The Day After Tomorrow

In the Face of Adversity


<p>Elisa and Tre awoke to the sound of a calm breeze that slowly blew the tent. Elisa got up and poked her head outside and gaped and what she saw. Closely followed by Tre she stepped out and saw what the large object was that was protecting them from the raging wind. A large ship was sticking out of the snow as though it were sinking. <br />
Beside them opposite the ship was the Statue of Liberty up to her knees in snow.
They sky was clear and there was an orange light of the sun peaking through the clouds. Elisa and Tre smiled and threw their arms around each other happy that things were coming to an end. They packed up and began walking, the were only two miles from the library and when they reached the point where the reader said they were at it they paused. <br />
The library was covered in snow; the only thing that could be seen was the windows.<br />
"They're alive... .I know it!" Elisa said running toward the building.
Tre ran after her and they jumped through the window and slid down the snowy slope where the snow had fallen into the main book room.
The halls were frozen walls covered in whiteness.
"Roxy?" Elisa yelled.<br />
"Mona... Kito!" Tre yelled.<br />
"Roxy... .Joey!"<br />
They came to a door that had a soft glow behind it and they hauled it open. There was a raging fire and people lying all about the place. A girl roused, it wasn't Ramona or Roxy. <br />
"Who's that?" Tori said aloud. Frankito roused from his sleep and looked over at the two people shining torches. <br />
"My Dad... ." He breathed and ran to his father throwing his arms around him.
Roxy was awake and well and when she saw her sister she smiled, "I knew you'd come, sis!"<br />
Ramona ran to Tre and threw her arms around him, "Daddy! What are you doing here?"<br />
"I came to get you guys, with Elisa!"
Elisa felt a tear run down her face and ran to Roxy, "Roxy, thank God you're alive!"<br />
"Yeah sorry I couldn't run over to you it's just I have a bad leg!"<br />
"What happened?" Elisa demanded to know.<br />
"I cut it and it got infected but its okay I got a shot of penicillin and now I'm fine!"<br />
Joey approached, "Elisa... is my Dad... ."<br />
"Your Dad's fine, where's Stella?<br />
"I'm here... " Stella said approaching.<br />
"Your okay, good, I made a promise to your Dad to bring you home," Elisa said.<br />
"So he's okay the?"<br />
"He sure is, he's in Mexico, which is where we're going right now!" <br />
"So this is your sister huh Roxy?" Stella asked and Roxy nodded.<br />
"Stella Artois!" Tre shouted out his nick name for Stella and she turned, "Uncle Tre!" <br />
the hugged and then he came to hug Roxy.
"Hey Treyster!" Roxy said hugging him back. <br />
Ramona approached Jensen who was watching the reunion with tearful wyes.<br />
"Are you sad about your brother?" Ramona asked.
Jensen feeling stupid with himself didn't answer her instead he snapped, "You feeling sad about your boy friend?" <br />
"He's not my Boyfriend any more he lied to me so I don't want to know him. Hey, how old are you again?" <br />
"Nineteen!" Jensen replied.<br />
"Cool so am I!" Ramona said and pulled him into a deep kiss; Jensen surprised at first but then kissed her back. </p>


<p>Gomez ran to the VP's office.<br />
"Mr President I just received a radio message from Elisa McAllister she made it to New York and he says there are survivors!"<br />
"Thank-you Tom...that's... that's great news."<br />
The VP gave an order that Tom himself go in a helicopter to get Elisa and the survivors home, he then accompanied his assistant to make a television broadcast with the news. </p>

<p>"The past few weeks have left us with a profound sense of humility in the face of nature's destructive power. For years we operated under the belief that we could continue consuming our planets natural resources without consequence... .we were wrong... I<em/> was wrong. The fact that my first address to you comes from a consulate on foreign soil is a testament to our changed reality. Not only Americans, but people all around the globe are now guests in the nations we once called 'The Third World' in our time of need they have taken us in and sheltered us and I am deeply grateful for their hospitality. We mourn the loss of a leader whose order to evacuate saved the lives of many. For days now, we've despaired the fate of the people who are trapped in the North... . "<em/></p>

<p>"Billie!" Adrienne squealed from across the tent, Billie and Mike who were deep in conversation stood up and came over to the TV, "The president is giving news!" she said. They watched intently.<br />

"... .Today, there is cause for hope. Only a few hours ago, I received word that a small group of people survived in New York City, against all odds and in the face of tremendous adversity. I've ordered an immediate search and rescue mission to bring them home and look for more survivors!" <em/><br />

"It's them Billie, It's them!" Adrienne cried out happily to her husband hugging him as Billie smiled at Mike who was just as happy. He too threw his arms around Billie and the three of then engaged in a group hug. </p>


<p>Gomez had the broadcast on a small TV in the helicopter as he searched the New York clearing for Elisa, the first passenger on to be welcomed onto his helicopter.<br />
He saw the library and a bunch of people standing on top. Elisa was right there were survivors and not just her lot, but many other citizens on the roofs of buildings waving down the helicopters. He looked sideways at Brian Wells who smiled back, "They're okay then?" Brian asked.<br />
Gomez laughed, "Elisa's never gonna let you live this one down Brian!" he then laughed hysterically.<br />
"Hey it wasn't my fault I got left behind!" <br />
When he landed, he saw Elisa and Tre, the kids... .but no Jack. Oh no!Gomez jumped down and ran toward Elisa, "Elisa! It's good to see you!"<br ?>
"Come on let's get you guys on board!" <br />
Everyone smiled when they saw Gomez. And when Tre and Elisa saw Brian they ran to him, "God where did you go?" Tre yelled.<br />
"Navigator indeed!" Elisa said sarcastically. <br />
"Hey that was not my fault!" Brian said defensively.<br />
They all got on board and Tre sat by the window at the far side, Ramona sat next to him and rested her head on his shoulder, Jensen took a seat by Ramona and held her hand and Cadence sat by him grabbing his arm.</p>
<p>Elisa sat by Brian opposite Tre and Gomez took his seat up front with the pilot. Roxy sat by Elisa and Joey by her, Roxy rested her head on his shoulder and Joey rested his head on her head, only this time she knew and she didn't mind, he smiled to himself. Frankito sat by Joey with Stella and Jake and Tori took seat beside the. Bill, Skippy and the librarian were aside Cadence.
They took two more survivors from another area and set of south. As they flew over New York City Joey Frankito noticed all the survivors on the roofs of the buildings.<br />
"Would you look at that?" Frankito said. Every one turned to look and smiled at the people getting rescued, Roxy sighed and rested her head back on Joey's shoulder, and he took up his position on her head as before.
Tre caught Frankito's eye and smiled at him and Stella winking as he did. Frankito glanced at Joey and Joey smiled back, Frankito winked.<br />
"Hey Frankie, thank God you didn't die... you owe me ten bucks from two weeks ago!"<br />
Everyone laughed and Frankito made an exasperated growl, "STOP CALLING ME FRANKIE!" </p>