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You Will Be Given Love

Chapter Two

It was six in the morning as I stood in Alex’s kitchen making an omelet for the boys.

The guys were sleeping peacefully in Alex’s room – Jack on the spare mattress while Alex in his own bed.
I checked on them opening the window slightly, so that the fresh air could make its way into the stuffy room.

I had one hour to get the breakfast ready and head back home to take a quick shower and make some arrangements for school.

I placed the two pieces of an omelet on the plates and took them to Alex’s room.
Jack was already up, with his gaze fixed on the ceiling.

“Hey,” I greeted him. He looked at me and smiled. “Hey, why are you up so early, Cinderella?”

I just chuckled and placed the dishes on Alex’s table. “Made some breakfast, I’ll just go get the forks and coffees, wait a minute.” I said, shutting the door lightly and skipping down the stairs quickly.

As I came back into the room I found that Alex was also up.
“Morning,” I said with a small smile looking at him.
I averted my gaze to Jack, who was still on his spare mattress, hands behind his head.

I placed the two cups neatly by the plates. “Thanks for letting me stay here, I have to go home now.” I smiled looking at Alex.

Alex took the cup and plate and gave it to Jack who gladly placed the food on his lap.
"Thanks for the breakfast and no problem, we couldn't let you go off by yourself."
Alex looked at me and smirked.

I said my goodbyes and went out of Alex's room.


Victoria was a bit surprised when I entered the house through the front door in my last night’s attire – pale, weary face, messy hair and clothes from the day before.

I explained everything as she handled me a plate of breakfast and orange juice.
“So this Jack guy, you like him?” I chocked on my orange juice.

“Vic! Seriously!” I exclaimed hiding my blushing face.
“What, I mean, it’s okay to like someone. Besides, you haven’t had a relationship in what? Two, three months? It’s time to move on you know.” She said taking a bite of her toast.

I knew

I knew that things have changed and that I won’t have the relationship that I had back home, but I didn’t have this feeling in me to start something new, I mean, Jack was amazing, but I didn’t feel the … spark.

“It’s not that, I just… don’t feel that I want to start something.” I sighed sipping on my juice.

“Besides, it’s too early to think about things like these, I mean, I just met those guys. I’m not going to jump on them at the very first week!”

“You’re right,” She said, looking at me.
“But what about Alex?” She asked with a small smile on her lips.
What about him?

“What about him?” I asked slightly confused.

“What is he like? You talk a lot about Jack, always mentioning that he’s funny and is a really amazing guy but you kind of trail off when you talk about Alex.” She said sipping on her morning coffee.

“I don’t know, I can’t figure him out.
One moment he can be very nice and outgoing and next he’s all quiet and thoughtful with this look in his eyes, and a moment later he’s all edgy and irritated.” I said shifting my gaze at a small, two year old baby who was happily sitting in his child-chair, eating baby food and laughing at cartoons that were playing on TV.

Bruno was Victoria's son.

My sister got pregnant when she turned twenty and Bruno was the best thing that has ever happened to her.
The little bundle of joy was a beautiful, bubbly child, with brown locks and big green, shining eyes.
He was such a cutie pie.

Bruno looked at me and held his arms out, asking to be taken out of the chair.

“Come here, aunt Diana is going to get you dressed up for the kindergarten.” I took him in my arms as I heard the door bell ring.

“I’ll get it!” I yelled and walked towards door shifting Bruno's weight on my hip.

“Now who could that be, huh?” I cooed and opened the door.

Jack and Alex were standing there with a slight frowns covering their hangover faces.
They did look like they had a rough night, but the sight was a bit better than earlier that morning when I was still at Alex's.

“Hey guys, come in.” I greeted them.

Jack and Alex were looking at the child in my arms, while Bruno had his finger in his mouth and played with my hair with the other hand.
The boy was a little shy but curious nevertheless.

“Come into the kitchen.” I said closing the door behind them and waited for them to take off the shoes, as we went into the kitchen.

“Maybe you would like a cup of coffee?” I asked but the boys just shook their heads. “No, thanks we already had our share of that,” Jack said happily looking at my sister and offered his arm.

