The Day After Tomorrow

How Long?


"What you're seeing is what's left of down town Los Angeles." The weather girl said. Joey, Frankito, Tori, Jake and Stella were watching along with the rest of the party guests.
Roxy ran in with Cadence and Jensen, she ran up to Joey and threw her arms around him, "It's terrible!" She muttered as she cried into his shoulder. Joey rubbed her back and sunk his face into her hair, "I know babe!" he said soothingly.
Jensen and Cadence joined Tori and they hugged each other. Any ounce of moral support people could get they fed on it like lions on antelope. Whether they hated one another or not.
Frankito appeared behind Stella and she rested her head back onto his shoulder he pulled away in shyness, noticed Tori was recieving hugs from her family and decided to chat up Deirdra, the girl from the team from Africa. Jake was on the phone, he hung up, "I'm sorry people but we need to change the channel!"
He said as he walked over to the TV, people moaning in the background.

"The FAA has grounded all air traffic in the United States but the call came too late for two air planes which were brought down by severe turbulence." The reporter said.

Joey shook his head and turned to Frankito, "One in a million huh?" he snapped and Frankito swallowed hard.


"Okay people listen up we don't have much time so please listen up!" Tom Gomez hushed the room, he gestured for the weather specialists to give their news.

"All our grid models are useless!" Vorsteen said.

"I don't think grid models are gonna be a lot of help here, Canadians report tremendous circulation moving down from the Arctic. In Siberia there's a low pressure system unlike anything we've seen and Australia just saw the strongest Typhoon ever recorded!" Lattel explained.

"Wait, are you saying these things are inter connected?" Lanson asked.

"We have to consider the possibility," Gerry remarked.

"The only force strong enough to affect Global Weather is the sun." Trent offered.

"What's NASA have to say?" Gomez asked Clarke Takoda.

"We've already checked, Solar out put is normal!"

"What about the North Atlantic Current?" Alyssa put in.

"What about it?" Vorsteen asked.

"I got a call a call last night from Professor Rawson at the Hedland Centre and he things the current has changed!"

The room went into a fit of chatter between each other as they considered this to be a possibility.
"Come on Alyssa how can that be?" Lattel asked.

"The current depends upon a balance of salt and fresh water... " Alyssa began.
Behind her Brian leaned to Billie Joe, Mike and Tre, "She loves doing this part!"
"We all know that, Alyssa.." Gomez said.
"Yes but nobody has taken into account how much fresh water has been dumped into the ocean because of melting polar ice. I think we've hit a critical desalinization point." Elisa informed her affiliates.

"That would explain what's driving this extreme weather!" Clarke added.

"Hedland sent me some convincing data; they've asked me to feed it into my paleo climate model to track the next set of events!" Alyssa explained.

"Hold on Alyssa are you suggesting that these weather anomalies are going to continue?"
Gomez asked.

"Oh not just continue... get worse." She paused and took a breath before giving the news, "I think were on the verge of a major climate shift!"

Tom dismissed the affiliates and left the room, Alyssa followed leaving Natalie to take care of Billie Joe, Mike and Tre.

"Tom what are you going to tell the administration?" Alyssa asked following up the corridor.

"What do you expect me to tell them?" Tom Gomez replied.
"The government has to start making long term preparations!" Alyssa told him.

"Elisa all you have is a theory!" Tom said exasperated.

"Then give me the mainframe and I'll prove it!" Alyssa asked.

"No... ." Tom said then knew he had said the wrong thing, he knew Alyssa was right about this and the only thing he was worried abut was the Vice President pulling the plug on everything, "Alright... you have forty-eight hours!"

Elisa smiled and turned back to see Clark Takoda facing her, "Professor McAllister?"
"Yes!" Alyssa said.
"I think your theory may be correct!" He said.
"Walk with me!" Alyssa told him and he did.
"Just a few weeks ago I monitored the strongest hurricane on record, the hail, and the tornadoes it all fits. Can the model you're working on factor in storm scenarios?"
"We haven't had the time!" Natalie said who had just joined them with Brian, Jack and Billie, Mike and Tre in tow.
"I think I can help!" Clark said, "Welcome on board." Alyssa replied.


"Here's some coffee," Natalie said handing a cup to Clarke.
"Oh thank you." Clark said taking a sip and setting it down while he worked on the computer.
"Alyssa you've been working for twenty-one hours straight, you're the only one who hasn't taken a break, go and take a rest!" Jack suggested.
"Maybe I should try to shut my eyes for a while." And she got up and left, "Call me when you get the results."
A while later Takoda had the results. Natalie went show him where the staff common room was. They roused Alyssa and handed her the results.
Elisa looked gob smacked.
"Six to eight months... that can't be!" She gasped.
"That time scale isn't in months it's in weeks." Takoda explained.