The Day After Tomorrow

An Ending


<p>The helicopters landed and the gang jumped out. Joey was the first to see them... his Mom and Dad.<br />
"DAD! MOM!" he yelled running across the warm terrain to his parents.
Adrienne turned to see Joey running toward her, "Joey!" she gasped and grabbed him as he threw his arms around her.<br />
"Joey? Joey!" Billie gasped as well.<br />
Jakob appeared and jumped on his brother knocking him to the ground, "DUDE, WHAT THE HELL TOOK YOU SO GOD DAMD LONG?" He screamed and Billie swiped his head for swearing. <br />
Stella and Mike embraced and he was hugging her for a full ten minutes before approaching Elisa who was quietly talking to Roxy.<br />
"Thank-you," he said.<br />
Elisa rose from her seat on the crates, "That's okay Mike!"<br />
"I knew you would do it!" he added before rushing back to Stella.<br />
Tre approached Billie and Mike, "Hey! You'll never guess what?" <br />
"What?" Mike and Billie said together as Elisa approached and Adrienne came to stand with her.<br />
"Well, Mona's going out with that Jensen dude over there. Kito's dating Stella, Mike. Joey's dating Roxy, Billie and that little shit Jake wherever he went is dating that Tori chick! This fucking storm surge has been a fuckin' matchmaking service!" he laughed and every one burst out laughing. Jakob was still wrestling Joey, and Billie and Adrienne pulled Elisa to the side.<br />
"Thank you so much!" Adie said grabbing Elisa around the waist. Adie wiped away her tears and joined the others. </p>
<p>Billie remained and without words he grabbed Elisa and hugged her tight. Elisa didn't need words to understand she knew he was deadly thankful.
As Billie walked away she grabbed his hand, "Hey, peace out!" she said smiling and he nodded.<br />
Gomez was next to arrive from the tent, "Elisa... we've received word from Hedland... Alan and David made it they're okay!"<br />
Elisa smiled then frowned, "And what of Professor Rawson?"<br />
Gomez frowned and shook his head, "He was too old Elisa he didn't make it!"
"Look, we have a team looking for them!"<br />
Brian and Natalie emerged, "I heard about what happened to Jack, our thoughts are with him!" She said and Elisa nodded. <br />
Jensen approached Joey, "Hey dude thanks for everything... my little brother he's okay!"<br />
"That's fucking awesome!" Joey replied.
Joey smiled, he had his family back he'd got the girl he'd always dreamed of having and when all this ice and snow melted, he was going to Harvard, well maybe.<br />
Roxy came by his side, "So we survived," she remarked.<br />
"That we did!" He replied taking her hands.<br />
"I never got to thank you for saving my leg," she cracked laughing.
Joey smiled, "Anytime," he replied.<br />
"So Mr Armstrong how would you like me to thank you?" she asked putting her arms around his neck.<br />
"Well Miss McAllister, so far you're right," he joked and she smiled again. They closed in for a kiss.</p>


<p>"Parker, dude, check this out!" Owen breathed to his space partner. <br />
"What?" Parker replied.<br />
"Have you ever seen the air so clear?" <br />
Parker smiled, no, he hadn't... but now... he had.</p>

The End.