It's Empty And Cold Without You Here.

Chapter Twenty-Two.

"Mr. Sanders, if you would tell me who you are and why you're here?"

Matt sighed at the question. He had heard it too many times, and always gave them the same answer.

"My name is Matthew Sanders. I'm twenty-three. I grew up in Huntington Beach. My parents' names are Gary and Kim. I have a sister called Amy and she's a basketball player."

"Good. That's correct. Now will you tell me why you're here?"

"Because I'm crazy."

It was always the same answer, always. He knew they thought he was crazy. All the doctors thought all the patients were crazy.

"Why are you here, Matthew?"

"Because I can't tell the difference between my girlfriend and her sister," he said, and sighed. It was always a mystery to him, why he was really there. Why did he have to be locked up? He knew he was right, they were just trying to put lies into his head. Make him believe them.

What he didn't know was that Emily, Michelle, Brian, Nicky Johnny, Jimmy, Leana and Tommy were watching and listening to the conversation. They were watching Matt when he shook his head in disbelief at the doctors words. Standing behind him, not making a sound.

"That is partly true. You are also here because you seem to mistake your son for another boy. You are here because of the dreams you have, where Valary is dead. Yes, Matthew. We know all about the dreams. The ones where you spent time with your girlfriend's nephew, the child she had with your friend, and treated him as your own. Where your real girlfriend let you stay with her, while you took care of the boy you thought was your son. Who, in reality, is called Dominick Haner."

At this point, Nicky was gripping tighter around Michelle's hand. The friends had been visiting Matt once a week since the robbery.

"I'm still not believing you."

"Then tell me, who is Tommy? If he's not your son, then whose is he?"

"Probably Felix's."

"But I never knew anyone called Felix, Matt!" Emily yelled, revealing that they were there. But Matt didn't turn around, but stared out the window.

"Of course not, Val. Tommy is Emily's son. Not yours, not ours."

Leana grabbed Nicky's hand and followed him outside, knowing he shouldn't hear it when Matt called himself his father. Emily, though, Grabbed Tommy's hand and walked right in front of Matt.

"Look into his eyes and tell me he's not your son."

But Matt couldn't do this. He didn't look at Tommy's eyes, but into Emily's.

"I don't know why you're trying to manipulate me, Val. He's not mine."

"Val's in Paris, Matt. I'm not her."

Matthew Sanders had a son. He had a girlfriend. He had a life. But then he started living his dreams.
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And that was the end of my story. Finally :]