Status: DONE

The Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

The image may seem random, although it is of Alex and Jack, but it will play apart in the storyline (it may not happen, but it will symbolize what's happening).

Summary: Can two straight boys fall in love? We've already witnessed Alex and Jack do it, but can they keep their relationship up when keeping it a secret is getting in the way? What happens when Jack comes up with a plan that Alex doesn't approve of, or when Alex finds out he as a family member no one has met? All of these questions will be answered as you read this sequel.

Author's Note: I do not think that Alex nor Jack is gay or bi, I have nothing against anyone who is. I also will support them if they ever admit that they are, this is simply fan-fiction. This is my second slash as a full story, so please leave comments, criticizing or not.

Title Credit: All Time Low - CirclesDisclaimer: I own nothing but the fictional characters and the story line. I do not own any actual events that may have taken place that I have mentioned nor do I own any of the bands stated in my story.
  1. Close Your Eyes But Don't Dream Too Deep
    TC: "Broken Wings" by Flyleaf
  2. Goodbye: No Handshake to Endure
    TC: "It Was Written in Blood" by Bring Me the Horizon
  3. Never Had a Doubt, Now I'm Going Crazy
    TC: "Dear Maria" by All Time Low
  4. You No Longer See So Clearly
    TC: "This Love You Breathe" by Eyes Set to Kill
  5. I Can Feel My Lungs Collapse on Me
    TC: "Song for the Broken" by Close Your Eyes
  6. Save Your Breath and Get Down With Me
    TC: "Catastrophe" by Four Year Strong
  7. You Burnt the Bridge that You Walked Here on
    TC: "Maniac R.O.D." by Four Year Strong
  8. Nothing More Than Just a Passing Trend
    TC: "Welcome to the Family" by A Day to Remember
  9. They Say the Pain will Fade Away
    TC: "One Step at a Time" by Four Year Strong
  10. If Only I Could Tell You How I Need Your Love
    TC: "Insomnium" by Bitter End
  11. If Only She Knew About the World Without all the Bullshit and the Lies
    TC: "A Candlelit Dinner with Inamorata" by Asking Alexandria
  12. We Started out Okay but you Through it all Away
    TC: "She's So Sorry" by Hedley
  13. I Must Confess
    TC: "America's Suitehearts" by Fall Out Boy
  14. Anything that You've Ever Needed
    TC: "What Dreams are Made of" by Blood on the Dance Floor
  15. I Wish These Words Would Come and Rescue Me
    TC: "Lost For Words" by Attack! Attack!
  16. Won't Leave You, Know How Hard it's Been
    TC: "Paper Walls" by Yellowcard
  17. You can Keep all Your Misery
    TC: "Therapy" by All Time Low
  18. Hear Me Out, I'm Only Saying this Once
    TC: "You Done Goofed" by Blood on the Dance Floor
  19. Close Your Eyes and Dream
    TC: "Candyland" by Blood on the Dance Floor
  20. Did We Enjoy Ourselves When We Destroyed Ourselves?
    TC: "Have You Ever Danced?" Breathe Carolina ft Jeffree Star
  21. I Used to Dream but Now I Only Have Nightmares
    TC: "Because 7 ate 9" by Before Their Eyes
  22. The Worst is Over, You Can Have the Best of Me
    TC: "Best of Me" by The Starting Line
  23. Take My Breath Away
    TC: "Pins and Needles" by The DIYs
  24. It's What Kills me Slowly
    TC: "A City in a Snow globe" by Before Their Eyes