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The True Meaning of Fidelity.

To Start Over...

The two stared dumbstruck at each other. Utter shock was coating both of their features, as passengers and attendants rushed by around them, completely detached from their world. Cadence was bolt upright in the chair that she had been previously laying on. Edward just faced the girl with a dropped jaw, taking in her appearance as if she was some sort of ghost.

Though, she looked very similar to her younger self, Cadence had also changed in so many ways...

Her hair had gotten much longer, and was no longer in a choppy pixie cut. Instead, it reached to her chin, slightly angled so it only brushed the base of her skull in the back. It was still the oddly dyed bright orange, the top half slightly off-colored from the bottom, probably because she used a different brand for her touch-ups, but it was styled in gentle waves, so the color difference wasn't all too noticeable.

As for her actual stature, it had seemed she had grown even taller. She came up just below Edward's chin three years ago, but now it seemed she was just about eye-level with his nose. Her figure had filled out a bit more, and she didn't look quite as box like as before, taking on much more feminine curves. Still, though, she was very thin, but Edward recalled that both of her parents had very lanky frames, and that her figure was more than likely genetic.

"Um... Uh, would you like a seat...?" She finally spoke with unsureness, gesturing to the chair to her left that her feat had been drawn across. When Edward nodded, she bent down to move a medium-sized plastic crate that was hidden beneath the seat. "You remember Erwin... right?"

Taking a closer look at the crate, Edward noticed the ugly cat (as fat and unpleasant looking as ever) staring with utter boredom right back at the vampire through half-lidded, tired eyes.

"Hello, Erwin," was all the ever-so-eloquent Edward could muster. His voice was feeble with shock, though a tickle of excitement bubbled at the pit of his stomach.

She was here! With him! Oh, fate, you certainly dealt a surprising hand this time! The same country, airport, and day? What are the odds! Perhaps it was you who had caused the mishapped flight delay!

"Dude, are you listening?" The drone of Cadence's voice forcefully pulled Edward from his thoughts.

Edward smiled sheepishly to cover his mistake, "I'm sorry," he apologized smoothly, "Could you repeat that?"

The softness of his smile and the calm tone of his voice seemed to calm the slightly unnerved girl, "I just asked what are you doing in Tokyo?"

"Family trip," he answered absentmindedly, wondering if he should reach out and touch her, just to make sure that she's really there.

"Your family's here?" She sat up straighter, glancing around the terminal, her glassy green eyes searching for more vampires. "Where are they?"

A little too eagerly, Edward asked, "Would you like to meet them? My parents are just a few rows down, but my siblings are just at the hotel. They'd be thrilled to meet you, but of course, it's all up to--"

"Sure." She interrupted his ramblings, a slight note of amusement hidden behind her leisurely tone. "I'd love to..." A sudden thought struck her mind, "But, I'm not sure if I can right now. My manager's supposed to call me soon, see if he booked my flight back yet..."

Edward's smile (which he had held since they began conversing) fell, dropping right into a saddened, yet still attractive mix of a frown and a pout. "You're leaving?"

Cadence, sighed, taking a sleek silver cellphone out of her pocket, flipping it open and checking for missed calls. "I should be, but I don't think I'm going to..."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well," her pouty lips (which Edward had remembered vividly) twisted into a purse, "I'm really supposed to be in France right now. A music professor at some private school asked me to come in and lecture his class on modern orchestra theory after hearing my arrangement of Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven for orchestra." Edward's eyebrows slowly rose. So she had gone back into the world of professional music. "But," she continued, "There was this ticket mix-up, and I ended up here, instead of Paris."

"That's terrible," Edward sympathized.

Orange hairs bounced when Cadence nodded her head in agreement, "What's worse yet," she grumbled, "Is my manager made it there fine, along with all my instruments. I was lucky enough to have my clothes and stuff with me."

Edward placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, rubbing it slightly. Secretly, he basked in the feeling of her natural heat against his cold skin. What surprised him the most was that Cecille gave him a small half-smile in appreciation, rather than immediately shrugging his hand off like she would have done years ago. Faintly, the vampire boy wondered what had made her so comfortable with human (or rather, vampire) contact.

"Anyway," She again spoke, absentmindedly tapping her fingers on Erwin's carrying-cage. "So you're here with--" Cadence's sentence was cut off when an obnoxious computerized version of Fur Elise screeched from the cell phone in her hand. "Shit, that must be him... I'll be right back."

The orange-haired musician walked away, leaving him behind with Erwin. Edward couldn't tell if she had walked away because she didn't want him listening in on her phone conversation, or whether it was just because she wanted a quieter place to have it. Either way, Edward's vampire hearing still allowed him to listen in (quite easily he might add) to both sides of the conversation.

"Hey, did you get me the tickets?" She began, holding the phone close to her head.

"I'm sorry, love... But the next flight I can get hold of is two days from now. But, if you want to head down to the Kyoto region, they have an airport that has a flight leaving tomorrow..."

Cadence sighed, not very happy with this arrangement. "S'okay, I guess... They're not expecting me until the end of the week, anyway. I'll just chill in Tokyo for a bit."

"I'm really sorry about this, love." The voice was quite smooth, Edward noticed, obviously masculine. "Do you want me to head over to where you are, at least? You know I'd make it there in a few hours, if you'd like..."

Cadence giggled. Yes, giggled of all things. Edward had never experienced that noise from her. Sure, she had laughed and chuckled, and smirked even... But never giggled... "It's okay, I'll live." She paused, an expression of sadness overcoming her features. "I'll see you in a few days, though, right?"

"Of course, love."

"Alright... bye."

"Goodbye, dear. I love you."

At that last sentence, Edward could fell the skin of his face tighten. "I love you," was not a phrase managers usually say to their clients. At least not that sincerely. He carefully prodded himself into her mind, but it seemed all Cecille was worried about was where she was going to stay over night. She only spoke a few phrases of Japanese, and probably wold have to look around for a hotel with some English-speaking employees...

"If you would like," Edward offered immediately upon the girl's return, "I'm sure my family and I have some extra room at our hotel. Would you like to stay with us?"

Cadence bit her lip, obviously having an inner debate on whether she should accept his offer.

'You sure...?' She asked him feebly through her thoughts.

Edward just grinned a dazzling smile at her, making sure took look into her emerald colored eyes. "Of course."

"Well..." Again she sounded tentative. "If you insist, I guess it would be okay..."
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