The Day After Tomorrow


Billie Joe Armstrong sighed as he drove through the blizzard, following the bus that was taking the N.O.A.A employees south across the border into Mexico.
He was itching with anticipation in waiting for news on Joey, his missing son. Joey was in New York and he was driving in the other direction, useless.
He looked in his rear mirror to check on Jakob who was listening to music and staring out of the window. Aside Billie was Adrienne, his beautiful wife, sleeping with her head against the window. </p>
<p>Billie looked in his rear mirror again; this time to check Mike was still behind him. Mike waved to him from the car behind. Billie waved back then concentrated on his driving. </p>
<p>The silence was unbearable if Joey was there he and Jakob would be discussing bands and arguing over their favourite songs or something like that. This kind of silence was exactly what Billie used to wish for when driving Jake and Joey to school, now all he wanted to hear was their arguing again.
Jakob pulled his ear phones out and leaned forward in his seat, "Hey Dad, they're gonna make it, don't worry," he assured his father putting an arm around the seat and his Dad; Billie patted his sons arm and smiled.
In the car behind Mike didn't have anyone to reassure him of his daughter's safety, all he could do was turn on his music and pray, something he hardly ever did, just goes to show, people call on God when they really need him most.


"Tom, hey, Tom wake up!" Clarke Takoda shook Tom awake.<br />
"What is wrong?" Tom Gomez said groggily.<br />
"I've just received some satellite images from the Space Station you better take a look!" Clark led him to the computer he had been working on and Tom gulped.<br />
"How big is this thing?" Tom asked staring at the screen.<br />
"The vortex is 50 miles in diameter and growing, the two cells over Europe and Asia are even bigger."
"Good God!" Tom breathed.<br />
"This one is going to hit New York inside an hour!"


<p>Elisa McAllister was getting tired, the only thing she could to was to stay focused on the fact that her sister was in New York and probably dying.
She and Tre hadn't spoken much since... .the incident with Jack.
She feared for Brian who would more than likely do the intelligent thing of heading back to the car and getting the hell away.
Suddenly Elisa's rope tightened and she couldn't walk anymore; she turned and found Tre on the ground.<br />
"Shit! Tre! Tre! Are you alright?" He wasn't responding, he's exhausted, I knew I shouldn't have let him come, Elisa thought.
Elisa didn't know what else to do except pull him the rest of the way.</p>


<p>Joey burst into the room with two wicker chairs; he punched the seats through and used a pencil to punch holes in them. He was going to use the chairs as shoes so he wouldn't sink in the snow.<br />
"Dude what are you doing?" Jensen asked,<br />
"There's gotta be medicine on that ship!" Joey said loudly.<br />
"But I thought you said it was too dangerous to go out side!" The librarian snapped.<br />
"I know I did... "Joey trailed off.<br />
"Dude where did you get those chairs?" Frankito asked.<br />
"Why?" Joey replied with wonder.<br />
"Because I'm going with you!" He replied. <br />
"Me too... " Jake said.<br />
"Yeah count me in!" Jensen stood up.<br />
Ramona stood by her brother, "Frankie you better be careful, then again if you don't come back I won't complain," she joked.<br />
"Love you too sis, and stop calling me Frankie!" Frankito snapped.<br />
"I have to come!" Cadence said standing up.<br />
"No you're not sis, it's too dangerous!" Jensen snapped pushing Cadence into her seat again.. <br />
"Hey you're gonna need me!" Cadence said standing up again. <br />
"Why?" Frankito asked.<br />
"Because that's a Russian oil tanker and I'm the only one that can read Russian, the only subject I was into at school!" Cadence announced. <br />
"Yeah that's right," Tori said urging them to let her go.<br />
"Hey Jake, I thought you would have known that, guess your not as big a nerd as I thought!" Frankito said with a laugh.<br />
"Okay let's go!" Joey said.</p>
<p>They all waded through the blizzard to the tanker as soon as they got inside Joey spoke again, "Okay we don't have long so we have to hurry!"<br />
They followed signs for the storage room on the ship.
When they found the door it was locked.<br />
"The window, we can climb out and along to get into the room!" Jake suggested and they did.
The medicine cabinet was open.<br />
"God it's all in Russian!" Jensen said.<br />
"Move!" Cadence said and scanned the shelves. <br />
"Got it!" she said pulling out a small bottle.<br />
"What? How do you know?" Joey asked.<br />
"Ah... because it says penicillin on the bottle!" Cadence said as-a-matter-of-factly. <br />
"Oh yeah!" Joey said smiling. <br />
As they left Frankito stopped them, "Hey wait a minute this is the food hall, we should find some food while we're here," he suggested.<br />
"Look Kito we don't have time!" Joey said walking on but Jensen stopped him.<br />"Look Joey none of us are gonna survive without food for much longer, okay, including Roxy."<br />
Joey nodded, "Okay," he said and they rushed into the room.
Cadence found a blow up rafter and suggested they stay.<br />
While gathering food Jake paused, he'd heard a growl. <br />
"Guys listen," he snapped. They all stopped what they were doing and listened they heard the growls again. Jensen approached the door to check it out, he regretted it when a wolf jumped out of the corridor and grabbed Jensen by the ankle.<br />
"Ahhhhh... help!" He yelled. Everyone rushed forward and started beating the wolf to let go, when it did they pulled Jensen into the storage room and Cadence locked the door. <br />
"What are we going to do now, we're trapped?" Frankito asked. </p>


<p>Clarke was still monitoring the computer; he saw the vortex, the land hurricane move.<br />
"Tom! It should be over New York by now!" he said and gulped. </p>