“Hey, I’m Jack and this is Alex.” Vic’ gulped down her coffee and took Jack’s arm.

“Nice to meet you, Diana won’t shut up about you two."Victoria laughed, shaking Alex's arm.

"It’s nice to know that she has made some friends here.” Victoria smiled at boys and stood up.
“Here, let me take him.” She took Bruno from my lap.

“It was nice meeting you. We have to go get ready for the kindergarten. Say ‘bye-bye’ to the big boys, darling.”
Bruno held to his mother’s neck and shook his little hand happily, blushing a bit.

Once the two were out of the kitchen I turned my attention to the boys. “How do you guys feel?” I asked.

Jack shrugged while Alex was staring at me.
“What?” I asked in confusion.

Alex just shrugged and placed his arms on the counter.

“So, Di… Since when do you have a kid?” Jack asked while I drank my juice, which of course I chocked on.

I coughed before turning my eyes to them.

Jack was slightly blushing, scratching the back of his neck and Alex was just looking at me.

“Oh, I get it!” I exclaimed smiling.
“That’s Victoria’s son!” I said chuckling a bit.

“What?” Jack asked with a dumb expression on his face.

“Yeah, I get that all the time.
It’s actually pretty funny if you ask me.

Me and Vic’ don’t even look like sisters but Bruno somehow got everything from my appearance, the eyes, the hair, everything.” I laughed but they just looked at me.

“I’m serious; the little one is Victoria’s.” I said gulping down the rest of my juice chuckling again.

Jack just smiled and nodded his head while Alex looked at the TV.
The cartoons sure were interesting.
Silly boy.

“Okay guys, I have fifteen minutes to get ready, you just make yourselves comfortable.

You can come up into my room, if you want too; I’ll just take a quick shower and we can go to school, okay?” They nodded, both lost in the cartoon, as I hopped down from the stool and made my way upstairs.


“Nice pictures!” Jack laughed, scarring me slightly as I entered my room wrapped in towel and water dripping from my wet hair.

I held the towel closer to my body looking at the boys.

The bed that stood by the wall was occupied by two guys – the tallest one was holding my camera in his hands while the other one had my laptop in his lap.
Alex laughed at something not taking his eyes off the screen while Jack had this amused grin.

“Umm, Jack,” I said with a small blush on my cheeks. “Could you, turn around a bit?”

Jack sat there with his mouth slightly open. “Oh, yeah, sure, sure!” He blushed and turned around, facing the window.

Alex let his gaze roam over me as he slowly turned around, with a huge smirk on his lips.
Stupid smirk.

I quickly shut the door to my room and headed straight to the closet.

When we first moved into the house I was determined to choose a bedroom with a spare room, so I could use it as a closet.
I didn’t have much clothes but I liked the idea of a small space just for my stuff.
It just gave a feeling of coziness and comfort to the whole room wholly.

The closet was actually a small, dimly lighted room with low ceilings.
It had a space for clothes that needed to be hanged on the right and some shelves for boxes and other stuff on the other side.
Right across the door was a full-length mirror with small, white Christmas lights and purple feathers over it.

I quickly unwrapped myself from the towel, searching for the underwear.

I picked up a comfy boy shorts and a white bra, quickly putting them on and processing towards my attire for the day.

My mood seemed to improve after a good shower, so I decided to wear something matching, something comfortable.

I picked up my skinny zebra print jeans and a black tank top quickly putting them on.
Then I took my white cardigan and put it over – simple and comfortable at the same time.

I proceeded towards my accessories, picking out simple white clips as earrings and a matching necklace to go with them.

I took one last glance at myself in the mirror and smiled.

I quickly got out of the closet and looked up at the boys, who were in the same positions as I left them, so I made my way towards the vanity table and took the blow-drier out of the drawer.

I usually don’t blow-dry my hair because then they become messier and it was hard to comb the curls out because of the tangles, but I guess this morning was the special occasion.
I couldn’t go out with my hair wet, it was still too cold.

“So, are you a zebra now?” Jack laughed looking at my pants.

I just smirked and looked at him. “Yeah, you can call me a zebra today.”
“Cool!” He laughed some more. “I’ll call you Marty!”

