The Day After Tomorrow



Billie Joe Armstrong opened the door to his Villa and saw the mail lying on the floor. One envelope in particular had the Black Wood Private School Crest on the front, he opened it. It was in regard to Joey's final year exams. Then with a disappointed look on his face he picked up the phone.
"Adrienne? I just got Joey's report card in from school and I see he's got an 'F' in calculus, why, he's a straight 'A' student?"

"Billie, I don't think this is the time to be talking about this!" Adrienne said glancing over at eighteen year old Joey who turned back to his 'Cheerios' shaking his head as soon as he realized who is was.

"Well, I think you should make time Adrienne, don't you?"

"Don't you talk to me about making time when I'm not the one gone for months and months on end!"

"I know you're right I'm sorry it's just a little surprising, what happened?"

"Well, you can ask him yourself, can you take him to the airport tomorrow morning?"

"Joey's getting on a plane?" Billie asked surprised.

"Yes he joined a Scholastic Decathalon thing for over the summer."

"Joey joined a team?!" Billie asked with even more surprise, Joey never joined teams. He picked up his water sprayer and began spraying his plants.

"Yes I think a girl's involved!" Adrienne muttered so Joey couldn't hear, he did anyway and rolled his eyes. He turned to the TV and saw a news flash for a hurricane in Canada.

"Okay I'll take him!" Billie replied as he sat on the sofa of the tour bus.

"Good, and please don't be late this time I don't want him to have to get a cab again!" Adrienne moaned.

"Yes I'll be there!" Billie replied with an exasperated sigh, he pulled the trigger apathetically and water sprayed into the air .

When his Mom hung up Joey let the questions fly, "Where is he this time?"
Adrienne looked at him with tired eyes, "Washington, he come's home this afternoon."
"Is that the home where his wife and son's are or the one where his skinny bassist and fat drummer are?" Joey snapped angrily regarding the studio.
"I don't know Joey, probably both."

Joey sighed, "I can get a cab."
"Well looking back at the amount of times your Dad has forgotten stuff like this it's probably wise."
"Yeah, well, I'm going to school, see ya later." He said giving his Mother a kiss on the cheek and grabbing his school books from the breakfast bar.
"This early?" She asked with surprise.
"I have to pick up Roxy on the way she's hung over and can't be assed walking to Jay's for a lift."

"Good night?" Adrienne asked with a knowing smile. She wanted to know had he asked Roxy out yet.
"Could have gone better," Joey murmered.
"Maybe next time."
"Yeah, seeya." he replied.
"Bye," Adrienne waved him off from the kicthen table.

At school the five friends walked down the corridor toward a Decathalon meeting. Roxy was resting her tired, hungover head on Joey's shoulder as her bag fell along her arm resting around his shoulders.
"So Kito remind me why your here?" Jay asked Kito who was the only one who hadn't signed up.
"I have a final to finish, what about you Joey?"
"What?" Roxy gasoed and looked up at Joey, "You signed up for Decathlon?"

Joey looked embarassed and nodded sheepishly, "Well, yeah."
"Ha loser!" Kito announced but Roxy and Jay gave him a look of pride. As usual Stell didn't pay attention she was nattering away on her cell.
"This is gonna be a trip to remember!" Jay said patting Joey on the back.
"Come on guys we have practice and then we need to go pack!" Roxy told her friends as they entered the classroom and closed the door.

The following morning Billie was driving Joey to the airport, he decided it would be a good time to ask the Calculus question.
"Don't you even wanna hear my side of the story?" Joey snapped when Billie asked.
"All right go!" Billie replied.
"Okay I got every dam question on the exam paper correct and the only reason why Mr. Flinkman failed me was because I didn't write down the solutions!"
"Well, why not?" Billie pushed,
"Because, Dad, I do them in my head!"
"Well, did you tell him that?"
"Yes, he said I was lying and that if he can't do the solutions in his head then I can't!"
"Well, that's stupid how can he fail you for being smarter than he is!"
"That's what I said!" Joey replied
"Really?" Billie said, "How'd he take it!"
Joey let out an exasperated sigh, "He flunked me remember?"
The teen jumped out of the car and Billie sighed before following him inside.

