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Meant to be

Parent Problems

"Guess what!" Ramona says excitedly as Joey returns to their home for the next few months.
"What?" he asks laughing at her enthusiasm.
"I've officially settled us in," she says proudly, "I've unpacked everything, did groceries and set up my office."
"Cool," He laughs, "And baby?"
"Baby is fine, baby is making me puke," She rolls her eyes, "Not that I'm complaining."

"I'm a cow," Stella announces as she looks herself over in the bedroom mirror.
"No you're not," Jakob sighs.
"You have to lie to me," she says calmly. "You're the boyfriend and father."
"Fine don't believe me," he sighs as he lies back on the bed, he knew he had to leave for work in less than half an hour. "Cows are ugly, and you're gorgeous."

Stella laughs as she goes to lie on the bed next to him. "I like your lies."
"Who said I was lying?" he kisses her lips lightly.

The phone rings, Stella grabs it.
"Hey daughter."
"Hey dad," she says sitting down on the edge of the bed, "what's up?"
"Nothing much, oh uh Franky got engaged."
"But he's like nineteen," She laughs.
"You know him," Mike rambles, "Anyway, how are things with you? Baby? And urr Jakob."
"Everything's fine, I had another doctor's appointment yesterday, baby's healthy."
"That's uhh great," Mike sighs, "So seriously is everything alright, you're not lying to me? Is Jakob-"
"Dad! Everything's fine, Jakob's been nothing but good to me, okay?"

"I can't wait till you get back so we can tell my parents," Anna-Lyn says over the phone.
"You do know I'm petrified of your father," Frankie laughs.
"Oh he's harmless."
"He threatened my special men with a butcher knife!"
"He was just kidding around, but c'mon I don't wanna tell them by myself."
"Yeah okay, I think I have two days off next week, I'll try to drive back home."
"Great, and after we tell my parents, when I get you back to my dorm I'll make the long drive worth your while."
"Damn you Anna, you're making me hard," he laughs.
"Follow these instructions," she giggles, "Stick your hand down your pants, grasp, shuck and think of me."
"Oh okay," he says laughing, "I should hurry up I have to be on stage in ten minutes and the other guys don't appreciate when I go on stage with a hard on."