“You know, Marty from Madagascar?” Jack laughed some more, hitting Alex’s arm. “We even got Alex.” And that was when Jack lay back in my bed, holding his stomach and laughed.

Alex just rolled his eyes, but never lost the smile.

I guess that we indeed were Alex and Marty for today.


It was our third period that got me nervous – AP Chemistry.

I wasn’t good at Chemistry nor was I good at Physics and I felt a wave of nausea wash over me as I entered the classroom and saw all the test-tubes and glasses.
This was not good.

“So, are you coming to practice tonight?” Jack turned to Alex.

“I don’t know, I don’ think I’m going to make it tonight, but I'll be there tomorrow though.” Alex shrugged, crossing his arms on the desk.

“Yeah, whatever.” Jack shrugged, dismissing him.

They didn’t talk to each other after that; in fact they didn’t even make a single word during the period and I a slight worry was forming in my stomach.

It was so strange to actually listen to them being all quiet and slightly grumpy.

“Okay guys, I can’t take it.” I said after a while, noticing the way they were giving each other silent treatments.

“You act like a bunch of kids, quit it! Just say what you have to say to each other and be over with it. Gosh!” I hissed at them.
They just looked at me then at each other and shrugged, not saying a single word.

I sighed and turned my attention back to the teacher.
Only five more minutes to go; just five more minutes.


“Hey there,” a voice came from behind me as I was sitting in cafeteria, all by myself, needless to say, at the lunch table.

I turned around and was met by a guy with a long, dark hair and a beautiful, bright smile. “You’re the new girl,” he said.

It was my second day at school and no one even bothered to come up to me, so I was slightly taken aback by this guys behavior.

“Um, yeah,” I said not quite sure how to act,
“Well, it’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Josh, Josh Fetil. We share Chemistry and I'm sure some other periods too, so yeah, thought I’d introduce myself.” He said, extending his arm which I gladly shook. “Diana,” I smiled.

“Yeah, I know that.” He chuckled a bit, sitting down beside me.

Josh was by all means attractive – his dark, long hair framed his face perfectly, showing of his high and perfectly shaped cheekbones and the strong well defined jaw line; his eyes were the shade of hazel and he wore this smirk on his lips.

He dressed casually, almost like all the other guy – skinny jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie.

Actually, from what I’ve seen in these past days, most of the guys wore the same kind of clothes – skinny jeans, shirts and hoodies; of course there were also guys who wore baggy clothes while others wore something more casual or rather opposed – something really business-like.

People had such a variety of style; some preferred to emphasize it, while others rather not. It’s just the way of life, I suppose.

And it seemed that the guys I hung around wore skinny jeans and hoodies, not that I minded, of course.
I preferred skinny jeans myself and boys in tight pants were as good as candies, if you know what I mean.

“So, what brings you to the States?” He asked looking at me with this interest playing in his eyes.

“Um, well, I thought I needed a change in my life,” I answered turning my body towards him facing him.

“Oh, cool, so, did you come here by yourself or with your parents? I’m sorry if I seem to be annoying, it’s just that you’re the first European girl I have ever talked to and I’m very happy to have such opportunity.
I mean, please, don’t be scarred and don’t think that I’m a stalker of some sort, it’s just that um, it’s interesting to communicate with people from different parts of the world.”

Josh took me off guard when he spoke.
The way he acted and emphasized every sentence with his words, motions and actions; he just had it in him.
I caught myself examining him and his behavior rather than actually listening.

“Oh, I’m here with my sister.
We live together and well, I don’t mind about the questions. I’m just a bit shy because it’s just the second day I’m here and I’m still kind of getting used to all this. It’s all so new to me.”

“Yeah, I understand completely. So, look, I have to run but if you need anything, please, text me.
Here, this is my number, feel free to call me whenever you need something,” he stood up, taking a napkin from the table and a pen and wrote down the number.

“Here you go, 'Josh'. Okay, thank you for talking to me, it was really nice; I have to run now.” He smiled and skipped away waving.

I looked down at the number, scribbled on the napkin and sighed.

