The Day After Tomorrow

Dancing To The Beat Of Cadence


Billie Joe, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt, finished recording their new record and turned on the TV to see the weather reports while they ate. Adrienne had gone to get Jakob from the youth centre as the youth leader called to say it had began to flood.
"This is crazy, why is all this happening? There's the biggest typhoon ever in Australia, Hail stones the size of footballs in Japan, its crazy!" Billie Joe gushed.
"Mother Nature at her best I suppose!" Mike replied
"I don't like this man!" Tre put in throwing a fearful glance at his companions.
"Hey listen to this, guys," Jason White said carrying the radio into the room. Mike switched of the TV and they turned around to listen.

"The weather anomalies that have recently been occurring are a mystery to so many except Professor Alyssa McAllister who recently briefed Mr Vice President Edward Reeves telling him about what was to come. Vice President Reeves replied that the world's economy was just as fragile as the world's environment and that these weather imperfections are in fact just a phase and would soon pass. However Alyssa McAllister replied differently, as all these weather anomalies are just a starter point for what's coming and that pretty soon we could be at a new Ice Age."

"Isn't she that Roxy kid's big sister? What does she have to do with all this?" Jason asked.

"She's works with the government doing weather research or something, maybe she can tell us the truth about what's going on!" Tre wondered. "I'm gonna call!"

A while later Tre returned, "I can't get through all the phone lines are jammed."

"Fine then we'll go and see her!" Billie Joe replied and jumped up.
He called Adie and told her to pack up some stuff for her and Jakob and drive with him to see Alyssa; they were going to find out what was happening once and for all.


"In 1532, Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro defeated this Incan emperor at the Peruvian Highland town of Cajamareo. What is his name?" The reader announced at over the mike and the timer started.
Roxy thought about this question but her mind was blank, Jake tapped her arm, "Montezuma?" She suggested but Roxy shook her head, "No Montezuma was in Mexico not Peru, It's like Anta something... "
Joey knew that one, "Atahualpa?" he suggested. (Pronounced=Ata-wappa)
"That's it!" Roxy said and as the timer hit the number one she wrote it down and passed it to the team's handler. He raised his hand to the desk guys who were asking the questions and they nodded "And that's five points for Blackwood and Five points for Pinehurst Academy!"
Roxy cheered and hugged Joey!
And that's more points for the Joe-ster! Joey smiled to himself.


"Look at all these nerds!" Frankito observed taking a glass of fruit punch as the tender passed him. He walked over to join Joey and Jake who were, as guys often are, dressed first and waiting on the girls. Joey wore a black and white tux with a black bowtie; he had a diamond cross on his left breast pocket, a gift from his dad.
Jake on the other hand wasn't as smartly dressed, he thought the hippie carpet look to be very cool.
"Hey, you two should fit in alright here!" Frankito told his two friends, who rolled their eyes.
"Anyway how'd the competition go?" Frankito asked, "I'm glad I'm a substitute there's this party award thing down town tonight and while you lot are tucked up in your beddie-bies saving your beauty sleep for round two ill be partying with the celebs!"
"We tied with Pinehurst!" Joey told his friend ignoring Frankito's ranting about the celebrity party. Jake seemed jealous for the party, "Where is this party?"
Frankito smiled and turned to look at what Joey had his eyes fixed on. Roxy and Stella were walking through the crowd. It was a formal party and while the guys wore tuxedoes the ladies wore fancy dresses.
"Wow Stella cleans up nice!" Frankito noticed. Roxy was walking behind her and they couldn't see her yet. Stella's dress was a plum coloured bodice and ruffled cocktail skirt. The plum colour complimented her auburn hair. As Roxie emerged from behind Stella and Joey took a deep breath. Roxie wore a navy blue bodice and straight skirt. The waistline had a black and navy blue sash tied at the side and was plastered with little diamantes.
"Wow... you look beautiful!" Joey said and Frankito gave him a look to say "yeah right you're not into her".
"Thanks!" She replied. Frankito turned to Stella, "You look good, makes a change from the jeans and black shirts!" Frankito was naturally blunt and Stella understood this. "Shut up and dance with me!" Stella said and as she was about to pull him away Tori's voice sounded across the room.
"Roxie!" She came over, "Hey you guys look great, and you guys played a great first round!"
Frankito had stepped away from Stella to admire Tori and Stella looked pissed.
"Yeah so did you, well done!" Joey said shaking her hand.
"Thank you, well I better go I have to make sure the guests get their tour!"
"I'd love a tour!" Frankito snapped.
"Okay sure some along!" Tori replied and Frankito stepped forward to take her arm.
Joey realized the look on Stella's face she looked upset.
"Hey Stella, ignore him it's just a fling!" Stella nodded then shrugged, "I'm gonna go get a drink!" And she disappeared into the crowd.
"Hey, aren't you Roxy McAllister?" A manly voice said behind Roxie who was watching Stella go.
"Yes." Roxy replied turning around; there was a tall and handsome guy behind her. He had light brown hair with blonde through it and the dreamiest blue eyes; he was well built and had a slight trace of stubble which made him look all the sexier.
"You're the Black Wood Academy team!" he blurted.
"That's us!" Roxy replied.
"Hey you know my sister Tori right? You haven't seen anyone that looks like her? Wearing, possibly, blue jeans, a black Green Day shirt and red Beret?" He asked.
"No we haven't!" Joey said bluntly.
"Right... okay," The guys replied.
"But I could help you look for her," Roxy offered and Joey looked bummed.
"Really thanks," The guy replied.
"Joey, can you hold this?" Roxy asked handing him her drink. Joey nodded. "Sure."
As Roxy and the guy walked together he introduced himself, "I'm Jensen Rosemont, Tori's twin Cadence crashed this party and she isn't supposed to be here, she's not exactly the academic type like Tori.
At that moment Roxy saw a girl at the buffet wearing exactly the same cloths as Jensen had described her. "Is that her?" she asked.
Jensen looked and sighed, "Yes! Hey Cady what are you doing?"
"Oh hey Jen, what's up?" the girl asked. The girl definitely looked like Tori in features but everything else about her was completely different. She wore expensive looking Gucci flip flops, dark blue ripped jeans held up by a black studded belt, and white long sleeved shirt underneath a black American Idiot Green Day shirt which had the heart grenade on the front and the words 'American Idiot' on the back. Her blond tresses were hanging grungily over her shoulders and on top was a red Beret. Around her body was a small denim bag which had Green Day badges plastered to it and poking out from the side where two old looking band sticks! Roxy liked her.
"Why are you even here? If Mrs Tate finds you, you are gonna be dog meat!" Jensen moaned.
"Okay, okay whatever, I'm going, hi!" she said when she saw Roxy.
"Hello, I couldn't help noticing your band sticks, are you in a band?" Roxy asked.
"Oh yeah, um yes it's called Remote Desolation!" Cadence replied.
"Jen if you don't mind I want to go shopping for that new Simple Plan MTV live CD!" Cadence said to her older brother.
"Sure whatever as long as your not here!" he replied.
"Simple Plan? Are you serious, I've been waiting for months to see that DVD/CD!" Roxy blurted.
"Cool, do you wanna come watch with?" Cadence asked.
"Sure, I'm Roxy by the way!" Cadence smiled, "Cadence!"
Jensen smiled as he watched the two girls leave together deep in conversation. Joey watched them go with and with an exasperated sigh he headed back to his room.