By the Light of the Northern Star

Anna and Elise have been the greatest of friends.

When Anna gets tickets and backstage passes to a concert featuring their favorite band Tyr, Elise can't believe it.

Will things stay the same or change after that day?
  1. Megadesk
    Meet the charcters.
  2. Bad Omen
    Title Credit-Megadeth and Read Author's Note
  3. The Shopping Trip
    It's time for the girls to get some stuff to take on the road. Read Authors Note.
  4. Ain't it Fun
    Title Credit: Guns 'N Roses
  5. My Love is For Real
    Title Credit-Paula Abdul
  6. Scenario
    Title Credit: A Tribe Called Quest
  7. The Best Day
    Title Credit: Taylor Swift (Read Author's Note)
  8. White Horse
    Title Credit: Taylor Swift
  9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Title Credit: Queen
  10. My Destiny
    Title Credit: Leaves' Eyes
  11. Everything's Just Wonderful
    Title Credit: Lily Allen
  12. Let’s Make This Night Last Forever
    Title Credit: First Date by Blink 182
  13. In My Place
    Title Credit: Coldplay
  14. Rock Band
    Kind of a filler chapter. It is important to read though.
  15. Homecoming
    Title Credit: Green Day
  16. Changing Lives
  17. Never Knew I Needed
    Title Credit: Ne-Yo
  18. What the Hell
    Title Credit: Avril Lavigne
  19. Never Let You Go
    Title Credit: Justin Bieber
  20. The Honeymoon Song
    Title Credit: Everclear
  21. A Nice Surprise
  22. Plans and Unplanned Meetings
  23. The Wedding Day
    Look at the author's note