When Josh spoke it was hard to see or notice anything beside him.
He was the most charismatic person I have ever encountered in my life.
When he spoke it was so enchanting and it caught me off guard when he left so suddenly, while his voice still echoed in my brain.

“Hey there, pretty girl,” a bubbly feminine voice chuckled, placing soft arms on my shoulders. I looked up and smiled.

“Hey there, beautiful,” I said noticing a slight blush forming on Kara’s cheeks as she sat down.

“What?” I asked looking at her with a smile playing on my lips.
“You called me beautiful,” she said, placing her arms on the table and looked at her nails, blushing.

“Oh, did I make you feel uncomfortable? I won’t say it again, I’m sorry, I ju –”
“Hey, darling, chill, it’s okay,” she said, silencing me. “I’m just not used to this. You say so many nice things to me and it just, you know, it makes me a bit uncomfortable in a good way.” Kara looked up at me, brushing the curl behind my ear.

“Besides, you’re the one who should be called beautiful all the time; with the appearance of yours and your personality, Gosh.” It was my time to blush now.

Some pair we were, hey?

I did blush when people said something nice to me, hell, I even cried when people said something really form a heart and honest, like, how amazing I am or that they’re so happy to know me.

Conversations like these always touched my heart and soul and I couldn’t control the tears that were flowing down my cheeks each time I heard the words.

They say that if a person blushes when he or she receives a present – any kind of present – or hears a compliment and something good, then that person truly appreciates it.

“I am called beautiful all the times, well, not all the times but you know what I mean.
I get my fare share of compliments and good words.” I said looking at Kara.

She was dresses slightly casual today – a simple white tank top with a peachy cardigan over it and a simple dark washed denims. Casual and quite appealing at the same, but it was Kara.

She always looked appealing.

Her hair was falling down in gentle curls way past her back and I couldn’t help but admire the way the sun-rays played in her beautiful brown locks.

“Your hair is so beautiful,” I said brushing my fingers through them.
Kara blushed again and looked at her hair, “Oh, thank you. Actually, I have to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you.

I tried to imitate your hair actually, but I guess mine will never be as curly as yours, I mean, yours are just too curly and too perfect.”
She brushed her fingers through my locks.

“You know, you should be really happy for what you have,” I said looking at Kara and smiled. “I would like to have your natural, straight hair.
Even when I try to straighten them, they tend to curl at the ends, so it ends up with them becoming more wavy than straight.
Besides, you’re so beautiful and I can’t help to think about it every time I see you.
You’re this bubbly person and I can’t believe I have met you only yesterday and yet I feel like I have known you all my life,” I exclaimed.

We just sat there, smiling and admiring each other.

It was true, I was very happy that Kara came into my life.
She was like this really amazing girl-y girl. But she was also very warmhearted and caring, like, the way she was with Rian and boys, it gave me a feeling like she was a “mother” to the whole group and everyone was very happy with it.
Who wouldn’t be?

“So I was thinking, maybe we can hang out tonight? The boys will be practicing so it’s just us girls, you know, get to know each other, do some girly stuff together?” She asked taking a sip from her orange juice.

“Yes, I think that would be nice.
What do you say about sushi at my place and a sleepover?” I asked looking at her.

“Oh my, yes, yes, that would be amazing!
Although, I don’t know about the sushi part, I mean, I have never eaten them before, so yes, I’m a bit scared but I'm definitely in!” She admitted slightly biting her lower lip.

“Oh, don’t worry, if you don't want to, then you won’t have to eat them,” I said taking out my phone ready to text Vic’ about the plans for tonight.

“So, are we going to drink something too?” Kara asked, blushing a bit.
“Do you want to?” I looked at the girl and she had this small smile playing on her lips.
“Mhm, I mean, nothing much. Just something for the taste, after all, we do have a school tomorrow. Maybe a cocktail or something?”
“Yeah, yeah, that would be good. I’ll text Vic’ and she’ll get us some.”

Kara’s eyes widened in surprise. “She’ll buy you an alcohol on the school’s night?”
“Yeah, it’s no big deal. We often drink wine in the evenings when there’s nothing else to do, you know, light up the fireplace and candles, take a red wine and those beautiful wine glasses and a big warm blanket, and just talk, you know, hang out. Have a sister’s night.”

