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I Know You Are, But What Am I?

Unexpected Phone Calls

Sunday, April 4th, 2010.

I placed the framed photograph of my mother and I on the shelf next to the television set and took a step back, looking around the room. Yep, everything was finally perfect. Everything was finally in it's place in my new loft.
The shrill ring of the telephone bounced around the room and I quickly ran the few metres to it and picked it up.
"Hi, Ana-Jane? It's Tom, from AP." Great. Finally finish my apartment, and my boss rings me, presumably to give me work to do.
"Yeah, it's me, but please, call me AJ." I not only wanted to have a comfortable relationship with my boss, but I also wanted to get him out of the habit of calling me Ana-Jane. Nobody called me that.
"Great, that is easier to remember. I need a favour, AJ."
Boy, he was abrupt.
"Sure, I mean, I have to start working sometime, right?" I laughed, attempting to make myself less nervous. "What did you need?"
"See, I know you got here like a week ago, but Jamie just announced she is pregnant, and nobody else will take the job. And I don't want to give THIS assignment to someone who can't even write. I need someone who can handle it."
"Spit it out, man." I had a bad feeling about this whole situation.
"I need you to go on Warped Tour 2010. The whole shebang, the whole three months, all summer long."
"Are you for fuckig real?"
"Is that a no?" His voice sounded disappointed.
"That is a when do I start?"
"Great! I knew you would be the right person for the job!" He sounded relieved this time. "The tour kicks off next week in LA so you will be flying out on Wednesday. I have already hired a PA for you, I hope you don't mind."
"Wow, a PA? Wow. Uhh, thank you, like, so much."
"No problem. You are the one helping me out. You're flight leaves at 3:40PM so I will have a car and your PA, who is Kassi, meet you at your apartment at noon. Thank you, AJ. I owe you one."
And with that, he hung up.
I quickly grabbed a pen and piece of paper and jotted down all the information he had given me.
Wednesday. Shit, that only gave me two and a half days to pack for three months.
Before I set out on that impossible task, I quickly logged onto my computer, then onto my Twitter.

AJhatesYOU Warped Tour, here I fucking come!
♠ ♠ ♠
So, not studying for my French exam in 8 hours led to this. This story has been stuck in my head for a long time. I am actually itching to write a Sean Smith fic, but I haven't come up with one yet.
Hope you liked this!
Oh, does anyone want to give me a "Mibba shit for dummies" tutorial? That would be killer :)