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Meant to be (Sequel to So close yet so far)
The couple arrives at the front of a New York apartment complex.
"You ready?" Joey asks his wife.
"Yeah," She says pressing the buzzer, its been almost a year since her last visit to New York.
"Hello," A woman's voice asks.
"Hey Mom," Ramona says evilly.
"Ramona! What are you doing here?"
"Buzz me up and I'll tell you." The element of surprise was always fun.

The faint buzzing is heard from the speaker box as they push on the metal door. They take the elevator up to the fourth floor and then down the hall. The door hangs open with Lisea standing in their midst.
"So good to see you," she says hugging her daughter tightly, she then goes to hug Joey. She stares at him for a moment. "Damn I can't believe you two are married sometimes."
"Ahh well." He laughs, "Born to be apparently."
"Something's different about you," Lisea says to her daughter as they step into the apartment.
"Really?" Ramona says playing along.
"Did you dye your hair differently? No that's not it." She shakes her head, "Help me out."
"Well it could be the fact that I'm pregnant."
"Oh my god! Oh my god!" The woman glances between Joey and Ramona and starts to grin, "That would explain why your father didn't want to talk to me."
"You still talk to dad?"
"Yeah, from time to time." She says carelessly.
"So where's Paulie?" Ramona asks casually.
"He's out for the day with a bunch of his co-workers."

"So how long are you two in New York?"
"Only a few days, then we have to get to Toronto," Joey says as they take a seat on the sofa.
"Why's that?"
"Work," They say the same time.
"For about seven months," Joey informs.
"But that's practically your whole pregnancy," Lisea says stunned, "Don't you want-"
"Mom, its fine," Ramona reassures. "I'm going back to home to have the baby though."

"Dammit, I hate when you leave," Ana-Lynne coos into Franky's ear.
"I know." He sighs as he rubs his hands over her bare arms, "But just think about how great the welcome back sex will be." She giggles as she buries her face in his shoulder.
"So are you the official drummer now?" Ana asks in order to change the subject.
"Yup, apparently Ol'Brucey was enlightened so much he doesn't wanna return to touring and shit."
"That's great . . . . for you," she says carefully. She wished she could just pull him back into her car and go back to the dorm. Franky starts to smirk, "What's going on?"
"I know what'll cheer you up?"
"We don't have time for that." The young man shakes his head, "What then?"
"A present?" she says cocking an eyebrow. Franky reaches into his pocket and reveals a small box.

"Frankito, that better not be-" he opens the box.
"An engagement ring." He goes down on one knee, knowing full well how cheesy he's being, "Ana-Lynne, will you marry me?"
"Damn you," she says dropping to her knees on the hard ground and wrapping her arms around him, "Of course I will." She sniffles.
"Are you crying?" he asks smiling like a madman.
"No," she pouts as Franky pulls away from her and slips the ring on her finger. "I love you."
"I love you too," He whispers in her ear.

"Frankster!" the bassist of Seethan Heights yells, "We gots to go!"
"Bye babe," She says as she hugs and kisses him once more before he leaves for nine weeks.
"Bye." Franky sighs as they stand up.

Franky heads toward the tour bus and Ana-Lynne gets back in her car and just stares at her ring finger. She's a bit worried about telling her parents, she's twenty and still in college and Franky is only nineteen. Oh well, rock star wives are always pretty young, she thinks to herself. She loved Franky more than anything.