“Wow, you must be pretty close with your sister,” Kara sighed, balancing her head on her arm.
“Yes, yes we are.” I smiled contently.

We sat there in silence for a moment, me – remembering all the pleasant sister nights we had with Vic’ and Kara – drowning in her own space.

“Uuu, what’s this?” Kara asked after a while.

I looked up from my phone and noticed that she had a napkin in her arms; Josh’s number.

“Oh, I met a guy today, well, more like he came over to me while I was sitting here and we just talked.” I shrugged.

“Talked hey, looks like there’s something more than just talking.” Kara laughed but I didn’t pay any attention to it.

“To: Victoria

Hey, could you please buy me and Kara something ‘delicious’ for tonight’s girly-night.
We’re coming over to my place to make some sushi and a have a sleepover.”

I watched as the message report flashed on my screen and placed the small, white telephone in my bag.

Kara was still looking at the napkin with a slight smile on her beautiful plump lips.
“What is it?” I asked her softly, tugging at my hoodie.

“Nothing, I just spaced out. So, who is this guy anyway?”
“Oh, he’s in my class; just a random guy, you know.
But he’s like really charismatic. I mean when he spoke to me I couldn’t take away my eyes from him, he was just so captivating. The way he talked and his hands flew around and all the gestures, it was like wow.”

Kara laughed. “Someone’s having a crush.” She cooed snuggling into me a bit.
“Nah,” I shrugged. “I am just happy to meet new people.”
“Mhm, keep telling that to yourself.” She laughed.


So naturally Victoria bought us something delicious and I was happy, very happy, because strawberry Twist was indeed my favorite.

“Thought that it might be enough for the two of you, it is a school’s night after all.” Victoria smiled, looking up at us from her laptop.

She was sitting at the counter, doing her things and watching as me and Kara tossed and turned by the stove.

The girls clicked immediately; they were so amazingly friendly with each other, it looked like they were friends for ages, but, I mean, it was Victoria. She always had this kind of influence on everyone.

My sister was the type of person who loved and was loved by everyone she met.
She was this warmhearted and kind person that I grew up admiring.
She was always calm and collected and full of enthusiasm altogether; she also had this calm aura around her that always drew people to her.

People often asked us if we’re even related because of the lack of resemblance in our appearances and personalities; she was always the calm and collected one, while I remained to be the wild one in the family ever since I was a child.
Victoria was also known for her southern beauty – emphasized features, slightly dark skin with dark, almost black eyes and thick, beautiful dark, dark hair, while I was more of a northern – a skin in a shade paler than my sisters, with green eyes and bronze-brown, curly hair.

Victoria got her appearance from our mother, while I had every last bit from the father.

I was always called a daddy’s girl because of the way I acted when I was a child and of course of the appearance which resembled him so well.

Bruno, however, didn’t have anything from his mother; in fact, people often confused him for my child.
I always thought that it was ridiculous, because I didn’t even look old enough to be a mother; I was always looked as if I was seventeen. Years could fly by but I would remain to look like I’m seventeen.

I did agree, at some point, but I also started to notice slight changes, when the time passed by; for example, my jaw line became squarer and the eyes became more emphasized, as well as the tone became clearer, and also my hair grew longer, which added a perfect contrast to the whole face.
I looked more mature, more feminine.

“It’s perfect, Vic’, thank you,” I said placing the two bottles in the fridge.
It was going to be an amazing night.

“So, I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but why are you living alone, I mean, where are your parents?” Kara asked, sitting down on the chair beside Victoria as I proceeded to mix the rice.
It was almost ready.

“Well,” Victoria said in a quiet voice, putting down her glasses and looked up at Kara while I just stood there with my back against the both of them.

“Our mother passed away about two years ago and our father stayed home,” she said and I couldn’t help to feel a slight pain tugging at my chest.

I still didn’t feel comfortable with talking about this.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Kara said.
“No, it’s okay, I mean, things like these happen; it’s just the way life goes.” Victoria said.

