The Day After Tomorrow

Landing to what tho'?

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre cool went straight to the recording studio after leaving their kids at their airport. Adrienne had taken Jakob to his summer club at the local activity centre and skate park and then took the band some food.
"Can you guys believe it, it's actually raining out there... in sunny Cal!" Adie remarked taking off her jacket and hanging over the back of the chair.
"Hey, babe!" Billie said greeting Adie with a kiss on the cheek and then he took the food. Adie rolled her eyes. "Adie did you get my... ." Tre began.
"Orange Mocha Frappachino?" She finished for him then added "Yes but I got you two!"
"Thank you, you're a darling!" he yelled in a mock voice hugging her, it really is true what they about food being the way to a man's heart or in Tre's case Orange Mocha Frappachinos. Mike stopped strumming and waved, "Hey Adie, you say it was raining?"
"Yeah its gushing down really strange, I mean its California not England!"
They all laughed, the last time Adie took a holiday to England it was raining the entire time and she hated it.
"Apparently it's the same in New York I just hope the kids are okay!"


The captain of the Boeing 747 swore under his breath as he saw the Tornado in the far off distance.
"Shit Steve we'll have to take another route around Los Angeles it's too dangerous."
"Al we can't take that risk, we won't have enough fuel to go all the way around we should land!"
"It's a risk I'm willing to take!" and Al snapped, reset the co-ordinates and turned the plane.

In the passenger hold, Joey Armstrong was shaking violently praying they would be okay, it was really bad turbulence and they didn't know why, no one knew anything.
The plane suddenly jolted forward and everything went with it including the drinks trolley. Lights flickered and bags fell from the compartments above. Joey drew in an alarmed breath and squeezed the arm rests harder. Roxie winced with the pain he hadn't noticed her hand below his.
Eventually the plane calmed and took back its smooth course.
"Um... Joey?" Joey looked at her.
"Can I have my hand back?" she said and Joey alarmed by what he'd done let go of her hand and sheepishly looked away. Roxie flexed her hand and sighed; she pulled out a Rolling Stones magazine and began to read an article on Guns and Roses. Beside Roxy, Frankito Cool was listening to Offspring on his I-Pod Nano. Ramona was still typing her essay and Stella and Jake had fallen asleep, amidst their sleep they had fallen all over each other.
"Hey Joey!" Roxy said tapping his arm.
"Mmm... what?" Joey replied opening his eyes.
"Look at those two... ha, ha!" Roxy said and pulled out her digital camera.
Stella was lying over Jake's legs and Jake over Stella's back, he was drooling on her shoulder near Ramona who, when she realised what he was doing, made a disgusted face and edged away from him.
Joey heartened a bit after that, he laughed as Roxy took off her seat belt, leaned over him and Ramona and started snapping away at the two.
"I'm gonna make a scrap book and put these in it." She said. Ramona got into it also and posed with the sleeping pair, making faces and pointing at them.
"Miss could you please fasten your seat belt!" The stewardess ordered.
For fuck sake, just ruin the fun, Joey thought.
"Whatever... ." Roxy replied and sat down again. After a while the plane had calmed down and Joey had come out of his fearsome trance.
Frankito put his I-Pod Nano away and offered every one a doughnut. Only Joey and Roxy would take one. Soon after the plane had stopped shaking the captain said they would be taking a different route to New York and that it was nothing to worry about.

A while later they landed and Stella and Jake had woken up fighting each other off, Frankito apologised Joey for his ramblings about the plane going down and Joey had shrugged and said, "Its okay man!"
The turbulence had apparently put Tori to sleep.
"This has been one long fucked up ride!" Frankito said yawning and stretching in his seat. He added with a sidelong glance at Joey, "And hey... the plane didn't crash!"
Joey gave him a "Dude your fucking evil" glare,
Frankito laughed, "I'm sorry man, I couldn't resist!"
"Shut up!" Joey snapped.

Outside the rain was horrendous they all ran as fast as they could into the terminal to collect their bags. Inside the terminal Roxy saw Tori collecting her bags, she ran over to her, "Hey Tori!" she yelled. Tori turned around.
"Oh hey Roxy, what's up?"
"Listen Joey says if you really wanna go to Oxygen he'll sort you out with some tickets!" Roxy said.
"Really? Cool, thanks Roxy tell Joey I said thanks too!"
"Sure, see you later!" Roxy said and joined the others to go get a cab.


