everything I've ever cared about, everything I've worked for has all been for nothing. This acceptance into Harvard is all for nothing, preparation for a future that no longer exists!" she remarked.
Joey made a confused face and looked away.
"I know you always thought I took the competition too seriously, and you were right! And it was all for nothing," Roxy announced.
"No, No I just... I just said that to avoid telling you the truth."
"The truth about what?" Roxy asked.
"About why I joined the team," Joey said, "I joined it because of you!"
Roxy stared in disbelief then when he looked away she said, "Hey..." he looked at her and she stared into his eyes... she grabbed him and pulled him slowly into an affectionate kiss.
Frankito saw this and roused Stella, "Hey Stell, look!" he said.
Stella smiled, "About bloody time she yelled!" but the kissing couple didn't hear they were too lost in each other.
Stella snorted, "Lucky for some!" she snapped.
"I know!" Frankito agreed.
"Oh please, you could have any girl you wanted!"
"Yeah well maybe I don't want just any girl!" Frankito snapped.
"Well who is she that you want then?" Stella asked.
"Not telling you?"
"Why not?" Stella snapped.
"Just because... I'm gonna check on Tori and Cadence!"
"They have their brother!"
"He's asleep!" and Frankito got up.
Stella sighed and stared into the fire.
Jensen watched her and sighed after Frankito, he was getting on his last nerve, and he got up and walked over to Stella.
"He seems shy but that's no excuse to play you the way he does, you've showed him you like him so much to the point you're chasing him and it's not fair!"
"I know but what else can I do!"
"Play games back," he said, leaning in for a kiss. Stella obliged. Frankito saw this and stormed out of the room. She watched him stunned and pushed Jensen away, then got up and followed him.
"What's wrong with you?" Stella demanded when she caught up with Frankito in the cafeteria.
"Nothing!" he snapped.
"No you have something face. Every time I hook up with a guy or talk about hooking up with a guy you get all bothered and angry, but you won't admit you like me. I never confronted you until now because I was afraid of making an idiot of myself, but I've had enough, I've really had enough, I like you Frankito Cool and if you like me you should just admit that instead of playing gam..." Frankito held a finger to her lips.
"Shhh, no talking," he pulled her toward him and kissed her passionately on the lips.
Stella pulled away, "What are you doing?"
"KISSING YOU!" Frankito said pompously.
"Duh, but do you think I'm an idiot, you wont tell anyone what your doing, it's only because you needed someone and I was convenient, no one is here that's why you are kissing me!"
"No, this is for real, I was too afraid to tell you because I didn't think you liked me, I guess I was wrong! I've always been a bad judge!"
"R... really?"
"Yes! I'll prove it to you!"
"How? And I thought you and Tori where going out?" Stella whined.
"No, she's into Jake! Now come on!"
"Where are we going?" Stella asked thoughtfully.
"Back to the fire, it's too cold out here!" Frankito said, pulling her by the arm, but Stella hesitated.
"Maybe we should have one more kiss, I'd like to get my fair share before I never get them again!" Stella suggested.
"No! Because you will get another, and another and lot's more, we're going now, come on!"
Frankito pulled her back into the room and right up to Joey and Roxy, "I have something to show you!" And with Frankito kissed Stella again and everyone gasped.
"I thought you weren't into her?" Cadence gasped, "I thought you were into my sister!"
"What? Frankito? Cady, whatever gave you that idea?" Tori laughed.
"He did, when he was always buzzing around you," Cadence remarked.
"I did, but only because I thought I never had a chance with Stella and I thought if she saw me moving on then she would open up to me."
"Jeez..." Cadence remarked.
"It's about time!" Joey said.
"Yeah same goes for you, too!" Frankito said.
"Frankie, no musical sleeping bags!" Ramona ordered snidely.
"Shut up Ramona, and my name isn't Frankie, for fuck sake!"
Stella looked as though she was a Green Day fan just been kissed by a member of Green Day!
"I think I should sleep, or sit down or something!" Everyone laughed and she and Frankito took back their spot by the fire, the only difference was he was lying right beside her as close as he could get.

The next morning Joey awoke and roused Roxy, but she wouldn't wake up.
"Someone help... QUICK... SOMEONE!"
"What the hell is wrong with you, Armstrong!?" Ramona said aggravatingly getting up from her dreamy sleep.
"It's Roxy, she won't wake up!" Joey exclaimed.
Stella and Frankito awoke in each others arms and came over. Jake, Jensen, Cadence and Tori surrounded Roxy, followed by the librarian and Bill.
"Last night she only had a fever, I don't understand!" Joey panicked.
"She does look awfully pale," Tori exclaimed.
"Well guys, look, none of us has had anything to eat for days!" Bill said.
"I think its hypothermia!" Ramona said.
"Oh, how can it be hypothermia we've all been here?" Jake protested.
"Maybe it's just the flu!" Cadence offered.
"No, no, it's not the flu!" the librarian said.
"And how do you know that?" Jake demanded.
"Books can be good for something other than burning you know, okay let's go over her symptoms," she added,
"I told, she has a fever and a really cold sweat!" Joey said.
"How's her pulse?" the librarian asked.
Tori leaned over and held her wrist...
"It's really fast!" Tori announced shaking her head.
"Does she have any injuries like a cut that could have gotten infected?" the librarian asked.
"She was complaining about a cut on her leg a few days ago... I didn't think anything of it!" Cadence said.
Joey gave her a look and rushed to check her legs.
When he pulled back her trouser leg he gasped in horror, "Oh my God!"
Joey felt sick he turned away.
"That's blood poisoning... ah... septicaemia, she could go into sceptic shock, she needs a massive dose of penicillin... or a broad spectrum antibiotic or... oh dear..."
"What?" Joey demanded.
Joey gaped in horror and gasped.