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Head on Collision

“I guess in this day and age, a door slammed in your face can be translated simply to ‘fuck you’.”

Jack Bassam Barakat.
16, tall, awkward, quirky.
Jack has always been unsure of himself.
In a crowded room, he would stick out like a sore thumb and not because he was overly attractive or dancing like a lunatic; no because he was interesting. His face was interesting, his body shape was interesting and the smile on his face was interesting.
Girls confused him ; as did boys. He didn’t fit.
He had friends; Rian and Zack.
But he didn’t fit with them either; besides their common interest; music.

But what happens to Jack when a new boy starts at school.
A boy like him in some ways; a junior, tall and thin and interesting.
A boy unlike him in so many ways; attractive, talkative, suave.
A boy that dressed in scarves, over sized beanies and boat shoes.
A boy whose hair sat perfectly on top of his head.
A boy whose crooked smile could make a heart melt.

Alexander William Gaskarth.

What happens when this boy and Jack’s lives collide?

Disclaimer: as much as i hate to admit it, I don’t own All Time Low; I don’t own Jack, Rian, Zack or Alex. I also don’t own the songs used in this story. That credit goes to All Time Low and Hopeless Records.

A/N: this is a Jalex slash fanfiction. If you don't enjoy or are offended by the prospect of same sex relations, do NOT read. xo

A/N 2: as of (25/3/2015 i am editing this story. going through and checking spelling and grammar and fixing up sentence structure. I may also be editing some of the story if i see fit; things that don't make sense, or are rushed are i feel can be worded or laid out better. i don't know if people still come back and read the info on this story but i hope you guys do. Just so you know what i'm up to. much love!
  1. Prelude
  2. Circles
  3. Shameless
  4. Umbrella
  5. Lullabies
  6. Interlude
  7. Running With Lions
    (AN; chapter went through some changes. Majorly edited. Happy reading!)
  8. This Is How We Do
  9. Interlude Again
  10. The Beach
    Part 1
  11. The Beach
    Part 2
  12. The Beach
    Part 3
  13. The Beach
    Part 4
  14. Holly
  15. The Next Best Thing
  16. Interlude
  17. Get, Get, Gettin Ready
  18. The Party Scene
  19. Lost In Stereo
  20. Break Out, Break Out
  21. Six Feet Under The Stars
  22. Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night)
  23. Morning
  24. Happy
  25. Come One, Come All
  26. Hello Brooklyn
  27. Family
  28. My Paradise
  29. Therapy
  30. Sick Little Games
  31. Coffee Shop Soundtrack
  32. Friends Over Bandmates
  33. Light The Way
  34. Morning After
  35. I Can't Do The One Two Step
  36. In The Nick Of Time
  37. We Are Young
  38. Can't Take That Away
  39. Let It Roll
  40. Carry On
  41. Do You Promise To Tell The Truth...
  42. On Top Of The World
  43. Drive
  44. Another Song For The Weekend
  45. Meet The Parents
  46. Untitled
  47. Anywhere but Here
  48. Break Your Little Heart
  49. I Don't Care
  50. Scream
  51. The Consequence
  52. My Herat Is the Worst Kind Of Weapon
  53. Contagious Chemistry
  54. You're Crashing But You're No Wave
  55. Melody For A Memory
  56. Saving Grace
  57. War and Wisdom
  58. Walls
  59. Book Of Me And You
  60. Carry On
  61. Closer To You
  62. You Had Me At Hello
  63. No Way Out
  64. Currents Convulsive
  65. The Art Of Hoping Hard
  66. Dedication
  67. P.Y.T.
  68. Alright
  69. Somewhere Only We Know
  70. Repercussions
  71. Something More
  72. Toxic Valentine
  73. Breathless
  74. Weightless
  75. Night Shades
  76. Touch
  77. Make It Happen
  78. All Time Low
  79. Outlines
  80. Thanks To You
  81. Hit The Lights
  82. Kids In The Dark
  83. The Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver
  84. Old Scars/Future Hearts
  85. Runaways
  86. Light The Way
  87. Come Undone
  88. Tidal Waves
  89. Fireworks
  90. Back To Reality