It was true, life did go on but it still hurt to think about it. Not so much though, I had my fare share of grieving but still, the pain was there.
Time will heal it all.

“Do you miss your father?” Kara asked.
I continued to mix the rice, adding some water in the process and allowed Victoria to answer the questions.

“Our father has been absent in our lives lately, but I mean, we still keep in touch every now and then.
After mom passed away he dedicated himself to his business and he just doesn’t know anything beside it now. It’s just something we don’t discuss with each other.

We live here and he lives back there, we have all the money we need, so there’s no pressure or hard feelings on both sides. If he’s happy with doing what he’s doing than we’re happy for him.
Right Diana?”

“Right,” came my answer, my voice a bit coarse.

“And what about you, do you have any siblings?” Victoria asked. She was really interested in Kara and I was so happy of the acceptance that she showed towards them.

She always accepted my friends because she knew how I was with people.

Even though I was open to everyone I didn’t let them in. I was just too careful to do so. Not that I was afraid of people behavior or what they might do, I just had this feeling inside of me saying ‘you can let this people in your heart’ or ‘this person is an amazing friend but he’s not the relative of your soul’.

The voice was usually right.

In all of my life I have experienced only four encounters where I truly and honestly let people in.
My two formal friends back at home – two most amazing girls I have ever met, Jack and now Kara.

The feeling’s just breathtakingly beautiful.
It’s like you don’t have to do anything, you just have to be there for the person, even just in thoughts, because whenever you part and then meet again, there’s this feeling of continuation. There’s no stop, everything’s continuing from where it was left.
Such a beautiful feeling.

“Well, actually my parents are divorced and I live with my mother; her name is Caroline and she’s the most amazing mother I could ever ask for.” Kara said with awe.
“She’s like my big sister and also she’s my best friend and a mother. All a girl could ask for in a mother, right?” Kara’s soft laughs echoed through kitchen and I swore – it was the most beautiful laugh I have ever heard.

“I’m the only child and well, it makes me kind of sad sometimes. I do wish I had a smaller brother or maybe even a sister, I don’t know, whoever, just someone smaller, so I can take care of him or her.”

“Well, that’s a good thing you met Diana, you can come over and play with Bruno sometimes, if you wish, of course.” Victoria laughed.

“Seriously, I would love too!”
I looked at the both of them and smiled.
They were so alike.


“Tell me about your girls back home,” Kara said once we were lounging in the guest room on the couches with our drinks poured into wine glasses and a soft fire playing in the fireplace.

It was ten in the evening and the sun has already set down embracing everything into the darkness.

Once we made sushi, Victoria and Bruno ate them like a mad.
They loved sushi, especially the little one, so it was very interesting watching Kara feeding him and gaining a positive reaction in return.

I swear, she will be such a good mother.

However, Kara herself didn’t enjoy the eastern food so much, not that I blame her.
Sushi is something that not everyone likes.
It’s a matter of taste.

“Well,” I said, taking a small sip from the glass. It was quite ridiculous – us, sipping a cheap cocktail from a wine glasses, but we didn’t mind. We just enjoyed every moment of the peaceful bliss that we had.
“What do you want to hear?”

Kara sipped on her drink and smiled. “Do you miss them?”
Did I miss them?

“Do you still keep in touch?”

I didn’t know how to respond; I tried so hard not to think about the subject but I guess I’ll never be able to run away from your past.

A slight ache built up in my heart and I couldn’t help to feel my heartbeat increase.
I averted my gaze to the fireplace and watched the fire dancing.

Was I ready to talk about this, to face it all again and say it all out loud?
Was this even real?
If I won’t say it, maybe it will go away and I’ll know that I will see their beautiful faces once again.

I looked back at Kara; she had this reassuring smile on her lips and I couldn’t help but look away.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, feeling my heart racing against my chest.
Was I ready?

“We don’t have to talk about them if it makes you uncomfortable,” Kara’s soft voice broke the silence that came upon us.
I shook my head in response and opened my eyes. “No, it was bound to come out anyway.” I said suddenly my throat dry.

I took a large gulp of the drink and looked at Kara.
Her eyes shone with kindness and I couldn’t look away.