Alyssa was labelling and storing the cores from her trip to the Antarctica when Tom Gomez marched into the freeze room yelling her name, "Alyssa?"
"I know you have a good talent for rubbing people the wrong way, Alyssa, but why? Why for the love of God would you aggravate the Vice President?"
Alyssa sighed and jumped down from the ladder, "Because my seventeen year old sister knows more science than he does!"
"Yes Alyssa, that may be but your seventeen year old sister does not control our budget it doesn't matter if she hates you!"
"My sister doesn't hate me!" Alyssa said brushing past her boss.
"You're missing the point Alyssa, what I'm trying to tell you is: if Edward Reeves pulls our budget... wait where are you... Alyssa?"
But Alyssa wasn't listening she was supposed to go call her sister before she left for New York. She ran to her office.
Bit late love!!!


The snow lay thick and heavy over the Scotland hills. The Hedland Centre for Oceanic Climate Control was merely a small white hut in the middle of no where.
A car sat outside and Dave leaned in the driver's window.
"I can't believe I'm spending two weeks abroad with my mum!" David's wife Anita moaned with a laugh. Dave smiled and stroked her face, "Oh, be patient with her alright she's been looking forward to this holiday for months!" he laughed and kissed her tenderly on the lips.
He walked to the back of the car and opened the back door to say goodbye to his son, "Hey little man, see you soon okay?" he kissed the little baby on the forehead and closed the door again.
Anita drove on and Dave headed inside the centre, pulling his coat around him to shade himself from the bitter cold.

Inside the centre the TV blared out the news channel,

"The cause for this extreme weather is unknown and remains a mystery!" The forecaster said, Al was, as usual glued to the TV.
"That's odd!" Professor Rawson announced staring at the computer.
"What is?" David asked hanging up his coat and walking over to the new coffee machine proceeding to pour a cup for the professor and himself.
"Well there's a buoy here registering a thirteen degree drop in ocean temperature!" Rawson breathed.
"Oh yes that buoy malfunctioned the other day. I'll put a call in to see if there are any boats near Georges Bank to pick it up."
"This one isn't in Georges Bank!" The professor exclaimed and tapped on the keyboard to bring up the ocean map.
"What are the odds of two buoys failing?" David asked gaping at the screen with a sense of confusion.
"Remote," Terence Rawson replied fearfully, he knew exactly what was happening and when the third buoy went on alarm it proved his theory, "Make that three!" he said. He lifted his coffee and went to take a sip then set it back down again, "I'd better call Elisa McAllister!"
"Should make sure it's definitely what you think it is Professor don't want to raise a false alarm!" Dave suggested.
"There's no way of my doing that Elisa McAllister is the only one that has a forecast model powerful enough to run a check... I'm going to make the call!"


Bill was a homeless man, he didn't mind, he'd gotten used to it, he walked up the street among all the traffic and Joey saw him pass by their cab with his dog saying, "Look Skippy, all these cars and their exhausts and their just polluting the atmosphere!"
In a manner of speaking... Yes
Joey smirked at him. Roxy had fallen asleep in the cab on his shoulder she must have been wiped; he looked down at her and smiled then gently rested his head on hers.
Frankito saw this and grinned at him; Joey gave him the finger and looked out of the window again. Ramona was huffing in the front seat, she didn't travel well.
"Excuse me Sir but we're late!" She snapped.
The cabby smiled at her sarcastically, "We're almost there!" which in fact they weren't because they stuck in the dam traffic. Horns blared including the one belonging to the car beside them and it woke Roxy up. She jerked awake and they clashed heads.
"Oh God, sorry Joey I'm such a klutz!" she apologised rubbing her head.
Roxy wasn't a klutz, she was far from it was just as much his fault, but she didn't seemed to have noticed his head resting on hers and he wasn't about to tell her.
"It's okay," he replied sheepishly rubbing his own head.
"You know guys we're only two blocks away!" Jake said looking at his map of Manhattan.
Joey brightened and shrugged, "Then let's walk!"
"Yes... Let's!" Roxy agreed and they all got their bags and got out. Ramona paid the cabby and got out herself.
"Watch the traffic Frankie!" She snapped at her brother. Frankito made a face.
"Fuck you Ramona!" He snapped back. Then when she walked away he gave her the finger Stella giggled and shoved him playfully. Joey walked beside Roxie, "Is your head okay?"
Roxie smiled, "Yes what about yours?" she asked back.
"Yes it's fine."
He smiled at her again. Roxie laughed, "What?" she giggled staring into his green eyes, an inheritance from his father. Joey shook his head and shrugged, would this be the time to tell her his secret
Suddenly everyone's attention was averted when billions of birds flew overhead, all in the same direction mainland away from the ocean.
"Okay can we hurry up there's no way I'm getting crapped on!" Frankito yelled holding his bag over his head and pulling Stella under, she let her self be pulled and they jogged up the street together, Frankito's arm resting over her shoulders.
"I second that!" Joey said and grabbed Roxy's arm to run.