The Day After Tomorrow

Califirnia Sun...Or Not...

Joey and Frankito hauled in the large keg from the boot of the car and into the garage. They looked over the four kegs and many boxes of beer. A table of spirits lined the back of the garage. Tre had gone a bit wild with the alcohol but for the kind of party pair of eighteen year olds were about to throw they would need it.

Sadly Roxy couldn't come back in his car she and Jay had gone to get changed out of their dirty football gear before driving to Roxy's to get a clean football t-shirt. The team had agreed that they would follow tradition and wear their football tops to the after party as winners should.

This annoyed him, he was so eager for her to call shotgun like she did all the time. He was just obbsessive and needed to get over it.
Joey hit close on the garage door keypad and Kito ducked in time for it to hit his head.
"So what do you make of Stella joining the Scholastic Decathlon?"
Joey suddenly looked up, it wasn't like Kito to take such an interest in Stella's motives.

"Um...great, she seems dim, you know because she's a fashion freak but she's actually really smart." Joey replied brightly.
"What are you thinking about?" Kito asked suspiciously.
Joey shrugged, "The party tonight?" he tried.
"Liar!" Kito said walking into the house.

It was true Kito had his best friend figured out and his secret was known to the youngest Cool.

* * *

"So there I am running with the ball, the defender makes for it I fake right and turn left then shoot..." Roxy dramatically played out her winning goal with excitment as she and Jay reminisced the game to Joey, Kito and Stella.

"We were all there you don't need to go over it again," Kito moaned and leaned back on his double bed. Joey sat on the edge smiling up at Roxy, happy to listen and pleased that she was so happy and excited.

Roxy through Kito a dirty look and chucked her soccer ball at him. It bounced off his head and rolled away.
"Well I agree with him..." Stella announced from the computer desk where she surfed the internet for cashmere scarves.
"You do?" Kito asked suprised and a little proud, Joey narrowed his eyes suspiciously.
"Well, yeah, obviously I wouldn't any other time but on this occasion you're right. We were there so we don't need the running commentary."

Roxy rolled her eyes and flopped down on the bed beside Joey. Her football top fell up revealing part of her perfectly toned and tanned stomach, achieved from hours training in the sun.
"Well I could go another story?" Joey said looking over his shoulder at her.
"Naa," She said, "I want food, let's go order pizza!" she gasped and jumped up. Her dark blue, hipster jeans scuffed the carpet as she ran downstairs.

"That girl things like a man!" Kito observed and rubbed his hungry stomach before dashing after her.
Jay hung around giving Stella a second opinion on cashmere wear. Joey naturally followed Roxy wherever she went.

People started arriving halfway through their pizza fest. First Farquhar arrived and grabbed a slice of Jay's pizza.
"Oi!" Jay snapped as he watched the stringy cheese snap and his slice dissappear into Farq's mouth.
It took another half hour for the football team to arrive carrying yet more alcohol. By the forty-five mark everyone was there including the chess club. Kito got annoyed at this but Jay said that if they invited the Scholastic Decathlon they would have to make allowances.

Kito reasoned with his friend by describing how funny it would be to see them drunk.
Roxy had drunk quite a lot of beer and had taken to the back porch for some air. Joey joined her. They both leaned on the porch fence looking over the town.
"Nice night isn't it?" Roxy said watching the setting sun.
"Um, yeah, you know Roxy..." Joey began.
"It's going to rain though," She added cutting him off.

"It is?" Joey asked, "How do you know?"
"You can smell it, the moisture in the air."
"Right..." He replied assuming it was alcohol talking.
"Anyways, I'm going inside, I don't wanna get wet," she decided and disappeared into the house.
Joey remained where he was resting both hands on the fence with a sigh of defeat.
Suddenly he lurched his arm up as something bit the top of his hand but when he looked at his hand there was no bite mark. Instead there was a wet patch where an ice cold drop of water fell on his hand.

Joey looked up and stared in awe as heavy drops of ice cold rain sent the football and cheerleading team running naked into the house.


"Oh bugga' come on... No! Bloody hell... Go the other way you wanka', pass it, pass it!" shouted Alan who was supposed to be watching the ocean climate. Instead was engrossed in the football game between Manchester United and Chelsea.

In the back ground the snores of his fellow employee, Dave, rang out. Alan tried to ignore it but it eventually got too much for him and he snapped a book shut in the guys face.
"I'm up, I'm up, I just dozed of for a.... Oh sorry Al, the baby kept us up all night!" Dave told his friend who had sat back down again in front of the TV.

Dave got up to grab another cup of coffee and frowned at the empty jar. He paused when he realized there was a beeping noise coming from the computer.
"Oi Al, buoy number H524 is out, why's that?" He asked Al.
"Hmmmmh? Oh... Um, where is it?" Al asked not turning away from the screen, "Go on boy... YES!" He yelled at the TV.
"Just off Georgia's Bank!" Dave replied.
"Oh its rough seas out there, probably knocked it about a bit," Al said over his shoulder.

The door opened and in walked Terence Rawson.
"All right' Professor?" Al said greeting the old man.
"How was your trip in New Delhi?" Dave asked Terence.
"Ah the usual, the government are all talk, you know they say they'll help then they don't because, it could "affect the economy"!" Terence replied in a mock voice.

"Mmm, I know, bastards aint' they?" Al remarked, "That's my boy put it in, put it in... YES!"