‹ Prequel: Playing With Fire
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Here Comes the Sun


Kara Chanel had been through hell.

But through heartache and scars, she still found love in the only person who'd ever made sense to her.

Nick had healed her in every way.

And together, they had brought a life into the world. A beautiful, innocent life.

But what happens when that life is threatened? What happens when the truth finally comes out? What happens when life changes so much, it's impossible for Kara to keep up with it all? What happens when those who abandoned her and left her to die come back?

What happens when once again, life turns completely upside down?

Tears will be shed. Relationships will be tested.

And it will finally be known: The truth, just like the sun, will always rise.

*Disclaimer: I do not own the Jonas Brothers, their family, or any of their music. This story is the sequel of Playing with Fire.*
  1. Preface
    There's no turning back.
  2. Picture Perfect Memories
    I knew it would hurt me when I finally left.
  3. Sapphire Skies
    California was winning over our hearts faster than we expected.
  4. Skeletons in the Closet
    The past terrified me. I didn’t want anything to change and I sure as hell didn’t want my mom back in my life.
  5. Rememberance
    "It's because of you," I spat with as much acid dripping from my words as possible, "It's all your fault."
  6. Daisies
    "I am so far from perfect. I just know pain, Nick. I know it well enough now so that when it comes around, I can deal with it. It's life."
  7. Back to December
    Until then, I was trusting Nick. That part was easy. But finding out the truth behind it all? That part's hard.
  8. Critical
    "'I can't eat or sleep when you're not with me, baby you're the air I breathe.'"
  9. Danger
    History was about to repeat itself.
  10. The Broken Road
    There were no words for what we had gone through. We couldn’t say anything after that. I knew that if either of us did, we would fall apart.
  11. Aftershock
    Not knowing where he was or if he was safe brought me to my knees.
  12. Choking
    I wanted to look away - the scene was so painful - but I couldn't.
  13. I'm Yours
    "I want you to have me. All of me."
  14. Mandy Always Knows
    “Look where that’s taken us. Look what coming here, thinking we could make things right on our own, did to us.
  15. Shame
    How would I tell him the truth?
  16. The Long Day
    It was like I was living in a horror movie with nowhere left to hide.
  17. Going Home
    It was something I hadn't felt in a long time. Sweet, sweet relief.
  18. Beautiful
    , “But there’s just something about a mother’s love for her baby, you know? It’s special.” I watched as her eyes sparkled with longing.
  19. Roses
    "Kara, are you sure you wanna do this?"
  20. The Bachelorette
    “I know I’m going to have a happy ending,” I said.
  21. Lost
    The idea of not being in their presence was excruciating, but I had to do something.
  22. Gone
    “It’s okay to tell him you miss him,” I heard a voice say from behind me, “And that you love him.”
  23. Misunderstood
    I knew eventually his plan would fail and mine wouldn't.