Status: If you haven't already please read the authors note in Chapter 46, just want to clarify things with you guys :)

I Don't Even Know His Name...

"Thats just the price I pay, and I don't even know his name, he's slipping away..." ~ Lost in Stereo

Alex and Jack have always been close
When on a break from tour one night changes the future for both
But not for the better
Can they mend a broken relationship for the better?
Or will the memories as well as their feelings be forgotten for good?
Read to find out more :)

Authors note: First off I know I changed the lyrics to he instead of she but it inspired me to write this and it doesn't work when its between Jack/Alex. And I own nothing but the plot.

Also I know the story description is vague but bear with me I can't disclose the plot otherwise it will ruin the chapters ahead. I promise once you read the first few chapters it WILL make sense, but if your clever you might find a few hints to point you in the right direction ;) I was going to wait til I wrote up more chapters but I got too excited so bare with me on updating this, in the mean time enjoy the mystery! x
  1. Chapter 1: Under the Stars
  2. Chapter 2: Those Serenading Sirens
  3. Chapter 3: I Can't Breathe, My Body's Shaking
  4. Chapter 4: Wishing for Something Missing
  5. Chapter 5: Witness My First Breakdown
  6. Chapter 6: Yesterday’s Old News
  7. Chapter 7: In The Wake of an Accident
  8. Chapter 8: I Got Your Picture
  9. Chapter 9: Breakout, Breakout
  10. Chapter 10: They’re Finding Me Out
  11. Chapter 11: We Can Kick It, Hang for Hours
  12. Chapter 12: Twist and Turn in my Sleep
  13. Chapter 13: Dark Eyed Dreamers
  14. Chapter 14: Lullabies
  15. Chapter 15: Scream To Be Heard
  16. Chapter 16: Alone And Far From Home
  17. Chapter 17: Please Take Me Away
  18. Chapter 18: Too Much Of You Is Never Enough
  19. Chapter 19: Don't Treat This Like A Secret
  20. Chapter 20: You're Lucky If Your Memory Remains
  21. Chapter 21: Think About It 'Till Anticipation Makes You Shake
  22. Chapter 22: Write Our Names Together
  23. Chapter 23: You're Giving Me Such A Rush
  24. Chapter 24: Drowning In A River Of Denial
  25. Chapter 25: The Remains Of My Wasted Youth
  26. Chapter 26: I Think That I Should Go
  27. Chapter 27: In Retrospect I Wouldn't Do It Again
  28. Chapter 28: Don't Worry Yourselves
  29. Chapter 29: I Think That Keeping This Up Could Be Dangerous
  30. Chapter 30: Feelings Of Temptation
  31. Chapter 31: So Chain Me Up, I'm In Too Deep
  32. Chapter 32: We've Been So Innocent
  33. Chapter 33: Don't Say A Word
  34. Chapter 34: I'm Terrified To Speak
  35. Chapter 35: Safe In Your Room
  36. Chapter 36: Break Your Little Heart
  37. Chapter 37: The Taste Of Your Lips
  38. Chapter 38: Make It Last
  39. Chapter 39: Rooms Packed From Window To Wall
  40. Chapter 40: Just Say Anything
  41. Chapter 41: Something We Live For
  42. Chapter 42: We Were So Tired, Yet So Alive
  43. Chapter 43: It Tears And Tears Me Up
  44. Chapter 44: Lost In The Stereo's Sound
  45. Chapter 45: It's All Up To Us
  46. Chapter 46: It Was Like A Time Bomb Set Into Motion
  47. Chapter 47: Time To Wake Up
  48. Chapter 48: You're Shameless
  49. Chapter 49: Living Under A Paper Moon
  50. Chapter 50: Lie Awake And Dream
  51. Chapter 51: Long Live The Reckless & The Brave