The Day After Tomorrow

In The Air

A while later they boarded the plane. It had begun raining and they'd gotten inside just in the nick of time. Jay took the window seat and Roxie sat next to him, Joey preferred the aisle seat away from the window as did Ramona in the neighbouring row. Ramona had begun tapping furiously on her lap top in desperation to finish her fifteen thousand word dissertation.

On the inside of Ramona were Stella and Kito. Stella had to sit in between the brother and sister to avoid arguments, the pair hated one another much to Roxy, Jay and Joey's amusement. Kito was huddled over his PSP and Stella had pulled out an issue of Bridal's Weekly (her dream was to design wedding dresses). The seating plan had gone to Roxy, Jay and Joey's satisfaction but Ramona was starting to get annoyed at the sound of Kito's PSP and Stella was getting annoyed at Ramona's constant sighs along with Kito's game play. The three were a sight for sore eyes.

Joey on the other hand was too wrapped up with the emotion of getting his seat beside Roxy purely out of luck of the ticket draw, to even give the bickering three a moments thought. Roxy had been told to put her soccer ball in the overhead cabin and she sighed with annoyance while throwing Jay a eye rolling look, he laughed and patted her leg in understanding. The pair were totally at the debt of each other views on their sport.
In the end Roxy pulled out her I-Pod and began to listen to a mix of U2, Green Day, KeiserCheifs and The Ramones.

As the plane prepared for take-off Joey felt the butterflies unsettle in his stomach. The engine roared into motion and he gripped the armrests as tight as his hands would allow. Take-off was the part of the flight Roxie loved the most. Mainly because it was the fastest part and it gave her a rush of adrenaline quite like the one she got from her motorbike. Frankito enjoyed this part as well and had his face glued to the window like a five year old kid trying to see the birdies.

