By the Light of the Northern Star

The Wedding Day

Anna sat in the dressing room waiting for a surprise from the girls and Erik. She was so anxious to get married. She waited her whole life for this moment and was glad it was finally here.

There was small knock on the door and the girls and Erik entered.

“So what is it you guys have for me?” Anna asked anxiously.

“Well we figured since you had your dress, the something blue, we would give you the old, new and borrowed.” Mel said.

“The old is your grandmother’s engagement ring. Elise grabbed it from your jewelry box before we left, so you could have something from the one person in your family who cared a lot for you and could not be here.” Abby said slipping it on Anna’s right hand.

“I’m giving you my half of our friendship bracelet as your something borrowed.” Elise said putting it on the same wrist Anna’s was.

The girls walked out informing Anna, Erik wanted to give her his in private.

“I can’t believe you all did this.” Anna said, looking up into Erik’s eyes.

“Well I am so glad that the day is finally here. I have something I want to give you.”

Erik pulled a small box from his pocket.

“I wanted to give you this, for you something new.” He said opening the box to reveal a pentagram necklace.

“I found this at a shop on tour. I have a similar one that I wear. Mine always gave me good luck, and I wanted you to have one.” He said pulling his necklace from under his shirt.

“Erik, I don’t know what to say. I mean we haven’t even been friends that long.” Anna said shakily.

“Don’t worry you will always be my best friend. When been through too much to not be good friends. Come on, it’s time to get out there and walk up and get married to the amazing guy who loves you so much.”

The linked arms and walked and stepped behind the bridesmaids as an instrumental rendition of Andrea Bocelli’s Time to Say Goodbye began to play.

The guest stood up as Anna and Erik made their way slowly to the front. Anna had the biggest smile and tears threatening to fall. She was so happy in that moment as she looked at her husband to be. She knew that this was forever.

They asked who would be giving the bride away. Erik said “I do”, lifted her veil, kissed her cheek and let her go.

The whole ceremony was beautiful. Anna recited her vows in a shaky voice with small tears streaming down her face. Héri smiled and slowly massaged her shaking hands.

Afterwards they walked to a car to get to the reception.

“That was fun huh,” Anna said as they got in the car.

“Yeah but the reception should be a lot more fun. I heard you had some songs ready to sing.”

“Yeah one to you and one to my friends.”

Once they got there everyone was already inside. Their driver didn’t leave to about 30 minutes after everyone had already gone on to the reception hall.

The couple came into the reception hall with a round of applause. The best man, Gunnar, and the maid of honor, Elise joined them to make their speeches.

“I first met Anna on Quizilla. She wrote a story with Dave Mustaine in it and I had to talk to her. We became great friends online and talked a lot. When we finally met it was when I moved to Florida. I have had the greatest time with her as my friend. When she and Héri met each other I knew that she would be with him forever. He didn’t hurt her like her last boyfriend and I’m glad they’re together.”

“Well Héri and I have been best friends before and after we started the band. I always noticed all his relationships ended after a few months. When Héri told me he loved Anna before he even asked her out, I knew instantly he would be with her forever. Never have I seen him so happy and I’m so glad that they finally decided to get married.”

After the speeches, toasting and cutting the cake it was time for Héri and Anna to have their first dance. The girls started playing Babe by Styx. Anna danced with her head on Héri’s chest as they danced across the floor. After their dance the DJ started playing the set list made by Anna, Héri, Gunnar, and Elise.

After a while Anna called for everyone’s attention.

“I decided to sing two songs. I’m first going to do Best Friend by Weezer for my friends and Moment 4 Lifeby Nicki Minaj and Drake with my friend Christopher from Alestorm.”

The rest of the night was amazing and filled with dancing, laughing, and camaraderie. Héri and Anna rode off after the ceremony to catch their plane to Sweden.

They arrived a couple hours later and we swiftly checked into their hotel.

“Héri I am so happy to finally start our honeymoon. I have a surprise for you, I feel a little silly doing it but I’ve been feeling rather pretty lately.” Anna said.

She walked to the bathroom. While in there she kept her hair and makeup done and she took her lingerie out of her bag. She slipped it on and then added heels to complete the look.

“How do I look?” Anna asked as she walked slowly toward Héri.

“Amazing,” he said standing up to greet her.

Their faces came together slowly and Héri’s lips attacked hers and the intensity of the kiss increased and they slowly made their way towards the bed.

Anna woke up the next morning a little sore and ready to spend the day with Héri.

“How did you sleep last night?” Héri asked sitting up.

“Great, how long have you been up?”

“Just a few minutes, I just love watching you sleep. You drool a little.”

“Héri could we go to Dead’s gravesite. You know the singer from Mayhem.”

“Yes and I know you told me you wanted to visit it alone. So I’ll wait in the car for you.”

She stepped out of the car on to the grass of the graveyard. She slowly approached his grave.

“Hi Pelle, it’s me Anna. I feel kind of silly because I never met you and I don’t know you as well as your family and close friends. I just needed to say that your lyrics and voice really spoke to me in a way that no one else’s has. We weren’t very similar and had lead different lives. If we had met and been friends I would be happy to tell you I got married and am glad to live the life I do. I wish you were still alive so we could meet and I could share everything with you. I hope you’re looking down on us. Thanks for giving the world you genius even if it was only for a short time.”

Anna kissed her fingertips and placed them on the top of the gravestone for a few seconds. As she walked away the recently calm wind blew and rustled the leaves around her and his gravestone. Anna took that as a good sign from Dead.

The rest of the vacation was spent sightseeing and spending a small day in Norway.

When they got back home Elise and Gunnar were waiting to hear all about it.

“So how was it?” Elise asked.

“Amazing,” Anna said. She then recounted everything that had happened on the trip.

A few years later Elise and Anna both became pregnant around the same time. Elise and Gunnar ended up having two kids Gunnar Harrison and Jonathan Terji. Anna and Héri had three kids Gabriel Lee, Madison Louise, and Kristoffer James. They lived their lives and are still happy and doing well

The End
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Anna's Wedding Look