The Day After Tomorrow

A New Hope


<p>Joey thought for a second, "Guys the storm is over us now, I think we're in the eye of it. Okay guys I'll go out back the way we came in through the window and lure the wolves away. You guys lock the door when they leave, okay?" They all nodded. <br />
"Good luck!" Frankito said patting Joey on the shoulder.<br />
Joey patted his best friend back, a manly hug.
Joey ran to the window and again climbed out and edged his away back to the other side. When he climbed into the hall he switched on his torch and tip toed to the entrance of the cafeteria hall, where the wolves scampered.<br />
CRACK!<br />
Joey stepped on glass from the broken window, he panicked and ran, the wolves snarling and growling ran behind him.<br />
He heard the others bang the door closes behind the wolves.
Joey ran out to the steps and down them to a lower level then ran inside a long hall with another door leading back out to another part of the ship. He ran as fast as he could to the open doorway and when he reached it closes it behind him in the wolves face. The wolf that was leading the pack banged into the window crying out when blood splattered the little round window on the door. Joey took a deep breath and with one last glance at the wolves he pulled himself up on the ship deck back where the cafeteria was. He banged on the door making the others jump. <br />
"It's me open up, OPEN UP!" he yelled. Frankito opened the door.<br />
"We have to get out of here now, Kito get the supplies, and Cadence, Jake, help me with this thing!" he demanded grabbing the inflatable raft. </p>


<p>Elisa used her sticks to pull her and Tre along. She heard the flapping of a flag and looked up, she smiled she had reached New York. Her smile disappeared when the wind stopped blowing and the flag fell lifeless on its pole.
She dropped her sticks and grabbed the rope pulling Tre beside her. There was the roof of some restaurant she knew it was a restaurant because there were steam chimneys sticking up from the snow. She kit the head off one of them then lifted Tre up and dropping him down the hole. She pulled him and the equipment into the kitchen area and began to light the fires, closing the door as well. </p>


<p>Joey, Frankito, Jake and Cadence pulled hard on the raft which held the food and Jensen. Joey stopped running when he noticed the blizzard had stopped and ice covered the tops of the buildings, things were freezing in seconds! Just like Elisa had said. He began running with the others again, "Hurry, Let's go. Pull guys, pull!" he yelled. They ran as fast as they could toward the library, glass was breaking. They weren't going to make it if the kept pulling the rafter so Joey grabbed the medicine and ordered Jake and Cadence to take it to Roxy, Joey and Frankito grabbed Jensen arms and began to carry him bag. They ran as fast as they could, slip and sliding as they went, the walls were freezing up around them.<br />
"We're almost there come on!" Joey yelled to Jensen who had begun to get tired. <br ?. "Jake, close the door!" He called out as he and Jensen crosses the threshold into the office, where the raging fire began to go out. <br />
"The fire!" Tori yelled.<br />
"Don't let it go out!" Joey yelled.<br />
"More books!" Joey advised. Skippy was barking at the door, "Come on Skip come away from the door!" Bill yelled.
Everyone was piling books onto the fire as ice crept across the floor!</p>


<p>The ice had stopped creeping; she had lit every cooker in the place and had built the tent. Tre was inside sleeping, he roused. <br />
"Elisa?" he called out.<br />
"I'm here... " she replied whilst shining as torch on a cook book studying at how frozen it was. <br />
"How long have I been out of it?" Tre asked appearing beside her. <br />
"Couple of hours," Elisa replied turning around, then, "How do you feel?"<br />
"Okay I guess, what happened?" Tre added. <br />
"Well," she began wincing, "we had to get inside in kind of a hurry so I sort of... pushed you in!" she said making a sorry face.<br />
Tre nodded and rolled his eyes, "Yeah I should be used to you pushing me around by now!" he joked referring to their past when Elisa was always bossing the band around concerning her sister.<br />
"Good to have you back... "she said with a wry smile.<br />
She pulled on her coat, Tre squinted, "Where are you going?" he asked.
Elisa turned around adjusting her hood, "The eye of the storm has passed and we're 40 miles from Manhattan." <br />
"Shouldn't we wait another day?" Tre suggested worriedly.<br />
Elisa turned round and looked at him seriously, "The kids may not have one more day!" she advised and Tre nodded in agreement. <br />
They got packed up and walked some more coming to a stop by something large. <br />
Tre's feet hit something hard in the ground. People... dead people, he saddened. <br />
Elisa set up tent by the large building or something, to shade them from the wind.
Inside they drank mildly warm tea. <br />
Tre asked a question that had been annoying him for the passed few days.
"What's going to happen to us, civilization I mean?" <br />
"Man kind survived the last Ice Age we're perfectly capable of surviving this one."
She explained,"It all depends on whether or not we can learn from our mistakes, I sure as hell would like a chance to learn from mine," Elisa said sadly looking down at her hands.<br />
"Elisa, you did everything you could!" Tre said.<br />
"I was thinking about Roxy... "she corrected. <br />
"Yeah I know what you mean... " Tre agreed thinking about his life as a drummer and then his family. <br />
"Elisa I'm scared for them!" Tre stammered.<br />
"Hey we made them a promise we'll keep it!" she assured.</p>

<p>Clarke Takoda and Tom Gomez had moved the administration down south, they set up in Mexico and had been hearing reports of the storm dissipating over North America, that as a good sign.<br />
Clarke called on the Space Station for confirmation.
"Parker this is Houston do you read?" <br />
Parker head of space division replied, "Roger mission control, go ahead."<br />
"We are getting scattered reports that the storm is dissipating over North America can you confirm?" Clarke asked.<br />
"Affirmative," Parker replied happily, "It's finally clearing. We're over Europe right now; we can see land mass for the first time in days!"<br />
Clarke gave an enormous sigh of relief; maybe Elisa was going to make it!</p>