In the air Roxie pulled out her bright yellow notebook and began writing more songs. Frankito knew not to try and read her songs over her shoulder as she hated it when people knew them before she'd played them, he made that mistake before and ended up with a black eye and loose tooth.
"I wonder what would happen if a bird got stuck in the propeller, would it stop the propeller from turning and blow up or would the propeller just fall off?" he said without thinking of Joey throughout his chain of events analysis of a plane falling from the sky.
Joey shifted uncomfortably. "You know Jo, statistics show that there's a one in a billion chance of an airplane failing due to turbulence, I hardly think a bird will be able to do much damage... Chill, okay." He said reassuringly, then, "Or may it was one in a mi...."
"Hey Kito, shut up!" Roxie ordered digging him hard in the leg.
"Ow..." he replied rubbing his leg, "I was only saying!"
"Look Joey we'll be fine...."
"Yeah they're still serving drinks!" a giddy but feminine voice came from the row in front.
A girl much like Ramona in the way she dressed, but younger maybe around sixteen, turned around in her seat and glared at Joey with a smile on her face.
She wore a white V-neck gypsy top and a baby pink and creme tweed suit in which the arms of the jacket were three quarter cut. Her blonde hair was curled and she wore what looked like real diamond studs in her ears along with a matching necklace and bracelet.
Roxie got a whiff of the girls perfume.... It was 'Dior Miss Cherie' that new Dior scent, Roxie observed.
"Hey I'm Tori or, well, Victoria but all my friends and family call me Tori. It's only ever teachers and doctors call me by my full name!" she announced shaking each of the three teenagers hands in turn.
"I'm Roxie and this is Joey and Frankito!" Roxie introduced. Frankito's eyes lit up and he smiled gaily at up at the pretty girl. Joey merely opened his eyes and gave a slight wave with his hand but not taking it from the arm rest.
"So you guys are on your way to New York huh?" She asked and before waiting for an answer she added, "I live there!"
Frankito leaned forward, "If you live in New York why are you flying a plane to New York?"
"I'm on my way back home from a fencing competition in Long Island," she replied.
This caught Ramona's attention, "You were at that fencing tournament in Long Island?" she asked.
"I competed in the girls league, came first!" she said proudly.
"My boyfriend competed in the men's!" Ramona Gloated.
"Oh yeah? Who is he I might know him?" Tori asked.
"Alec King?" Ramona said suggestively.
"Oh yes Alec, came second to Noel Wyatt, right?" Tori said.
"Uh no he came first!" Ramona snapped. Tori nodded, "Who Wyatt? I know he's really good, he deserved that place!"
"No you idiot, Alec came first to Wyatt!" Ramona said frenziedly.
"Actually you're wrong whoever told you that lied to you. Here look at this... " she said passing the winning list to Ramona, "He's accompanying me at the awards ceremony next month. Alec is a poser you should totally lose him!"
The look on Ramona's face was priceless she breathed in an exasperated way and returned to her typing.
"Thank you, thank you so much!" Frankito said shaking Tori's hand praising her for the way she set his sister straight.
"She's his sister!" Roxie explained.
"Wait a sec, Frankito and Ramona you're named after Tre Cool's kids' right?"
Roxie and Frankito exchanged glances with knowing smiles. Ramona looked over again.
"You like Green Day?" Roxie wondered, still smiling,
"Hell yeah me, my brother and my sister love them!"
"We are Tre Cool's kids!" Frankito announced.
"Yeah right okay if your Tre's kids then I'm a leprechaun!" Tori breathed.
Roxie giggled.
"You must be a leprechaun then because it's true!" Frankito said laughing,
"And that's Joey Armstrong, Billie Joe Armstrong's son. And that girl sleeping over there, the one beside my ugly sister (Ramona threw him a dirty look at this remark) that's Stella as in Estelle Pritchard/Dirnt, Mike Dirnt's daughter." Frankito explained a grin on his face.
"I never would have guessed, this is so weird the kids of my favorite band are on the same plane as me. So what are you guys going to New York for Oxygen?"
"Oxygen?" Roxie asked.
"The Rock Band charity convention, Green Day is playing there, alongside 'Fall Out Boy' and 'The Offspring'!"
"Sound cool!" Frankito remarked.
"I know I tried to get tickets but I was in Long Island and they're all sold out, but your Dads are playing so you could still go, you'd really enjoy it!"
"Maybe, we'll keep it in mind, no, were actually on our way to the finale of The World History Competitions!" Roxie put in.
Tori lit up, "Really wow so am I... Well, I mean my school is hosting the after party, but I'm taking part in it as well, kinda' have to for extra credit." Tori explained.
Suddenly the plane gave an enormous jolt and threw Tori back, she held on to the back of her seat tight so she didn't actually fall, the seat belt sign came on and she turned around. Joey squeezed his eyes tight shut and his right hand automatically grabbed in to Tori's arm rest crushing her hand in the process, he didn't seem to notice. The captain spoke, "Ladies and Gentlemen its going to be a bit bumpy as we reach some turbulence, nothing to worry about, could you ensure that your seat belts are fastened and that all drinks trays are in their up right positions... Thank you!"
The stewardess demanded that Ramona put her laptop away as she passed, although Ramona despite the occurring events focused on one thing: her assignment and ignored the stewardess' advice.
Joey began to shake almost as violently as the plane did, "Joey, are you okay?" Roxie asked soothingly.
"You could snort some doughnut sprinkles Joey, that might take your mind off the fact the plane is going down!" Frankito murmured jokingly achieving yet another dig from Roxie and a glare from Tori who'd turned around and stared at him through the gap between the seats when she'd heard the mean remark.
"Joey the plane isn't going down... " Roxie reassured him gently.
"No... Well, not yet anyway!" Frankito joked again without the power to resist and again Roxie punched him.
"What... I was joking... Joey I was joking, dude!" Frankito laughed.
"Shut up!" Tori snapped.
"I can't win!" Frankito moaned. The lights flickered and went out, the plane still violently shook.

Outside the plane, in the air, and through the clouds, fog and mist was the city of Los Angeles and the clouds hovering over the 'City of Angels' birthed a huge F5 Tornado that ripped through the city erasing everything in its path!

Will Elisa persuade the vice president to 'risk' the economy to save the world or is it too late?
Who's the girl that Joey actually joined a teamfor?
Will Joey patch things up with his dad for being on tour too much?
Will Joey even see his dad again?
Will the plane pass by the tornadoes or go for a spin?
Or will that bird take out plane instead, causing Joey to result in sniffing donut sprinkles?
Will the team ever get to New York to compete in that World History Competition?
Or will something else happen when they get there.
I guess you'll never know until you read Part Two of Green Day and Kids in:
The Day After Tomorrow!