“They’re names were Inta and Elina.

Elina had these beautiful, golden locks, just a bit straighter than mine, while Inta had this beautiful really long, dark brown hair, which reached her bottom.
Boys often used to pull her by the hair; it pissed her off so much. It also pissed her off when people came up to her and asked if her hair was real.
It was a funny sight.

Elina was the funniest one from the three of us.
She was always the one who had her head in the clouds while Inta was the one who thought about everything and tried to remain calm.
They were so alike and yet so different.

In the beginning it was hard for them to understand the fact that I accepted them both equally, because all of the previous friends they had, always managed to try and break their friendship but I didn’t.
I was always proud of them, saying how I loved them both and what I loved in both of them.

They were the ones who showed me what it's like to be a girl, I mean, all the heels and pretty dresses and make up.
Although I did put a makeup better than them, Victoria has taught me that; she’s a makeup artist in her spare time.” I looked up at Kara who had her mouth in a shape of ‘o’.

Her eyes were sparkling in the small light and she was looking at me, listening to every part of my story.

I felt the tugging in my chest increase as I continued.
“It all happened last summer.

The girls had this major party in mind but I didn’t feel like coming, I felt a bit sick and I had a small fight with my boyfriend, so naturally I went to bed early.

It was just later that night when I got a phone call, saying that the girls have crashed in a car accident.” My voice broke as I looked down at my glass.
The vision became blurry as I felt the tears slid down my cheeks.

“They didn’t even make it to the hospital.” I finished.

I just sat there, feeling the grief and scars of the past being ripped open, but somehow, it didn’t hurt so much anymore.
I was just too numb to even feel anything anymore.

I felt Kara placing her arm in mine and I smiled.

“I remember them all the time, sometimes more, sometimes less but I am thankful for every single moment we shared, for every single thing we did and for every single day we’ve been together.
They taught me so much and I wouldn’t be the person I am now if it weren’t for their faith in me.” I said, wiping away my tears.

“So that is the story of my life,” I said again smiling, looking up at Kara. Her features were so soft, and her gaze so loving.
I felt so comfortable with her, speaking of my two most beautiful friends.

“I am so sorry,” was all she said as I felt her arm squeeze mine once again.

We sat there in silence, looking at the fireplace.
The night was beautiful and I was so happy that Kara was here. She was making her way into my heart slowly.

“I meant it when I said that I admire you, Diana.” She said in a peaceful voice. “You have lost so much and yet you are so amazingly content with your life; you’re so full of it!

Your beautiful green eyes, they shine so brightly. I mean, Diana, you’re a walking inspiration. When people look at you they stop and stare and think ‘who is this girl?’

Your beautiful smile, it’s so contagious, it’s so warmhearted, free and so honest.
You don’t judge, you accept every single bit and it makes you so damn beautiful.

People are attracted to you because of what you are and because you give so much.
I am so lucky to call you my friend. It makes me think that I have done something awfully good in my life to have a person like you beside me.” Kara trailed off sniffing a bit and I moved over to her, placing my arms around her.

“You’re so beautiful, in every single way; you make people feel special just by a single glance. I have never ever, ever met a person like you.” I hugged her even tighter, feeling as her body shook with sobs.

“You give so much and it all comes back to you in so many different forms.” I smiled, closing my eyes.

“You know what the secret of life is?” I asked her after a while.
She just shook her head more.

Acceptance of your being, acceptance of this moment, acceptance of not being perfect and knowing that you are perfect just the way you are; acceptance and gratitude for every single thing you have in your life; acceptance and gratitude for life itself, because you are the life! It’s all up to you.”

Kara laughed. “You sound so wise, how old are you, dear girl?”

I laughed with her. “I’m eighteen, turning nineteen on the twenty fifth of July.”
“Summer child.” Kara whispered softly.
“Yep, that I am.” I smiled at her.

A soft buzz came from the phone on the coffee table. Kara’s iPhone buzzed with a ‘Rian’ and the picture of him and Kara on the display.
She smiled softly and placed the phone to her ear.