Joey recieved a mega surprise when he saw Frankito standing in wait with a suitcase.
"What are you doing here," Joey asked him as he and his dad joined Kito, Tre, Claudia and Ramona, Kito's older sister.
"Well you lot are going to New York, sounds like a party to me," Kito grinned.
Joey laughed and shook his head at his friend.

"Goodbye Joey, I'll see you soon okay?" Billie Joe Armstrong told his son, Joey who was about to do something he absolutely hated, 'Get on a plane', he hugged his father,
"See you soon Dad and hey, don't worry about me, I'll be fine!" He snapped frowning.
He walked over to where Stella stood, Mike was pointing out something in the New York tour guide to her and she nodded.

"See ya hero!" He said when he finished explaining.
"What was all that about?" Joey asked Stella when Mike walked over to Billie.
"Oh he wants me to visit the Natural History Museum and touch the woolly mammoth from the Stone Age! And steal a pencil!" she said with a snort. Joey laughed with her.

"Hey Kito are you ready?" He shouted to his best friend who was receiving a hug from his mother Claudia, Tre gave him bag which read 'Dunkin' Doughnuts' and a straw. A few moments later Ramona arrived from the desk and shoved a piece of paper at Frankito.

Unlike Frankito, Ramona wasn't into the whole Punk Rock scene, she was a Third Year Law student at Yale and was doing this teacher substitute thing for extra credit. She wore a Crème jumper over white shirt and a grey pencil skirt with Christian Louboutin four inch heels. Her hair was pulled back into a bun and fastened with chop sticks. She wore black rimmed square glasses, and mother of pearl gold earrings with matching necklace and bracelet.

"Here! Don't loose that Frankie or you won't be going anywhere, in fact you'd better give it back after we get to New York or you might not be coming home!" she patronized taking her own flight ticket from her purse, Frankito gave her a dirty look,
"Whatever! And its Frankito not Frankie, what's that all about?"

Frankito gave his dad a look and walked over to meet Joey and Stella.
"If he plays you up you have our number," Claudia said reassuringly.
"Don't worry, I can handle him if he gets cocky I'll start playing baseball with his head!" she smirked and walked to the check in counter. Claudia threw Tre a worried look, Tre shrugged and walked over beside Mike and Billie Joe.

"Dad wants me to start snorting doughnut sprinkles!" Frankito told Stella and Joey, "Like that will ever happen, but I will eat the doughnuts!" He added grinning.
Roxie joined them not shortly after from the girl's bathroom, carrying her messenger bag over her shoulder and her soccor bag. Two drum sticks poked through the gap at the corner of her messenger bag and Joey smiled. She couldn't go anywhere without these essentials.

"See ya Roxie!" Billie yelled over to the bands surrogate daughter.
"See ya Billie, Mike, Tre don't do anything I wouldn't do... Or don't do anything I would!" she added before turning around.

"Where's Jay?" Roxie asked the others before they joined Ramona at the check in desk.
"He isn't out of the bathroom yet?" Joey asked. Just then their fellow classmate who was to join them on the summer Grand Final for the World History Competition appeared from the bathroom with a bit of tissue stuck to his foot.

Claudia saw this and walked over to him, stepping on the tissue without him knowing, she said, "See ya Jay, and take care of my kids now!"
Jay smiled, "Sure thing Mrs. Cool!" he said proudly and joined the others, still unaware what he'd dragged from the bathroom.
"He's never going to live this one down," Stella muttered.
"You think we should even tell him?" Joey asked his friends.
Kito snorted and waved the idea away with his doughnut hand, "Are you kidding me? Could you imagine the stick he'd get from that precious soccer team of his? NO WAY!"
Roxy giggled, "Nice to finally know you actually care so much!"
Kito threw her a disapproving look, "You serious? Hell no, I simply won't hang around with a loser."
They friends rolled their eyes and when Jay and Ramona joined them they proceeded to board the plane.