Malicious Smile

I‘ll Wear A Grin Behind Your Blood

Oliver stumbled through the bush, panting as he tried to catch up with my fast pace. I lay perfectly still amongst the forest’s rubble, wondering silently if he would see me or just run straight passed me. But I soon realised that despite how thick the leaves above us where, there was no hiding a form as large as mine from the moonlight.

Soon Oliver came into sight, his chest rising and falling with his heavy breaths. He froze upon seeing me, unsure whether to move forward or remain still. He decided otherwise, taking a friendly step towards me. He held out his hand, sighing softly.
‘Come on, Claire. Let’s get out of here.’ I remained frozen, my glare hidden from his sight by the veil of darkness. He stood above me, hand stuck gauntly outwards, awaiting sense to come to me.

After a minute, Oliver grew frustrated with my stubbornness.
‘Oh come on, Claire. Stop acting like such a child. First you run from the carnival into a fucking forest at night, wrecking my evening, now you lay on the ground refusing to move. What is your problem?’ He yelled at me, throwing his hands up into the air. A growl slipped from my lips.

Oliver scoffed at me, as he looked down upon me.
‘You know what than? Fine, you lie here on the dirty ground and I’ll leave you be.’ Oliver spun around, and began to walk away. I stopped him in his tracks when a hysterical laugh, starting out no more than a chuckle, slipped through my lips.

A sick, malicious smile sat on my face as I pushed myself up from the forest ground. As I stood upon my feet, I brushed my hands back and forth along my purple jacket, the chuckle still lingering in my throat. As I moved towards Oliver, the moonlight caught my face, highlighting my perfectly white teeth to Oliver. I could see the sheen of sweat along his brow as the fear broke out onto his face. He slowly began to back up.

Quickly I paced over to him, pressing myself flush against his body. I backed him up slowly until he was pressed against a tree, his chest shuddering as he tried not to breath. I chuckled in his face, the height difference, or lack there of, made it easier to stare him eye to eye.
‘God your annoying. Not to mention the worst boyfriend around. So boring; so depressing. Can’t even make your own girlfriend smile.’

I reached up into m hair, fishing a bobby pin out from my green hair. Holding it behind my back, I began to twist and tug at the pin, until I broke it in half.
‘God, Oli, you hurt me. Slowly you corrupted my soul. When I first met you I thought you were perfect, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. But slowly you began to break me and wear me down. Now it’s time for vengeance.’ I growled, suddenly grabbing his crotch. His eyes widened, unsure of what to think. But as my hand began to tighten roughly against him, he knew this wouldn’t be a pleasurable experience.

Before Oliver could react I held one half of the bobby pin to his throat. Without hesitation, I pushed down. The pressure I forced against the small strip of metal was enough to make Oliver gurgle out a scream, before the broken end pierced through his skin. Before I let him fall to the floor, I watched the blood trickle from his small wound. With a smile stuck to my face, I leaned down and licked the coppery liquid from his throat. Then I took a steep back, and watched him fall forwards.

I took a step over him, picking up his leather-clad arm. With the pain overtaking Oliver, he was unable to resist me as his mind tried to shut itself down. Slipping the second half of the bobby pin between my lips, I pushed his sleeve up his arm before turning his wrist upwards. Slowly, I began to feel along his wrist in order to find his main artery. Once that was located, I took the pin from my mouth and stabbed him up the wrist various times. Slowly, I let his wrist drop to the floor, before I kicked him in the side.

‘Goodbye, Oliver.’ I whispered, blowing him a kiss. Giving him one last glance, I spun around and left him to die on the forest floor. And the smile upon my face had never felt better.