“Hey baby… Yeah, we’re having a girl talk with tears and hugs and alcohol…” I smiled and Kara laughed. “No, I’m not drunk, we have school tomorrow, silly … Yeah, soon I think, I’m not tired yet… Mhm, okay, I love you too… Bye.” And she hung up.

“Rian said ‘hi’ and that I should deliver you this.” She placed her phone on the coffee table and leaned into me, placing a small kiss on my forehead.
I couldn’t help but smile.

They were amazing.


I felt a buzzing on my nightstand as I picked up my phone, not bothering to look at the caller ID.
I was so tired.

“Hey,” a voice said. “I’m sorry I woke you up. Can I come over for a minute; I just need to see you.”
“Uhh, yeah, sure.” I said, opening my eyes and trying to recognize the voice.
“Okay, I’ll see you in a few.” And a line on the other side died.



I looked beside me and noticed that Kara was awake.

“I’m sorry I woke you up.” I whispered, placing my phone back on the nightstand.
“It’s okay, I’m a light sleeper.”She whispered, snuggling into the pillow with a smile playing on her lips.
“Who was it?” She asked.

“Jack, he wanted to come over.”
Kara giggled as I looked at the alarm clock on my table – 02:49 AM.

“Are you going out?” She asked while I got out of my bed, taking my hair into a messy bun and going to my closet. “Yeah, I’ll talk to him and I’ll be back shortly.” I came back with a white hoodie and simple jeans, quickly putting them on and sneaking out of the room.

I went into the hallway and put on my uggs, zipping up the hoodie and placing the hood over my head.

I opened the front door quietly and stood out in the dark night.
He was already there, sitting on the steps of the porch, waiting.

As I shut the door quietly, he turned around and smiled, looking at me. “Hey,” Jack whispered and patted place beside him.

“Hey,” I whispered back and sat down, hugging him.

He kissed the top of my head and we looked at each other.
“I’m sorry I called you so late, I couldn’t sleep and I need to talk.” He said, placing his arm around my shoulder.

“It’s okay, I’m a heavy sleeper; I’ll go back and be in my dream land in no time.” Jack laughed softly.

“Although it will be a bit tougher for Kara – she’s a light sleeper.”

Jack chuckled once again. “Yeah, I know. She’s always a bit bitchy when she doesn’t get enough sleep; that’s why Rian always claims a room so he can get her to sleep when she really needs some. He’s also a prick when we are too loud, says that ‘Kara’s a light sleeper, you morons, be quiet’.”

I chuckled and closed my eyes, feeling the eyelids grow heavy.

“How was the practice?” I asked.
“There was none, Alex ditched us.” Jack said with a shrug.

“Are you guys okay? You didn’t look that good at school today; I thought that you’re going to rip each other’s heads off.” I chuckled remembering the day at school.

“I don’t know, he’s been all bitchy lately, but I try to remind myself that it will pass as soon as Lisa is out of his life.
She is such a control freak, I mean, music means everything to Alex but so does Lisa and of course the princess doesn’t like to share, so she makes him choose – music or her, which of course is stupid, if you ask me, but save it to Alex to think with his dick.” Jack huffed.

I hugged him tighter and smiled. “It’s going to be alright in the end, everything happens for a reason.”
“Yeah, I know,” Jack sighed.

We sat there in silence and enjoyed each other’s company.

“I talked to Tori today,” Jack said in a small voice after a while.
I raised my head up and looked at him curiously. His gaze was averted to the ground and his lips were pressed in a tight line.

He looked at me with those beautiful, brown bear eyes and shrugged. “I don’t know, I mean, we’re over, but it just seems surreal.

We actually talked and sorted things out.
She apologized for all the things she did and for the words she said; made me feel kind of surprised.
I didn’t expect any of this, but I guess I never knew her after all.”
Jack let go of me and placed his arms on his tights, rubbing it uncomfortably.

“How do you feel?” I asked after a while.
He looked up at me and smiled. “I feel good,” he admitted. “I thought it would be worse but I actually feel pretty good.”

I smiled and hugged him. “Well, my friend, then that is the end.” I kissed his forehead and closed my eyes.

“If you feel happy in the end then everything is said and done and you're ready to move on.”
♠ ♠ ♠
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